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[F]28 Boyfriend gave my auntie multiple orgasms in the next room when she though I was sleeping!

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My auntie [F]48 had been having trouble with her new husband not satisfying her, so she stayed for a few nights. She likes to drink so we got all of the juicy (or there lack of) stories. She only wore a skimpy nightie for her pyjamas with no underwear underneath. My boyfriend [M]29 who already had a small crush on her, had caught a few glimpses of her nipples slipping out and had long views of her pussy as she did tend to forget to keep her legs closed the more drunk she got!

On the last night she was due to stay over, it was pretty late like 1am when my boyfriend and I overheard her moans through the spare bedroom wall. It was obvious she was masturbating!

My boyfriend pulled down the duvet to expose his rock hard dick and I was extremely horny from the noises we could hear. So I started to suck him for a few minutes, before I climbed on top of him. I was built up and dripping wet so I came just from a minute or two of grinding on his dick. I had to bite down on a pillow so hard to keep my moans under control in fear my auntie hearing!

My boyfriend hadn’t finished yet and was still in the middle of fucking me from the bottom, when he asked if he could go and ‘satisfy’ her too… I had no problem with it seen as I share him with others anyway. So as long as she wasn’t aware that I knew, I was happy for my auntie to get the help that she really seemed to be craving for!

He slid out of my pussy, threw some boxers on over his visibly still hard cock, left the room and knocked on the spare bedroom door. I could vaguely hear him whisper to my auntie that I was fast asleep and he had overheard her through the wall. The last thing I could hear in terms of clear words, was her asking him to come over here. There didn’t seem to be much talking going on after that!

I tried to record the audio through the wall as best I could, between trying to simultaneously masturbate to it myself!
It’s quite hard to hear, you have to listen very carefully, but you can definitely hear her cumming multiple times in quick succession! It was hot! Like super hot!

(I can’t post the Audio file here, so I’ve pinned to my page)

My boyfriend was back in our room within about 20-30 minutes with a huge smile on his face and a look in his eye. I didn’t even get to ask for details before he flipped me over and fucked me so hard I couldn’t do anything to stay quiet this time! I could tell he now wanted my auntie to overhear us fucking. As he had not long cum, it took him about 45 minutes of pounding me as hard as he could, me cumming multiple times in the process, before he finished deep inside me.

Before we fell to sleep cuddling, I wanted some details… He proceeded to tell me that as soon as my auntie asked him to come over, she met him at the edge of the bed completely naked and immediately pulled down his boxers and started to deep throat him. Turning his semi on to full on raging hard, all over again!

She was soon lay back with her legs spread wide open. He said the thing that turned him on the most was that my auntie and I had very similar looking pussies, just her clit was slightly bigger and her’s pussy gaping a whole lot more! She spat on her hand and rubbed it into herself before she guided his raw cock inside of her.

My boyfriend loves to do this position where he pins one of your legs down. Lifts the other foot so he can suck on your toes and rubs your clit in circular motions. All whilst fucking any goodness you have left, right out of you! He said she just couldn’t stop orgasming on his cock and he himself couldn’t hold it back any longer and ended up blowing his load inside of her! She thanked him and asked him to keep it just between them two… That’s when he came back to our room!

No awkwardness the next day! It was safe to say though, my auntie was absolutely glowing!!

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