Erotic Stories

Degrading Facial Abuse and Throatfucking (25f)

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“Suck my cock bitch!”

I panicked and get on my knees in front of his hard cock. I kiss and lick it all around the head, teasing it sensually, but I feel a hand grip the back of my hair and pull me off just enough for him to shout into my face “Suck my cock bitch!”

I fight the urge to cry as my eyes burn and well up as tears begin to form and I take his cock into my mouth, bobbing with the frantic enthusiasm of a girlfriend who was just threatened with a breakup if she didnt perform. I slurp and coat his cock with saliva and he thrusts into my face causing his cock to push against my tonsils which forces me to retch violently and awkwardly burp up an amount of phlegm over his cock and down my chin. It hangs from my chin in messy strands falling onto my breasts glazing them in warm saliva, “Drooling like a worthless fucking slut!” I flinch at the words, they hurt almost more than the retching and deepthroating but I still dont quit on him because I am a glutton for misery. He forces me down against my will and I try to breath through my nose, as I exhale, my nose runs with warm snot that bubbles up and oozes over his cock forcing me to lick up my own snot as I suck his cock. As he forces it deeper I finally lose control and feel the room begin to spin and my stomach begin to turn. Oh Fuck! Its too late. I erupt with a warm mess of vomit over his cock. Bits and pieces of my last meal splatter over his shaft and balls and down my chin and breasts. It stinks. I want to cry. And as I pull off for air he slaps me. “Jesus” he slaps me again “fucking” he slaps me a third time “Christ!”‘

At this point I am sobbing. I reek of vomit as my tits are coated in my last meal. HIs cock looks disgusting and yet I feel proud of my accomplishment in a vile way. “Lick it up bitch!” I look up with tears and smile adoringly, “Yes sir!”

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