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F28 Got Caught but was Lucky

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So a lot of people were wondering if I ever got caught while having sex.. yes.. a number of times actually. I will share the last time I was caught which is around 5 months back.

So it all started in the gym, well I am a fitness enthusiast and love taking great care of my body, so it’s no surprise you would find me grinding hard for an hour and half everyday at the gym..I love my shape and work hard for it.. and guys love it too.. being flirted or muscled men trying to help me out is a common occurrence, mostly with the new members. The older members of the gym know I am pretty straightforward and blunt in these matters and ignore such attempts to notice them. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy the flirting..I even flirt back.. but that’s not for all.

So I went to the gym and started stretching when one of the other gym members came by my side and started stretching. We had talked before, more like flirting a lot, he has a great body and good sense of humour. So yeah he came by my side and did his usual, complimenting my body and flirting with me, I responded back like any other day. But that day it seemed he wanted more.. as he was close by me always and complimenting me a lot, you know using some saucy innuendo’s too. As I said, he followed me along that I didn’t mind as he was one of my gym buddies and we talked and worked out together. With all those compliments and hot flirting, even I was responding more than usual, and teasing him with my body as I did some squats.

It was after an hour of working out, flirting when he told me that he wanted more than just flirting and asked me out, I was still in my teasing mood. And this time I teased him more without giving an answer. He was getting frustrated with no answer so he followed me again and when he saw no one was looking, he pulled me inside the equipment storage room which is kept open during gym hours.
I was surprised but knew it was my own doing and smirked at him, and he pressed me against the door, and grinned at me. It didn’t take us seconds to start making out, battling out our tongues, hugging each other with our sweaty bodies.

Lmao he asked me out again as we kissed, I said yes to that and continued kissing, getting the confirmation definitely made him bolder as he groped my tits and sucked my lips. I didn’t think much of kissing in the storage room as it wasn’t used much after people took the necessary equipment and people have been caught before for making out.. and it was not a big deal other than the staff complaining.. so yeah I let him grope my breasts and make out with me, slowly he began to explore other parts of my body and squeezed my hips, he decided to lick my neck and told me I made him so hot today, teasing him every second and making him lose control. I grinned at that and started rubbing his cock over his gym shorts, enjoying the makeout session and our flirting. Well after a few minutes he asked me to take care of his cock and I decided to do it, so getting down on my knees, looking up at him, I pulled down his gym pants and released his cock. It was a good fat cock which I began to stroke and soon took his cock in my mouth. Moaning as I took it deeper and pleasured him.

That’s when it happened, the door was so suddenly opened and hearing it I stopped, and took the cock out of my mouth, standing up quickly, the guy trying to zip himself embarrassed. But luckily it was one of the trainers of the gym who had come to put back some of the tools after they have been used. I was lucky because this trainer and I had done stuff already and he knew me well, so seeing me in the storage room with a guy he was able to deduce what was happening. He told us both to go out of the room, but one at a time.. so not to raise suspicion.. the guy went out first.. and as soon as he was out, the trainer grinned at me and told me that if I was so horny, I could have told him, he would have fucked her here without anyone catching us.. or even in the gym after everyone got out. So yeah we joked around about the situation he caught us in, very lucky it was him who caught us and got out of the storage room. But yes not before the trainer also coaxed me into some making out and told me to go out with him.


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