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F18 Update 2 This time we cross the line

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So, as you know, I’ve eared my sister one time and see her one time masturbating.

So, as so much of you suggest, I tried to keep my door open when masturbating.

I did it and make sure to be extra loud to be sure she eared me.


I started to read about you guys and slowly start masturbating.

Furthermore, I was super horny, so it didn’t get long before the first moan come from my throat.

After 5 minutes, I receive a message on my phone from my sister.

“I’m in front of your door, can I join you ?”

I answer : “come now”


And she just enters the room instantly, which made me jump scare.

She closes the door behind her and jump on my bed.

She said :

\- You have been watching me last night, right ?

\- Yes

\- I knew it, I let my door a bit open, from last time in the pool when I saw you naked I just want you.

\- I didn’t know you were bisexual

\- Me neither, please shut up and clothe your eyes

\- You really think we should do that ?

\- I’m your big sister, trust me.

\- Ok


Just after, we laid down next to each other and start masturbating, listening the other noise.

The mix of everything was just too powerful, and we didn’t last for so long…

The orgasm was so powerful that as we start to hug each other, we fall asleep instantly.

This morning I just waked up with her beautiful face next to mine and this was just beautiful .


I don’t know what to do about this…

I don’t know if it is just the taboo that make this exiting because I love my sister but not like I love a man.

I’m pretty confused ….


  1. Paleorunner Reply

    Normally I would say it’s not a good idea for siblings to get together, but for some reason this all feel wholesome.

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