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(F) May or may not have blown my girlfriend’s brother in front of her

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Her brother and her are VERY comfortable around each other. Like hang out naked kinda comfortable. All that to say, his penis is a completely normal sight to her. Not to mention, her and I are in a kinda open relationship, no cheating was involved. And FYI *no I wasn’t turned on I’m on the ace spectrum and it was really just for practical reasons*.

That day, she invites me to hang out with her and her brother. I oblige, I haven’t met him yet and he sounds like a swell guy. We all meet up at a local park, which is quite large and almost more of a tiny forest. It’s a warm day, and I’m a warm person so I made sure to dress lightly, which often brings unwanted attention. And wouldn’t you know it, just that happens. We’ve been walking and chatting for a while when my girlfriend suddenly tell her brother to stop creeping on me with an exasperated tone. Doesn’t take me too long to gather that maybe a skirt wasn’t really the best choice, especially with how short it is. And as usual I’m not downing any kind of underwear, as if to make the situation even more awkward. My gf proceeds to explain how the skirt & wind combo leaves little to the imagination. That part I barely care about. I just feel a bit guilty to provoke a conflict between the two of them. Of course, while I’m feeling like shit, her eyes wander to her brother’s crotch and she grows more frustrated. He’s obviously hard.

I try to lighten up the mood by jokingly suggesting making him cum would dissolve the situation. Knowing her I guess I shouldn’t be surprised but she finds it a decent idea. He seems down for it too, and my joke turns more into reality. The sheer thought of such a goofy solution seems to already make her forget about the still ongoing skirt incident, and she focuses all her concentration on finding a good spot to do the deed. We stray off the beaten path and hide behind a few bushes. Upon being safe from any potential witness, her brother doesn’t bother waiting and lifts my skirt before probing around my pussy. Well shit, he’s a dead man walking. My gf and I have a very strict “we own each other’s heart” policy. No other **romantic** partners, and no letting anyone else use our pussy. In her own words, pussy is a woman’s second heart. So at that moment I have to stop her from kicking him in the nuts and explain to him the situation. She somehow calms down, and says she’ll allow a blowjob and nothing more. And so I do as I’m told, get on my knees and reveal the penis that awaits me. Cutie’s clearly glad to see me, and I start sucking on it. Seconds later, he’s erupting in my mouth. I swallow it all, tastes nice, but as he exits my mouth one final unexpected tiny spurt of lovejuice lands across my face. My beloved, helpful like she is, cleans it up by scooping it off my cheek and eating it.

After that we went on with our day like normal. FYI she’s lesbian, so eating the cum off my face was really just to clean me up. She didn’t have anywhere to wipe it off, the only other way to dispose of cum is a girl’s mouth.

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