Erotic Stories

F20 My friend was watching the football and wasn’t listening to me so I blew him to get his attention

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My friend is a very nice person most of the time, but he can be unbearable whenever the football’s on, he becomes so single minded, so focused on what he’s watching that he doesn’t listen to or see anyone around him. This is especially irritating when you’re trying to have any sort of conversation with him, so I had to be creative if I wanted him to listen. I placed my hand on his knee, no reaction. I moved it further up his thigh, no reaction. I lifted my hand up to the edge of his jeans, no reaction. It was only when I undid his jeans and slipped my hand slightly down them that he realized and looked over at me. Well I couldn’t stop there could I?

It looks like he didn’t want me to either, I felt his member rise instantaneously, hard and large in his bulge. I moved my hand further down into his underwear and onto his shaft. His eyes met mine and told me exactly what to do, so I obliged, wanking him off as he let out a moan. I had his full attention by this point, and soon enough both of our clothes ended up on the floor and he ended up on top of me. He groped me and fingered me as he returned the favor, and he slipped inside of me. I was pounded as he finally ignored the football in the background. He thrusted hard and fast, and he went at it until he finally came, cum dripping out of my pussy. I think he’ll be more attentive from now on 😉

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