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Dinner guest explodes for wife’s ass!

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The party was winding down, we had some friends over for some food and drink. My wife was smiling and talking with everyone, making sure they had full plates and cups. I did the same, talking to the husbands and friends of friends.

One guy, Jeremy, was an interesting guy. He came with my buddy and his wife because he was vising from out of state. He was in medical sales, and often had to travel but would stay a few nights in towns where he had friends. He and I hit it off, similar sense of humor. We exchanges stories from our youth and college days, travel tales, and the like.

Jeremy has been all over, but loves Latin America and sorta gave me a “wink” as he was referring to having great times with some ladies.

“I’m really into latinas” he said.

I laughed. My wife is Latina so surely she caught his eye then.

People were heading for the doors until it was just me, my wife, and Jeremy. Jeremy chatted as he helped us clean up the place. Around midnight, he got ready to go…

“Well, i should be going. You know of any bars that are open?”

I was surprised because he had a few drinks already and it was late, why would he go to the bar? My wife chimed in…

“Gonna keep the party going? Good for you! We used to go out late but those days are over”

Jeremy laughed, and paused for a moment and said…

“If im honest, I dont want to go out, but I… i sorta want to find a girl”… he said it with a laugh and smile, it was actually kind of charming how honest he was. He didn’t have a filter, and my wife and i liked that. He continued…

“Probably too much information, but i need to relax, ya kno?”

My wife laughed and smiled at him. “Well, you don’t want to be late!” she said giving him a little wink and laugh.

My wife looked stunning. She had her long dark hair straight into her mid-back. She was wearing black shiny leather-like pants that stopped at her ankles. It was warm, so she had a crop on as well and the back was just lace. Earlier in the night it was covered with a little sweater but she had taken it off as we cleaned.

“You know what, on second thought, I don’t want to deal with the hassle of going and maybe not finding someone” Jeremy said… “I’ll probably just…. take care of business the old fashioned way”.

My wife laughed again and had a huge smile. She was really amused at how upfront this guy was, and she just met him. He was funny, and likeable.

I stood there listening, when a kinky thought came into my head. I remembered how Jeremy liked Latinas. He was a nice guy, and from what I could tell, he was going to head out of town tomorrow. I took a breath, and said…

“Babe, maybe you could give him a little… visual assist… before he goes?”

She looked at me confused…

“what do you mean?”

At this point I had already started it. I could back out, or go all-in. I threw caution to the wind…

“You know how when you’re not in the mood, you sometimes… help me out by being my personal ‘model’? …. ” I said, letting her fill in the blanks. You see, my wife will sometimes let me get off to her when she’s not in the mood, and it’s hot AF. Her ass is perfect, with a good bounce yet springs back into place without drooping or anything.

Jeremy stood there, looking at her.

“You… you can’t be serious.” she said, a little taken back.

“I’m not kidding. Babe, you’re ass is sexy as fuck, and well… it would be kinda hot. You only live once, right?”

At this point, Jeremy (with his charm and little smile) jumped in…

“Well… you know, you actually would be doing me a huge favor. I’ve had some drinks anyway, so I probably shouldn’t drive all the way to the bar.” he said. Smart move on his part. He kept it light hearted but still serious.

My wife stood there a moment. Sort of in shock, not really sure what to make of it all.

“So…What do you say? Let him get off to your ass really quick before he hits the road?”

My wife laughed a little. Then looked at Jeremy who at this point decided he was going to go sit on the living room couch. She turned back to me and mouthed, “are you serious?”…

I whispered back… “Babe it’ll be hot as fuck. You always say how it’s a turn on when you do it for me.”

She hesitated a bit, but she was also intrigued as it could be exciting on some level.

“Okay” she said… “This will be new.”

She then proceeded to walk to the coffee table that was in front of the couch where Jeremy sat down. Jeremy unbuckled his pants and pulled his boxers and pants down to his knees. I noticed that he already was starting to get hard at the thought of seeing her ass.

My wife slipped off her shoes, then pulled the coffee table away from the couch. She turned around so now her back was facing Jeremy. Jeremy grabbed his dick and slowly started to stroke it. “Here goes” she said, looking up at the ceiling and smiling with her eyes closed.

She slipped her tight black leather-like pants down to right below her ass. Leaving her bootyshort underwear on… then she looked over at me.

“Underwear too?” she asked with a nervous smile.

I just smiled and nodded back.

Jeremy was fully turned on at this point. My wife glanced back and saw Jeremy with his full hardon and just instinctively gave out an, “oh wow!”

I could tell it turned her on that he was already so hard for her, and he only saw her underwear. She looked over her shoulder to look at Jeremy, who was fixated on her ass as he jerked off. She tucked her thumbs under her panties and pulled them down sloooowly until the slipped off her round ass.

“Holy shit….. you have an amazing ass” Jeremy said, as he began speeding up, looking right at it.

My wife smiled looking over her shoulder. Her hands on her panties still below her ass. She then pulled htem down further, then put her hands on the coffee table and bent over. I was behind the couch and could see her pussy – Jeremy had a front seat to it.

“Fuuuuuuuuuuck” he said.

And he was right. I was so hard watching all of this, I undid my pants too and started stroking my dick. My wife saw me and immidiately laughed…

“You too??” she said with a smile.

There we were, Jeremy and I both jerking off to my wife’s incredible ass. She moved it from side to side slowly, giggling and looking back at our dicks. Everytime she looked at Jeremy, it’d make me jealous, which turned me on even more.

“You guys like that?” she asked.

We both could hardly respoond as we were both working towards finishing. The whole scene was so hot, I was getting so close…

“Babe, can we grab your ass as we finish???”

I dont know where that came from but I wanted to grab her ass as I came…and figured Jeremy did too.

My wife gave me a look as if to say, “are you sure?”… then shrugged her shoulders, showing that we could if we wanted.

I walked to Jeremy, and he stood up. My wife shuffled back wards so that her ass was within reach. Jeremy wasted no time. He grabbed her right ass cheek with his left hand… his right hand still pumping hard. I could tell he was trying to show restraint and be respectful, running his hand up and down her ass lightly, squeezing it again then watching it spring back into place.

I grabbed my wife’s left ass cheek while Jeremy gently touched her other, it put me over. I finished hard and all over my hand, careful not to get any on my wife or her clothes to avoid a big mess.

My wife looked over her shoulder and smiled at me, then looked over her other shoulder to look up, then down, at Jeremy. He was still going… sliding his hand up and down the right side, and now the left side slowly where my hand just was.

“mmmm you like it???” she asked.

“oh…my god…” he replied, between breaths.

“It’s sorta making me wet” she said as she glanced back at me.

That did it.

Jeremy was short of breath… “oh god…yeeeeeees” he said as he came hard, one hand touching her ass. He kept going, and came for a solid 15 seconds.

He finished, and my wife and I were just looking at him. He was panting and red in the face. He looked at us, and laughed a little.

“Sorry about that!” he said with his charming smile, and we all started laughing.

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