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Duty, An Eventful night

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So 3 ranks higher and 12 years later I’m on Duty on Marine Base in SoCal. Part of my night is to tour different sets of brks. It’s been a quiet night and I make my rounds. I make my way to a set of brks that’s usually pretty rowdy on Friday nights. Dead quiet. Nothing moving, which is odd it was only 1am, early for Marines. I’m making my way between the buildings and I hear the sound of a female struggling with something.
As I come around the corner I see nice latina ass hanging out the window of her brks room. She was wearing a light blue jumper, from what I saw, no panties. Her feet her nearly a foot from the ground and her rompers was hung up and pulled it up into her ass crack . The more she struggled the more of her pussy I saw. “Need some help” I ask? She froze, I guess knowing she knows what I see. “Yes”, she cries. I push against her to stabilize her, grinding my bulging crotch against her bare ass and I reach in under her arm pits and I pull her straight back towards me. Her rompers is still caught and rips a big hole from her armpit down to her hip as she falls back against me. As she finds her feel her hand grazes my cock. She turns around and sees my rank and gets very embarrassed. She started to mutter thank you but quickly turned red and looked away. I find out she lost her key and no one would help her get a new one. So she climbs in and out of her window. We stand there for bit and I can’t help.but notice her tit keeps falling out the sidearm the way she keeps turning back and forth nervously I catch peaks of her shaved pussy. I reccomended I help her back in her window and then she could change and I’ll take her to get a new key. The office for the keys are at the hotel on base and never closes. I pick her up in my arms and she tucks in close. As I put her in her window I swear I feel her kiss my neck. Once inside she rushes to her door and opens it from the inside and calls me over. As I walk towards the door I notice rompers on the floor and she’s there naked. She flicks the light off but her naked body is imprinted in my mind. Tanned skin, dark brown nipples nice c cup breaststroke and a beautiful shaved pussy, all of 22. I step through the door and she gabs me belt and leads me into her room. She closes her curtains, it’s nearly pitch black….” how long were you watching me” She giggled. “Not long” I answer. “Your bulge says other wise” She said as I felt her hands find my body. Her finger tips walking down my chest to my belt. Her head came up to my lower chest. Before I knew it her hands were snaking around my waistline pushing my trousers off. “I saw you checking out” I feel her dropping to her knees and I can feel her breath on my cock. My eyes are adjusting to the dark and I can see the glint in her eye as she is looking up at me. Her little hands grabbing my cock “mmmm you have big cock sir” she says as I feel her lips wrap around the head. Her tounge massaging the head inside her mouth and my cock is hard as a rock. She pulls my cock out of her mouth and she is licking and sucking my balls. “Can I be your girlfriend, Sir?” ‘I would take good care of you” “mmmmm I bet you would” I say as she returns my cock to her mouth. With one hand on the base of my cock she works her head back and forth. Sucking noises echoing in my ears as I roll my head back. Her mouth was heaven around my cock. I knew I didn’t have time to do everything I wanted to do so I grab her head and start fucking her face. I hear her gag as I shove my cock deep in her throat. She coughs slobber all over my cock my cock as I thrust deeper. The coughing tightens her throat around my cock. Her hand clench my thighs as I hold her head as deep as I can go. Gagging and coughing I relase her head and as soon as she gasps for air she is back on my cock sucking it hard and fast. I grip her hair in both hands as I feel myself about to cum. I explode in her mouth. And order her tonhold my cum in her mouth. “Don’t swallow until I say so. “Get dressed” let’s go fix your key card.” She puts on green on green pt gear and we walk to the govvie. “Did you swallow yet” She shakes her head. “Show me!” And she opens her mouth and shows me a mouthfuls of cum. We hop in the car and I order the driver to take us to the hotel lobby. She held my cum in her mouth the whole time I talked to the lady at the desk. I walked her back to her door and once the key card worked I told her to swallow, and she did with a smile. Before I left I showed her a duplicate card I had the desk make. I’ll be back soon…..

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