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Drinking cousins pt 2

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As I slept I had no idea the animal I had awoken in my cousin Nicole, but I was unknowingly about to find out. When I woke I knew the feeling, but I was surprised when I looked down. Nicole was already in her work uniform, but she had my cock completely engulfed in her soft velvet mouth. Looking into my eyes she continued working my shaft with her hot warm mouth as her tongue slithered around the shaft and tip. I was already on the verge of blowing my load when she plunged down hard forcing me into her throat as her eyes teared up. The sight and feeling was to much for any man to bare, and I exploded into her throat. She gulped over and over milking every drop of cum from my balls before she finally let me fall from her lips. One last kiss on the tip and she stood up before adjusting her shirt uniform.

“I’m off at 4, and Donovan won’t be home for two more days” she stated. “Be here by 5, and bring another bottle of alcohol”.

With that she walked out the door of the room and soon left the house. I sat there for a while enthralled in the relief and excitement of my recent affair. When I finally got up I showered before I headed home. The house was empty when I arrived so I grabbed a change of clothes, and left for work. Of course my mind was racing 1000 miles per hour and actually getting my work done was harder than not doing it at all. The thoughts of the previous night filled my mind constantly making me hard throughout the day as I watched the clock slowly ticking by. Once it said 4:25 PM I started the drive down to her house, and I even had to take the long way as not to seem too eager to get back.

When I walked to the door before I could knock she opened it dressed to the nines like she was going out. Her make up done, her hair crimped, skin tight blue dress, and 6 inch black heels on. She took the bottle from my hand closing the door behind me before leading me to the couch. She seductively walked into the kitchen where she poured two glasses before returning, and sitting directly on my lap. I knew she could feel my cock passing against her ass as she sat there and we finished our glasses. When she bent over to grab the bottle off of the table I could see she had no panties on. Her pussy glistening already as her ass came right down onto my now hardening cock as she took another sip before handing my glass back.

“So we have reached a new level of our relationship” she stated matter of fact. “You made me cum more last night than my husband ever has”.

“Well I’m glad you like how much your cousin makes you cum” I teased.

“Well” she said shyly “I do… can I ask you something”.

“Of course” I answered.

“So Donovan is very umm…I guess vanilla, and so we haven’t done much other that regular sex. Have you every done any kinky kinds of sex?”.

“Hahaha…. what’s your first clue. I mean I did get you to have an anal orgasm in like 1 minute on the first night” I laughed.

“Would you be willing to teach me” she said sheepishly.

I downed the rest of my glass before I smiled at her pulling her into me pressing my lips against her. She whimpered in my arms as she passionately wiggled her ass against my growing hardness. As our lips parted I answered her.

“So what do you want to be taught my dear cousin”.

“Umm I don’t really know” she whispered.

“Well what turns you on” I asked.

“I have always wanted to try bandage, and I loved rough last night” she choked out. That’s when I knew what she really wanted.

“You want to be my obedient slut don’t you” I hissed. “You want me to smack your ass for being bad, to take this dick as I see fit, and to be used like a dirty whore”.

She nodded up and down but the words couldn’t escape her lips. Using my left hand I slapped her ass firmly causing her eyes to bug out before her body gave away the pleasure it brought.

“Get on your knees and say it then” I ordered as she looked in disbelief. “Now or you won’t get your cousin cock in you tonight”.

She slowly put her glass on the table before sliding down to her knees. She turned facing me trying to avoid eye contact as she began to mumble. I softly slapped her cheek momentarily stupifying her until she looked into my eyes as I waited patiently.

“I want you to teach me how to be kinky” she whimpered. Another harder slap smacked her before she knew what was happening.

“You better do it right this time” I commanded.

“I want to be used” she sobbed.

Obviously it was time for her first lesson so I slowly stood up looking down at her as her tear filled eyes gazed back up at me. I held my hand out to her helping her to her feet then I positioned her so she was bent over the couch knees on the seat with her back arched while her head and shoulders rested on the top of the backrest. I rubbed my cock against her ass for a moment before I slid her dress up exposing her ass and pussy.

“Now I asked you politely to tell me exactly what you wanted, and you keep refusing to say it” I announced. “Your refusal to state your desire is now going to be punished by 5 swats on each cheek. Failure of any other commands will result in more intensive punishment. Do I make myself clear?”.

I poured a glass half full before I walked around to in front of her. I put the glass to her lips and began to serve her the entire glass until she finished. I could see a lust and a fright in her eyes as she bit her bottom lip. Not breaking eyes contact I slowly made my way back around to her exposed ass before setting the glass down.

