Erotic Stories

F 35. My brother in law (M 21) fucked me twice this morning.

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I woke up in the morning with my brother in lay laying next to me in my bed and sucking on my tits. Upon seeing that I was awake, he bent my legs over and entered me and started to fuck me. I was already naked though. I cummed twice with him and he ended up cumming inside me. Then I went downstairs to make a cup of tea for us and then helped my mother in law to prepare breakfast.

Then I was back to my room to take a shower and my BIL was freshed up for college and in the mood again so I rode him in the couch as he played with my tits. He filled me up once again after which I went on to take a shower and cleaned myself up. Then I went downstairs again and all four of us had breakfast together.

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