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[F] Sullying my man [22F]

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I’ve always liked naughty sex. I learned how to be a good fuck by spending the majority of my early twenties hooning around.

Anyway, I had to hold my tongue and come across as more reserved than I actually was when I first met my partner. That quickly became boring, so I gradually began exposing my boyfriend to the garbage I find amusing. He’s never been with anyone like me before, and he seems to be having fun.

I’ve always found it entertaining to see men slap women in porn. I don’t know why it makes me feel so wet. I wanted it, but I had no idea how to approach a man and ask him to try it. before me.

He loves it, holy sh*t. I’ve been learning from him. He slaps my small face, and I immediately begin to sweat. I adore it so much!

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