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(Fictional, not sexual per se) Made to walk a whole mile naked

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I was a student at an all-male military college. People around here have no shame around nudity, since we have all to shower naked in front of each other anyway

We have an indoor swimming pool. Skinny dipping is allowed when it is not part of a class/training. It is not that common, but not uncommon either. Some always swim naked, some sometimes, depending on the situation and his mood. I would say at any one time about 5% of people swim naked

Those who swim naked always say it feels much better. A few of us (about 10) wanted to try it out and we decided to try swimming nude with the lights turned off (it is pitch black when the light is turned off)

Then the commander must have received a tip-off or something and personally came here and invited all students to join. He turned on the lights, ask help to take away all our belongings (swimsuits, keys, bags etc) and keep them in the locker room, then lock the locker room.

We were asked to come out of the pool, still naked of course, and salute him. The salute made it impossible to cover up. He then broadcasted on the PA system, requiring everyone to come for an important safety issues. He gave us a long lecture about how unsafe it is to swim with the lights off. We stood there for like a good 30 minutes, saluting him, naked

Then we were instructed to walk back to the dorms, again, naked, and others are reminded not to assist us or they’ll be forced to join us as well

The walk back was two miles long , usually two minutes if driving, but obviously it took much longer. He also turned off the elevator, forcing us to walk up nine floors naked


After he said we can walk home some covered up with their hands, including me , but the onlookers will try to take your hands off your crotch. I eventually gave up resisting. They saw me naked just now for a whole 30 minutes standing still, there’s no point hiding things anymore.


To be honest, it does feel a bit exciting to be naked. I wanted to be naked but didn’t want others to think that I enjoy being naked. Now that I am basically forced to , I can use that as an excuse


Another part of the punishment was that if we’re swimming, we can only do so naked , including during swimming classes. Others who were punished decided to swim as little as possible, i.e. only during classes, but I decided to embrace it and swim as usual at first, then even more towards the end of the week.

Even after the week, I decided to continue swimming naked when not in class

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