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F27 Fun with hot Tinder girls

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Recently I have discovered a new kink which turns out to be A LOT of fun. We are very open with what we want for sex and he loves that I have slept with other girls and wants to add another girl to our sex life which I know would be a lot of fun, so we decided to go on tinder and just use me to find a girl who would be down to play.

Little did I know that I would get so many matches and starting conversations within minutes and it really started to turn him on. I let him pick the girl he was most attracted to and added her on snap and it did not take long before things got very heated.

My bf was so hard he literally ripped my clothes off and would start to fuck me from behind so he can watch me as I’m sending naked videos and pics of myself to this girl and I was getting them right back which was extremely hot for me as well. This girl had amazing tits and was literally down for anything. Any sexy message we sent her she would one up us every time and was so dirty. My bf flipped me over and started to fuck me so hard and would take videos of him doing so and send them to this girl who was also getting off on what I was sending her. She would be sending videos of her playing with her pussy fully nude feeling herself up which was also making me extremely wet and horny and just wanted to get fucked even harder.

She sent the final video of her cumming which was so damn hot and I got pinned down and fucked so hard i just didn’t want it to stop. We were rewatching her video and both were about to cum at the same time which feels absolutely amazing. I love it when I can feel him cum inside me. That is a very close tie to having him cum in my mouth with my tongue sticking out looking up at him. Now whenever this girl is horny or getting fucked by a guy she will send me a snap for more playtime and I do the same with her. We love it.

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