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Finally pleasing my best friend

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I (M23) had some secret crush on my best friend (W23) for a few Years now, A few weeks ago, she came to my place to watch a movie, We also drunk a lot of whine and suddenly she got more cuddely with me.
Feeling her Body so close to mine really aroused me,
She seemed to feel it turning her head and looking into my eyes, She said well that’s something hard down there.
I was almost speechless, I thought my Dreams could finally becamo true, I answered, Well If such a beautiful and attractive body lies on me I can’t help myself.
She smiled and placed her hand on my belly before going slowly down into my pants, I stopped breathing for a few seconds, then I grabbed her head and kissed her wildly.
She replied the kiss while her hand softly stroke my hard Cock, My left hand went trough her hair while my right hand started to taking her shirt off. I moved my lips from hers and started kissing her neck first and then went slowly down to her breasts, while my Hand started massaging her ass.
She started to moan as I kissed, licked and gently bit her Nipples and her Hips moved on my Lap.
I never felt so Hard in my Life and so I turned her on her knees and slowly started to penetrat her wet pussy with my Cock. With every push I did go a bit faster and deeper and her moaning got louder and louder until she screamed.
She turned around before we both came and pushed me onto the rugg, and started riding me, her Hips went for and back and circlet. I smacked her Butt, and Kissed her boobs,
Her Hip went faster and faster I pushed harder and harder until we both came at the same time screaming our names.
We cuddled for a bit before we drifted into sleep.

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