My hands reached cupping her cheeks before I slid along them rubbing the firm flesh. My right hand came off about a foot before thundering back onto her flesh. An audible smack filled the room followed by a groan then the left. I continued two more times about the same strength before I looked down to find her pussy glistening from her wetness. The next two came down much harder than the first 3 which made her yelp in pain and pleasure. Her ass already turning different shades of red. To throw her off the last two were nothing more than playful slaps which barely made her ass jiggle. I walked back around to find her panting in both shame and excitement as I gently took her chin into my hand pulling her head up so she could look me in the eyes.

“Now be a good little girl, and tell me exactly what you want” I asked which flipped a switch inside of her.

“I want to be a good whore for my cousin” she stated proudly “I want you to abuse my body for your pleasure, I want to make you happy, and I want you to make me take it anyway you want cousin”.

“Now see was that so hard to admit” I teased. “Now I’m going to fuck your throat like the filthy slut you are Nicole”.

Her hands lunged forward undoing my belt and my pants before she let them fall to the ground. My hard throbbed cock jutted out ahead just inches from her eagerly waiting mouth. I pulled her slightly forward so her chest rested on the back of the couch which gave me unobstructed access to her mouth.

“Put your hands on the back of the couch if they moved at all you will be punished again” I ordered.

Her hands clenched the wood covered fabric as I took her by the hair forcing my cock into her mouth. Using just my arm I made her head bob up and down on my cock until it became slick with saliva. Finally I forced her down until she began to gag then I gave her a short reprieve as I kicked my pants off. Widening my stance I took her head forcing down even as she gagged until her throat welcomed me inside. Without hesitation I began thrusting into her throat smashing her face against my stomach as she kicked her feet. Drool stuck to my cock as I pulled her head from my cock as she gasp for air.

“Is this what you wanted” I taunted.

Smiling she agreed it was as I shoved my cock back down her throat once again ramming my way into her throat as drool pooled up underneath us. I ravaged her throat like this for a good 5 minutes before she couldn’t contain it as I pulled out of her throat pussy she began to puke reaching up she tried to shield me and cover her mouth. Almost as soon as her hands touched her mouth she looked up to see my reaction which was to say the least disappointed.
I left her sitting there as I walked out of the room into the kitchen and it to the garage. I grabbed a length of nylon cord. When I returned she had a confused and apprehensive expression.

“Undress and go to the shower” I ordered. She began to stand but I stopped her before she got to her feet. “You will crawl on your hands and knees. I never took my sweet innocent cousin for such a disobedient whore”.

Like a true sub you could see my words cutting deeper than any blade as she pulled her dress off. She sunk to the hardwood floor as she made her way towards the bathroom in this humiliating act. I kept a stern look on my face as I followed her while admired the beauty of this sexy strong woman submitting to me in every way. She slid the door of the shower while I grabbed a towel placing it on the cold shower floor.

“On your knees right here” I ordered point to the towel.

As she got into place I took the rope and placed it on one wrist before I brought the other behind her back tying them securely together. Finally I tied the remainder of rope to her feet then I proceeded back in front of her. Wrapping her hair in my fist as I pulled her mouth right back onto my hard throbbed cock. Immediately I began ramming my shaft into her throat causing another gag until I popped forward into her throat as she groaned.

I felt her gag reflex begin as I ripped my hard member from her mouth followed by another stream of vomit which covered her chest. As she gasp for air I shoved her balls deep down again her gargling edging me closer to filling her throat pussy with cum. I ripped myself out of her throat as she groaned gasping my cock pulsating as I slapped her cheeks with my saliva covered cock. Moaning encouragement as I started covering her face in ropes of hot cum.

“Yes cum all over your whore cousin” she moaned as the cum splattered her face. “Treat me like the filthy slut I am. Thank you for covering my face and making me pretty”.

Hearing her say that so early into her learning made me realized she was much darker sexually than she could admit even now. Yesterday she was an anal virgin and yet here today she was thanking for throat fucking her until she puked. I had to see how far I could push it so I went into her bedroom opening the drawer of the night stand. On the bottom was an assortment of dildos which I took all three suction cupped ones out before grabbing the lube from the top drawer.

When I returned I showed her each toy allowing her to decide which one she would choose. She had chosen a girthy 9 inch dildo, and I place it behind her then held out the remaining two she then chose the 8 inch dildo from last night. Holding it up I asked her first or second which she opted for first. I placed the second dildo not more than an inch from the other before undoing her restraints.

