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[F] The fluid in my body is kinking. [25F]

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Hello, I’m looking for highly specific partners who enjoy giving and receiving bodily fluids from each other as much as I do. I am a submissive person by nature, thus I enjoy being humiliated and degraded in polite discourse, but I am not sadistic or psychotic. I do prefer the dominant to have a fatherly or caring demeanor, which includes extravagant pampering but also has the capacity to beat me up when required. No indication of incest, though. Nothing makes me feel sexier than adoring and bringing happiness to my lover. I have a weakness towards circumstances in which I am merely the recipient of bodily fluids. His spit, sweat, and pre cum aggravate me.
My other kinks are worshipping, roughness, rimming, hung men, and uncut cock.
Giving fluids, throwing up, vomiting, vorting, blood, fur, facial hair, squirting, cuckolding, lying, being underage, being a contraband, and gore are all against my rules.
My physical characteristics include a thin physique, pale skin, blue eyes, and long blonde hair.
I do like men around my age that are fit and/or thin when looking for a partner (strictly 18 to 25 only). If you’re not really interested in my kinks, kindly refrain from approaching me. I will only reply if you tell me your age and appearance in your message.

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