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[F] I went a little too far with the stripper at the bachelorette party…

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People have been asking me what exactly happened the night I was with the stripper in the video I have. This happened months before I first cheated on my husband and may have been a gateway to everything else that has happened since. I was an innocent, happy woman at this stage.
Here you go:
The girls and I were having a fun night. We were drunk, loud and full.
It was my good friend’s bachelorette party and we were celebrating appropriately.
The final stop on was the strip club. We walked in and I was immediately uncomfortable. I’m not the type to ogle some men. But the alcohol was working and we were quickly the loudest group in the club.
The dancer we were watching first left and a new guy stepped up, a handsome white guy. The music started and he started dancing.
For some reason, he locked onto me and pulled my chair forward from the rest of my friends as he started stripping.
As I sat up there, mortified, I noticed his already sweaty chest smelled incredible. Then suddenly his pants were off and he stood there in a black speedo so small his cock was bulging against the material. And it was a huge cock, easily as thick as a coke can.
I waved my money around, not sure what else to do. But I really enjoyed the attention.
Suddenly he stood me up, lifted me into the air, set me down, bent me over the chair and started to grind against my ass.
Dear reader, I was wearing jeans. But it felt incredible. And I most confess I think I blacked out for a moment because suddenly he had his head under my shirt and with his teeth he bit at my bra. My girlfriends went wild.
And then the song was over.
I sat quietly in my chair while my friends laughed and cheered. While I mentally recovered, my friend went over and set up a private dance with him.
A few minutes later the girls are walking me to a private room, which I enter and find the same stripper waiting for me. He was still in his speedo.
Earlier in the night we had played a game at my friends house where we played a game of truth or dare essentially. Within that game I had confided to my girlfriends of my husband’s unfortunate penis size. So when they saw me with a man packing, they thought I deserved to see it close up…they just didn’t realize how close up.
He didn’t say a word as the next song started. I sat in the small room, he pinned my hands against the wall and started grinding his crotch on mine, his mouth inches away from my mouth.
He let go for a moment to pull his thong off and his cock sprang free. It was now rock hard. And huge.
His fingers unsnapped the button my jeans. I still don’t know why I did it, but I quickly peeled my jeans down around my ankles, my thong going with it. His eyes locked onto my furry mound and he smiled.
As he rubbed his cock against my bare thigh I felt his precum on my leg. His breath on my mouth. His hands clenched on my arms.
He went back to grinding, only this time, his cock went right between my now unprotected thighs. My breathing was so heavy. His big hand grabbed my hair and pulled me back…hard. I couldn’t see what he was doing, but I pointed my hips towards him so with every thrust he got closer and closer to my exposed pussy.
The head rubbed against my bush. Going lower each time.
Until the head hit my lips. It was like electricity hit my body. I whispered, “oh fuck” which I think he took as “fuck me”. Because the next thing I knew his mouth was on mine. His shaft rubbed up and down my pussy. He was going to enter me.
The head pressed into my pussy, penetrating…
I stopped him quickly, apologizing. He backed off as I pulled me pants up.
I left the room and went the bathroom where I sat in a stall for awhile collecting myself.
I went back out to my girlfriends who teased me about what happened in the room – having no idea that I let another man kiss me – and we headed home. If only they knew what I had done since then…

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