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DROWNED by Vile Kyle

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Bob put down the phone and quickly began to gather his scuba equipment and load it in his van. Another drowning at the reservoir. It wasn’t something that Bob looked forward to, but it paid well enough to give him a tax deduction on his scuba gear. The sheriff was waiting for him to give him the lowdown. He and 5 other divers were going down. A speedboat carrying 4 twenty-somethings had flipped at full throttle. One body had already been found trapped beneath the boat but 3 others were missing – two men and a woman. They had already started dragging, but no luck so far. Bob rode with the others in the sheriff’s boat to their drop-off zones.

It was the usual procedure – swim so far in one direction and then over and back, looking up, down and around. At least the water was clear – better than that mucky shit in the river. Bob’s zone was the farthest out from the suspected area and he had made 5 passes before he decided to go deeper. He was at 30 feet and had made two passes when he looked up.

What he saw almost made him gasp. It was nothing less than a vision – an angelic vision. The sun was directly overhead and the clearness of the water allowed him to see her surrounded in light. She was facing the surface suspended in the water, her back arched up, her arms back and her legs spread wide and slightly bent. But the amazing part – the thing that almost hypnotized Bob – was her hair. The longest, thickest blond hair he had ever seen, floating out from her head and drifting in the current.

The sight of a body underwater always startled Bob and this one was no exception. He quickly swam around so he would be above the woman and could grab her arm and pull her to the surface. He was close to her now and he shook his head in sadness. What a waste! What a fucking waste! The woman was drop-dead gorgeous. Her blue eyes were wide open and her lips were slightly parted. She was topless – apparently she had been sunbathing or the force of hitting the water had torn her top off. Her huge tits, made bouyant by the water, were large white globes against her tan body. Her position, with her arched back, made it appear that she was offering herself. As beautiful as her body was, Bob’s attention was drawn to the hair. It surrounded her head in long, light yellow tendrils that constantly moved and swayed.

Several minutes had passed before Bob realized he had an erection. He couldn’t help it; she was just so damn beautiful! He quickly looked around to see if another diver was nearby and then ran his hand through her floating hair. Thick streams of it swirled around his hand and lightly caressed his arm. With a wave of his hand, he made streams of the golden hair swirl across her face and then slowly float away. He gently touched her face and neck and his fingers lightly traced across her breasts, pausing at her hard nipples. ‘This is madness’, he thought. ‘Here I am, fondling a dead woman!’ He shook his head to focus his thoughts. Procedure – what was the procedure? ‘Oh, yeah, now I remember.’

But he couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Then he decided that, as long as he was acting crazy anyway, he might as well take a peek in her bikini bottoms. He pulled the waistband out and down. Shit! She was fucking shaved! Bob damn near creamed in his wet suit. All this and a shaved cunt, too! Damn! He never wanted to fuck somebody so bad in all his life. ‘Get a hold of yourself, asshole!’ he thought. First of all, he couldn’t get his cock out of his wet suit easily and, even if he could, he knew he’d get caught. He released his mouthpiece to give her a quick kiss on a nipple and, with one last look at her hair, swam up to the surface. ‘At least I’ve got a good jackoff fantasy to last for a long time’, he thought as his head broke the surface.

He pulled off his goggles and looked around for the boat. It was about 30 yards away and he signalled to the deputy.

“Where in the hell have you been, Bob?” shouted the deputy. “We found the last one about 10 minutes ago! Come on, let’s get out of here.”

“But…”, stammered Bob.

“Come on. All the other divers are in.”

Bob looked back down in the water. He could still see her floating there. He was about to protest again, but suddenly he had an idea. Maybe he could come back later. He shouted at the deputy, “Give me 2 minutes!” and he ducked back under before the deputy could protest. Working quickly, he opened his supply pack and pulled out a coil of nylon cord. He had tied a loop in the end by the time he got back to the woman. He looped the end around her wrist, pulled it tight and swam back toward the surface. He quickly attached a battery operated signal device to a small float and cut the cord so it would float just under the surface. Then he swam toward the deputy and got in the boat.

On the way back to the dock, he kept asking the deputy if he was sure all of the boat’s occupants had been recovered. The frustrated deputy assured him that several different witnesses had seen 4 people in the boat and they had recovered 4 bodies. Bob sat silently, wondering where the woman could have come from. There had to have been more people in the boat. ‘Well’, he thought. ‘No sense in looking a gift horse in the mouth.’

After the hubbub at the dock had subsided, Bob drove home. It was still only 3:00 and he had to wait until later to return to the reservoir. He loaded up his flat-bottom boat on top of his van and waited until 5:00.

