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It had been a long day at work, and with my marriage in a rocky spot I tried my best to avoid another argument. It was of course inevitable since we had been at each other’s throats for weeks now. I knew it, the kids knew it, and she knew it. So when that attitude that gets to me so much came flailing back up I grabbed my keys and walked out the door. Not a clue in the world where I was heading I grabbed me a 20 pack of BudLight and a bottle of JW Black Label.

Before I knew it I was pulling into my cousin Nicole’s house. She is 8 years younger than I am. At only 24, her recent boyfriend and her both liked to drink. She opened the door wearing some tight fitting camo yoga shorts and a black sports bra. It didn’t matter who you were or even how often you saw Nicole she was a total bombshell. She stood about 5ft 9, maybe 134 lbs soaking wet, manicured nails, straightened black hair with blonde highlights, her body fit as a fiddle from working out 5 days a week, and her ass you could slide a credit card through without touching the sides.

She grabbed some glasses and I pour the shots, but Mark was away for the next three days. So we began drinking and before I knew it we ran out of beer so we headed back to the store she caught me staring at her ass as she grabbed the bottle from the bottom shelf. I thought she would make some nasty joke but instead she grinned and wiggled her ass. We headed back to her house and we drank a bit more joking before it came up. She turned around placing her hands on the counter arching her back.

“So you like looking at my ass huh” Nicole teased.

“I’m a guy I like ass and titties! What can I say” I laughed.

She stayed just like that as I poured her another glass before I walked over handing it to her and firmly pressed my cock against her ass. I could feel the warmth from her through my own shorts as she gave me a twerk making my cock pulse. She was breathing heavily as I gyrated my pelvis around her ass until a small whimper escaped her mouth.

My hands slid up her waist across her sto.ach until I grasp her C cups squeezing them firmly. Still gyrating my hips against her I lightly bit her neck before kissing my way up to her ear. She was now panting at my every touch. Never would I have ever guess to be in this position with my cousin, but I was not about to let it slip by. My right hand released her breast sinking down onto her fabric covered pussy as my fingers magically attracted to her most sensitive love button. Gripping the counter as I ground my fingers on her engorged clit rubbing my steel cock against her cloth covered opening. Her breathing much more gasping and frantic I stopped before slapping her hard on the ass.

“Get in that bedroom little girl” I hissed.

She groaned out of last and frustration as she was on the brink of an orgasm. Right behind her I slipped my shorts down revealing my rock hard 8 inches causing her jaw to drop. I pulled her down beside me kissing her deeply for the first time as my fingers went back to work on her clit. Moaning in my mouth as I brought her closer and closer to bliss.

Quickly just at the height as she began to spill over I stopped the flood gates from opening. Pulling her onto my chest so she straddled me I pushed her face down to meet my swollen cock which she instantly began to taste my precum. Her ass and pussy firmly sitting only an inch from my face with her legs pinned under my muscular arms my mouth latched onto her clit as she moaned around the cock in her mouth. My tongue whipping around and across her he clit driving her orgasm closer to explosion. She engulfed the entirety of my cock in a futile attempt to contain herself. As my leg quickly snaked around her head forcing her to keep my cock buried inside her throat cutting off her oxygen. Her legs shaking beneath me was all the signal I needed to know she was about to erupt in a massive orgasm as my tongue slithered from her clit quickly diving into her soaking hole.

Just as my tongue began exploring the walls of her opening I released the hold on her head. Like a rocket her head shot up as she gasp for air groaning and moaning. The muscles of her opening began to pulse as my mouth was flooded with the sweet nectar as her pussy squirted. Before she could even begin to fall from the heights of pleasure my thumb began to assault her clit as I dug my tongue deeper inside of her. She quickly fell back onto my cock shoving it deep into her throat. I worked her clit and hole as her next orgasm started to spill over. I shoved a finger deep into her soaked pussy, but my tongue drove straight into her brown rose bud. She frantically began shaking before her finger tips ripped into my flesh. Her mind was so wrapped around her orgasm she couldn’t form a sentence as my tongue fucked her tight virgin asshole.

“OH MY GOD!” Nicole screamed “oh shit don’t stop please…please…please right there”.

I did exactly as my dear cousin asked as my tongue examined her ass my fingers assaulted her clit and pussy. Her mouth was working wonders on my aching cock as she did her best to please me in return. Her wet dripping pussy began gushing all over my neck and chest and she barely held it together as wave after wave of massive shaking orgasm rocked her from head to toe. Finally I knew her ass was mine and slowly my finger slid from her pussy to her eagerly waiting hole which was winking at me. My other hand began working the entrance of her pussy as I took her clit back into my mouth. Fighting through the trance I felt her weight shift back onto my upper chest when I realized she was searching for something in the drawer. When she finally found it her head twisted around giving me a naughty grin as she handed me a bottle of lube.