“Before we begin your punishment for being disobedient you have a task to complete” I stated. “In order for your punishment to begin you need to insert them inside of you. The smaller of the two in your pussy and the bigger in your ass”.

“What if I can’t do it” she asked.

“I shower and leave you as you are before dressing and leaving. I will not return tonight or tomorrow, and your next lesson wouldn’t happen until Donovan leaves again”.

She nodded in agreement as she slid herself back above the dildos. Taking the lube she began spreading it on and inside of her ass. Her finger exploring her asshole smearing more lube around until finally she lowered herself. Lubing up each dildo she began to press her puckered hole against the tip of the bigger one. He facial expression explained it all as she slowly worked it inside of her as I stood there watching her. Her eyes shot open and her mouth gaped as I watched it slide into her while she started panting. It was a good minute or two before she even thought of the other dildo. She used her hand to apply more lube to the dildo in her ass before she reached for the dildo under her pussy.

Nicole started to pussy the second dildo inside of her when she felt the amazing feeling of double penetration once again. Her body language instantly changed as the silicone invaders simultaneously stimulated her pussy and ass. I could tell from the way she was riding the dp was new to her, but also something she truly enjoyed. Raising and lowering herself while also gyrating her hips she had started to really work herself onto the fake cocks stretching her.

Enjoying the sight I had almost forgotten that she still needed to be punished. I turned the shower head so it pointed over her and directly into my chest. She slightly jumped in realization I was still there as the water began splashing down my chest to my stomach and further down. I was standing directly above her just a foot away as she locked eyes with me impaling herself faster and harder on the fake cocks. I could see how close and quickly her orgasm was approaching when I decided to be a little more evil.

“Are you ready for your punishment yet?” I teased which caused her to snap out of her orgasmic trance. “For removing your hands you will ride those dildos, but there are a couple rules you must follow or else”.

“Yes I will do anything to please you” she whimpered.

“Firstly you are not allowed to stop riding the dildos for any reason longer than 10 seconds” I explained. “Secondly you are not allowed to cum unless I approve it. Third you will wash my chest, body, and cock from where you are at while you describe your nastiest desire in detail”.

“OH God” she exclaimed as the realization of these rules hit her “but what if I fail any of them”.

“Bitch you don’t want to know” I hissed.

She took in the situation quite quickly and she began to slowly rock herself on the invaders as her hands began to roam my abs and chest. She was letting out weak meager whimpers, but the intoxication of this was already showing.

“I have always wanted to be someone’s nasty whore” she moaned in between pants. “For him to dominate me in ways I never imagined. His hands and belt spanking my ass. His hard throwing cock to violate my holes like a cheap worthless hooker to get his rocks off. To humiliate me and teacher me that my body is nothing more than an object for his pleasure”.

“I want the nastiest things you have imagined or got yourself off too slut” I growled.

Saying these words along with erotically washing my body was turning me on already. She on the other hand has gyrating on to good sized dildos trying her best to contain her orgasm as this erotic scene unfolded. She was doing fantastic compared to what I had expected of her, but you could see she was using every fiber of her being to fight a massive orgasm.

“I have always had very dark and nasty fantasies which get me off” she groaned. “I have always fantasized about being taken by someone or multiple men. Having them tie me up like a breeding center open for use. Have these men ravage all of my holes before opening the door to the public so every man can fill me with their cum… can I cum please I can’t take it…PLEASE”.

“You like washing my body and being degraded don’t you” I teased.

“Uugh… yes I lalalalove it. Can I cum please” she begged.

Doing her best to comply with the rules I waited about 30 seconds before agreeing to let her cum. My hard cock was jutting in front of her as she frantically began thrusting and gyrating on the silicone cocks buried deep in her. Her entire body began to shake as the waves of her orgasmic brought her to new heights of pleasure. Clutching my skin trying to keep herself upright as her holes accepted the invaders bring her such joy. There was no notice as the hot torrent stream of piss began splattering across her face which to my surprise only drove her further into the abyss.

“Fuck yes cum and piss on me” she screamed. “I’m your dirty fucking rape slut cousin”.

I released the full extent of my bladder into her face and chest washing the remains of her vomit off of her. Even as the waves faded you could see how excited and turned on she had become by this disgusting show she put on for me. I pulled her to her feet in the stream of the shower as I admired how corrupted my cousin had become in 24 short hours.

“So you want to be raped, do you?” I asked.