It wouldn’t get dark until 8, but Bob wanted to make sure he could find the beacon while it was still light. As he drove back to the reservoir, he listened to the news – still only 4 bodies and no missing person reports. He drove to a landing that luckily was near where he had seen the girl, and he put his boat in the water. He also put in his air tank in case he had to search. He had gotten his approximate bearings when he had surfaced earlier that day, so he paddled out to where he thought he would find the float. With his heart beating rapidly, he turned on his receiver and got a faint signal. He looked around to make sure he was alone, but this part of the lake was empty and there were no houses on the shore. He slowly paddled toward the signal.

It only took 10 minutes to find the float. The whole time, he was worried: what if the line had broken, what if turtles had gotten to her, what if he got caught. He grabbed the float and pulled it slowly.

The line held and he reeled in his trophy catch. The sun was lower and the water was darker, so he didn’t see her hand until it surfaced. He grabbed it quickly. Looking into the depths, he could now see the hair and his cock got hard again. He decided against pulling her into the boat and instead looped a rope around her wrists and pulled her back to the shore.

He made sure no one else was at the landing and then he pulled the boat up and went around to the stern, not caring that his hard cock was tenting out his swim trunks. He untied her hands and scooped her up in his arms. Damn, she was heavier than she looked, but he managed to carry her to a grassy spot near the landing. He laid her down gently and then stood up to look at her.

She was still a vision, the pale blue eyes staring up into space, the large tits covering her rib cage, the thin muscular body. But the hair was no longer the angel floss he had seen before – it covered the grass in wet gobs. She still looked good enough to eat, Bob thought, so that’s what he decided to do. He spread her legs wide and ripped off her bikini. Damn, that cunt was gorgeous! He leaned over and ran his tongue across it.

Cold, but so soft and smooth! He ran his tongue all across her hairless mound and the cold, fleshy lips. Then he burrowed his tongue inside her body. He was accustomed to warm, wet cunts and this one was cold and rubbery, but it was still good!

He couldn’t wait any longer. He took off his trunks and knelt between her spread legs. Wetting his cock thoroughly with spit, he positioned it at the blond’s cunt and pushed it in. The icy coldness of her cunt was a shock on his hot cock, but it was exciting. He laid on top of her and began to thrust. He braced himself up on his hands as he fucked the dead blond. Her face was gorgeous, but he missed the beauty of her floating hair.

Suddenly he had an inspiration. Pulling his cock out, he dragged her body to the water’s edge and pulled her in, up to her waist. Her butt was on the grassy bank and her head and shoulders were underwater.

Now, that was better – much better! The long blonde streams flowed once again, easily visible in the twilight. Bob reinserted his cock in her cunt and braced himself on his hands again so he could gaze at the floating hair as he pumped his cock in and out of the dead woman.

Bob had never thought about having a hair fetish but the golden tresses that swirled in the clear water had him mesmerized. He came quickly and he moaned as he pumped his cum into the blond. He was exhausted but he didn’t want to pull out. He knelt up and grabbed her around the hips and pulled her enough out of the water so that her hair remained underwater but her face was above the surface.

He stretched his body out over his cold lover, his cock still imbedded in her body. He laid his head on her face as he rested and caught his breath. She felt good – cold, but good. Eventually, he looked at her face more closely and then kissed her. It felt strange to kiss a woman who didn’t kiss back, and the water in her mouth was distracting, but he was getting turned on again. He started sucking her tits and chewing on her nipples and he felt his cock harden again. The semen that he had shot in her before was lubricating her cunt and his cock probed easily inside her body. He kept chewing roughly on her tits until he was ready to come and then he raised up slightly to gaze at her hair as his cum filled her cold cunt again.

After another rest, he knelt back up to watch as he pulled his cock from her cunt. It was still firm and covered in cum, and her rubbery pussy lips clung to it as he pulled it out. Her cunt stayed open and, out of curiousity, he knelt down with his face inches from her cummy pussy. None of his other lovers would have let him examine them this closely, especially after sex, and he was fascinated at the way his cum seeped out and puddled in the folds of her pink pussy. On an impulse, he pressed his mouth to her gaping cunt and licked his sperm from the soft, cold folds. He pushed her legs back and ran his tongue across her tiny asshole. It was so tight that he could barely get his tongue inside.

In spite of how exciting it was to Bob to be licking this blond’s cunt and asshole, his cock wouldn’t get hard again. Two orgasms in twenty minutes had left him soft. Now then, what to do with her body.

He could take it back out and dump it in the lake, but he really hated to leave her there. It was fun fucking her and he wanted to do it again. So, he gathered her up and put her in the back of his van.

When he got home, he pulled in his garage and closed the door. He ran his tub full of cold water and then laid her in on her back, with her legs pulled over the sides so her head would be under water. He sat on the toilet and played with his cock as he gazed at her floating hair. He got out his video camera and spent an hour photographing the dead blond, occasionally stirring the water to make her hair swirl.