“I want you to take my anal virginity” she moaned.

She leaned back over wrapping her lips around the tip of my hardened cock spreading her legs further apart giving me better access. I squirted a ample amount of lube on her ass before spreading it with my finger and slowly I watched as my finger sunk further and further in.

“Get me your dildo” I growled.

She reached back into her drawer before pulling it out and for a slight moment I forgot about her pussy and lubed the thin 6 inch vibratory up for her ass. As it slowly slid in I turned the vibrator on, and resumed my attention to her clit and pussy. As her next orgasm started I turned the power all the way up before sucking her clit between my lips trapping it. Flicking and sliding my tongue acrossed it made her lose all control.

Her body convulsing as a massive orgasm rocked her causing her to fall forward on top of me. Her face firmly planted on the bed as her arms stretched out clutching the sheets. I quickly flipped my legs around her waist pinning her down unable to move. I released her clit with my mouth giving me better positioning which I used to dive two fingers into her soaking wet orifice.

My fingers ravaging her her pussy in a nonstop banging while my thumb rubbed roughly over her clit as my other hand began fucking her well lubed clinching asshole. She was unable to move only adding to her pleasure as her holes were invaded. I continued unrelentingly until her body was nearly limp screaming nonsense until I shoved her body off of me. She laid there panting and shaking as I climbed between her legs. Her eyes staring into mine as I leaned down locking my lips on hers.

My inflamed shaft rubbing her slot as we passionately intertwined our tongues. Her hands exploring my back scratching her nails into my skin. My hands cupping and spreading her ass checks apart while my hips forced my cock grinding against her pussy entrance. Slowly I rocked my hips back just far enough that the head of my cock reached the entrance to heaven.

She began whimpering as my girth and length invaded her abused pussy. Slowly and methodically I made love to her pussy until our kiss broke as she clutched me as tightly as she could while I nibbled on her neck. Her next orgasm was much more intense as she took her cousins big dick deep in her pussy. She couldn’t contain the nasty things she began to scream, but then as she came down from the highest peak she looked into my eyes.

“Fuck your cousins tight virgin ass” she moaned a she rubbed her breasts.

I kissed her before pulling fully from her pussy as I grabbed the bottle of lube from the bed. I let her watch as I looked into her eyes and began to rub lube onto myself. I put both her feet on my chest so when I leaned forward her ass pushed further into the air.lightning bolts shot through her as the tip of my cock now touched the last of her virginity. As I began to enter her most sacred hole I squirted lube on her pussy so it dribbled down onto my invading member.
Her rose bud blossomed accepting my entrance, and about halfway was when I reached into her nightstand pulling out an 8 inch dildo. I smiled into her eyes as I started sliding it in the lube covering her pussy. Then sa her eyes closed I leaned back just slightly as the tip pushed into her. It wasn’t until that second inch that the dildo pressed firmly against the thin layer of skin and my cock which awakened her inner slut. Panting and kneading her breast as she bit her lip I knew her g spot was being triggered big time. Then her ass clenched down on my cock which was nearly buried to the hilt.

Her first anal orgasm began flooding every receptacle of her body. I started slowly sawing my cock in and out of her ass as the dildo did the same. Alternating between my cock and the dildos thrusting she was brought to the highest peak of her sexual being. Thrashing and screaming as both invaders filled her body with a pleasure like never before. In my last attempt to overwhelm her senses I turned the vibrator on high mashing it directly on her clit. Her eyes shot open and her hands clench her hair. With the dildo now being pushed by my waist just above my own cock I leaned forward spreading her holes wide open for my true invasion. My balls were aching and begging for release, but I needed one thing first. I wanted to fuck her into oblivion, to be the fuck she masterbated too, the person who gave her wet dreams, and the man she thought of while fucking her husband.

As I leaned forward her legs folded back and I started to really fuck her hard and deep. Each thrust driving my cock and the dildo to the maximum when I leaned down clutching her by the hair I pulled her into a kiss. As the kiss broke I looked into her eyes once again.

“Who owns this P..u..ssy Nicole” I groaned.

“You… do daddy fucking fuck you own my pussy and my asshole. I love you… fucking cock.. oh God cum inside of me” she squealed.

Without warning I pulled my cock and dildo from her holes slamming deep into her pussy and thundering my cock into the sweetest of sloppy used pussy. Her eyes widened as another orgasm floated her on cloud nine. Just then I began spraying jet after jet of hot cum deep into her pussy.

“OH MY god daddy get me pregnant” she screamed.

Her pussy clung onto my cock for dear life as we came down from the hilltop of nirvana. A sweaty sticky panting mess as we curled up together. Then we both drifted off to sleep.

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