“Fuck yes” she moaned. “I want you to take me and make me your rape slut”.

I ordered her to clean and dry the dildos before returning to the shower. She was to then was her body thoroughly before brushing her teeth and hair. After she finished she was told to get her clothes from the closet, and wait for me. After giving her the instructions I got out grabbing the rope, and a towel before making my way to the living room where I poured another glass.

I sat there drinking my glass before having a second trying to calm myself as I listened for her in the bathroom. Once I heard the shower turn off there was a long pause as I assume she was drying off then brushing her hair. When the sink turned on I downed the last of my glass and snuck back into her room. Quickly moving past the open door I took the lube and placed it by the pillows before hiding in the closet with just the rope in my hand. I could hear the bathroom door open as I waited like a lion ready to pounce.

Then she opened the door of the closet as I lunged forward. She screamed being startled as I quickly took the panties which were in her hand as I forced her onto the bed. She was fighting quite a lot as I pushed her face down before inserting her panties into her mouth. Taking her hands I tied them together as I pushed her fully onto the bed her face buried in the sheets as I stretched her hands between her legs where I secured her hands by tying the rope to her knees. Her muffled screams coming through her panty filled lipsas she sat there bound and gagged. I grabbed her by the waist easily pushing my hard cock deep into her soaked pussy, and without waiting I began fucking her hard putting my body weight behind each thrust. As my pelvis slammed against her I could see her ass puckering at me. Her screams faded to moans as I snatched her hair using it as leverage while I pounded her dripping creamy pussy walls into oblivion.

I could feel her pussy clenching and her squealing told me all I needed to know as I went harder. Her feet twitching while I threw her orgasming body onto the bed. I grabbed the biggest dildo and lubebefore sitting down beside her as I released the rope from her leg. I pulled her onto my lap as I placed her legs under my right leg pinning them down. I took the lube squirting it all over her ass, and I slid the fake cock up her crack. Once it was well lubed I placed the tip at the opening of her rosebud. I slowly pushed it forward as it slid up her ass. I worked it in nicely as she moaned in my lap as the whole 9 inches was sawing in and out of her ass in slow long strokes. Her breathing was heavy and raggedy when I decided to grab her hair with my left hand pulling it back roughly. In that instant I went from slow and gentle to deep fast thundering strokes with the dildo. My right hand thundering in and out as her greedy whore ass accepted the dildo.

“You like being raped up the ass by multiple cocks don’t you whore” I hissed in her ear.

Her moans changed as her whole body started to shake. Releasing her hair I held her hindering any movement she had as I went from hard to brutally fucking her. She grabbed my leg in an attempt to slow her overwhelming orgasm. As I took her throat in my hand she orgasmed again and again. She couldn’t tell where one orgasm started and another began as they rolled over and over in a never ending succession.

Just when I thought she couldn’t take it any longer I pulled the fake cock from her brutalized ass shoving it balls deep in her pussy. I pushed her onto the corner of the bed again as I lubed my cock. The edge of the mattress holding the phallus buried in her pussy as I positioned my cock to her ass. One smooth fast stroke put my cock fully inside her as rough thrust after thrust ravaged her asshole. I pulled the soaked slobbery panties from her mouth as she began moaning and screaming. I took her hair in my left hand and her throat in my right squeezing as I pounded her.

“You love your cousin raping you ass don’t you bitch” I grunted.

“Yes! I love it uuuuuh my gawd” she screamed. “Fucking fuck I fucking oooooooh my God yes. I love my cousins cock up my ass. Rape me daaaaaddy”.

I started to choke her harder as I made her ass mine. Then I could feel the warmth on my balls as well as hear it hitting the floor as she squirted. I was absolutely loving this but I had one final trick up my sleeve.

“Who’s whore are you” I groaned between thrusts.

“I’m completely yours. I’m my cousins sex slave” she moaned.

I pulled the dildo out of her pussy placing it on the floor. I made her ride it as I stood in front of her with my lube cover cock. Without instruction she took my cock into her mouth before focing the entirety of my cock into her throat. She was doing her best to please me, and her moaning pushed me over the edge as I ripped my cock from her mouth. She waited as I stroked myself only a couple moments and released my second load into her mouth. Riding the dildo she was moaning as I filled her when I slammed fully back into her throat causing her one final orgasm.

Finally we both collapsed onto the bed in exhaustion. She curled up in my arms as we laid there. Finally after about ten minutes she broke the silence.

“That was fucking amazing. You are the best cousin, but will you piss on me again daddy” she whispered.

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