His cock finally needed release. He climbed in the tub and knelt, straddling her chest. He lubed his cock with spit and then pulled her head up and guided his cock into her mouth. ‘Hey!’ he thought, ‘this is great!’

Not only could he watch her hair float in the water, but he could stick his cock as far in her mouth as he wanted. None of that gagging crap like his other lovers always did. It was fun to watch the blond’s mouth stretched wide around his fat cock and her eyes seemed to bulge slightly whenever he rammed it in deep. He stuck his cock as deep in her throat as he could and then reached down under his balls to feel how it filled her throat. When he pinched her throat hard, he could feel the sensation on his cock. He grabbed his video camera to record how great this looked.

He scooted around in the tub so that he was facing her feet and then fucked her throat again. Now he could see the bulge his cock made in her thin neck as he rammed it back and forth. He massaged his cock as he squeezed her neck roughly with both hands. He had a passing thought about slitting her throat so that his cock head would poke out of her neck, but he decided that that would be too messy. Finally, he bent her head back so that he had a straight line into her throat and he grabbed her tits with both hands and used them for leverage as he fucked her mouth hard. His cum spurted deep into her guts and he squeezed her tits as hard as he could as his balls emptied into the dead blond.

He sat on the toilet, catching his breath and admiring his lover, who waited patiently for him to use her again. Suddenly, he noticed that his cum was leaking from her open mouth and making white tendrils that floated out into the water. He grabbed the video camera and took closeups of this erotic sight. The white tendrils floated up and out of her red lips and mingled with the blond silky hair that surrounded her head. It was intensely erotic for Bob to see his cum float from her mouth and his cock started to stir again.

Now he was ready for some variety. He decided that he wanted to fuck her tight little asshole. He pulled her legs out of the tub and flipped her over so she was lying face down in the water with her hips at the edge of the tub. He grabbed a jar of Vaseline and lubed his cock heavily. Putting a gob on his finger, he stuck it in her asshole.

She was still too tight so he jammed more lube in her hole and thrust several fingers in. By stretching it out as hard as he could, the hole finally opened enough for his cock and he knelt between her legs. Using two fingers of each hand, he pulled the dead blond’s asshole far enough apart for his cock to enter. He squeezed it in between his fingers and then let go. The tiny hole closed back up and squeezed his cock harder than anything he had ever felt. Her ass actually milked his cock as he thrust it back and forth. He slapped her tan cheeks and gazed at her floating hair as he ravaged her asshole. His groin beat against her cold ass as he thrust back and forth until he finally shot his sperm deep in her bowels.

Her tight hole milked his cock dry as he slowly pulled it out. Exhausted, he fell back on the floor, leaning his head against her ass.

Finally, he rose and dumped her back in the tub and staggered to bed.

When he woke the next morning, he tried to think of something different to do to his new sex toy. Whatever it was, it had to involve water. There was something about seeing all that beautiful hair floating in silky swirls that really set him off. He thought about finding a transparent plastic bag and wrapping it around her head and filling it with water so he could fuck her on the bed, but he quickly discarded that idea. The tub was the only thing he could think of. Unless – maybe he could get her head in the toilet!

Excited at this new prospect, he jumped from the bed and ran to the bathroom. There was his lover, waiting for him to do whatever he wanted. He knelt in the tub, straddling her chest again, gazing lovingly at her hair. Before he fucked her, he had to piss. For a novelty, he leaned over and stuck his cock in her mouth. Then, holding her lips tight around his dick, he started peeing. He watched in amusement as his piss flowed from her nostrils under the water and dissipated in the bath water.

When he finished peeing, he left his cock in her mouth until he was hard. Then he pulled her from the tub and, with great difficulty, managed to pick her up with her head down, and he lowered her head into the toilet, face up. Her head displaced so much water that it almost overflowed the toilet, but her hair swirled in the water. It wasn’t as good as the tub, but it would have to do. Holding her thighs, he aimed his spit-wet cock at her shaved cunt and forced it in. He fucked her rapidly, his gaze alternating between her hair and her tits rolling on her chest. He saw her pale blue eyes staring up at him through the clear water and he couldn’t hold back his cum. Pulling his cock out at the point of orgasm, he watched his cum squirt out in long white streams into the toilet, curdling in the water, and then sinking to drape her face in thin threads. As beautiful as he knew she was, she appeared even more beautiful with his cum decorating her face.

He reluctantly let her down, which pulled her head from the toilet, and she flopped to the floor. He drained the tub and refilled it and put her back in her ‘bed’. As he ate breakfast, he tried to decide what to do with her. How long could he keep her? Should he take her back to the lake? Should he buy a freezer and keep her in it, taking her out from time to time? Should he cut off her hair and keep it as a souvenir and dispose of the body? Could he get a book on taxidermy and try to stuff her? Decisions, decisions.

He would have to decide something. But first, he decided to use her asshole again and he stroked his cock as he headed back to the bathroom.

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