Erotic Stories

(f19) I was recently groped by a complete stranger.

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I was on my home from school, taking the busy 4’o clock train. As I got on this time I noticed an older man by the door. I only noticed him because I had to squeeze in next to him cause there were a lot of people getting on. I stood next to him for a few stops with my headphones in and nothing happened. But when I accidentally bumped into him when the train came to an abrupt stop, it started. I felt his hand go straight onto my ass, grabbing firmly and moving to inbetween my thighs, up my skirt attempting to rub my pussy through my panties. I was getting slightly turned on if we’re being honest. In the crowd of all the people nobody noticed as he pulled me by my hips onto his crotch, feeling how stiff he was. The man continued rubbing and grabbing until I got off 3 stops later. Its thrilling to think about what he could’ve done. Every time I take the train I try to look as innocent and naive as possible but I haven’t been groped since 🙁

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