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Date With Old Teacher Leads To Sex

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I Josh(M19) usually go to the gym after my college classes with my friends but I was solo this time.
When I was done with my workout and left to go home, I instantly realized and saw my 10th grade teacher (Jade), I’ve always had a crush on her since. she (f28) was about 5’2, brunette, had nice curves and small boobs. I was going home and noticed we were going to cross paths, I started to get nervous when she was getting closer. I started scanning her body from head to toe remembering her beauty. We crossed paths and we locked eye contacted for a second but she had no facial expression and kept on walking. I kept walking wondering if I should catch up to her to talk. I made up the courage to catch up to her and try to get her number.

Josh – “Hey I’m josh and I saw you and thought you were beautiful and I was wondering if you want to get food sometime”
Jade – “omg you scared me, my name is Jade, wait you look familiar”
Josh – “you might be thinking about someone else”
She looked confused trying to remember where she has seen me
Jade – “oh I’m sorry, Sure what place were you thinking”
Josh – “ wherever you like to go to, let me get your number and I’ll let you know”

She gave me her number and shook each other’s hands and said goodbye. When we went out separate ways I stood there looking at her small but fat ass in leggings walk away.
The next day comes and I text her if she wants to go eat at a local steak house in a few hours. She replies back a few minutes later and agrees. I start to get ready wearing a suit and wondering if I should get a condom in case but I don’t bring one because I realized how dumb that was to have sex on the first day.
The time comes I go to the steak house a few minutes early to give a good impression. I get a table outside and sit down, meanwhile sitting I see a women in a red dress a mile away not thinking it was Jade. A minute later and I see her get closer, she was wearing a tight revealing red silky dress showing cleavage of her small tits and outline of her panties. We greet each other with a hug and sit down to order our food.

Time lapse at the end of the date it is getting dark, we say our goodbyes and walk our separate ways. I turn around to see her ass as she walks away but I notice she is walking alone. I run up to her so I can offer to walk her home and she agrees. We talk about our life and what we do while on the walk. During our chat I notice she hasn’t said mentioned anything about me looking familiar.

We get to her house and I start to say my goodbyes but she asks me something that confuses me.
Jade – “come in for a few minutes, it’s getting cold and you might be tired from walking”
Josh- “I insist that it Is okay and it is getting late”
Jade – “don’t be silly just come in”

Jade grabs my hand and slightly pulls me in and tells me to take a seat. She asks if I want a drink but I deny it. She grabs the remote and turns on the tv while she goes to a room. Not thinking much I notice she has been gone for a while so I start to look for her so I can head home. I suddenly get the urge to use the bathroom so I start looking for it. When I find the bathroom I close the door and use it but when I’m going to wash my hands I get a little curious so I take a peak in the cabinets. I get shocked when I notice there is a vibrator and a dildo in the cabinet. I quickly close it and leave the bathroom and notice Jade is sitting on the couch. I walk up to her and notice she is in a short black robe which appears she has nothing on.

Josh – “ sorry for going in the bathroom, I was looking for you to ask permission but it was a emergency”
Jade- “it’s fine I was just trying to get comfortable, take a seat”
Josh- “I have to get going it’s really late”
Jade- “just sit I want to talk”

I sit down next to nervously staring at her bare legs getting a boner. I grab a pillow from the couch to cover it up. She then starts to talk about her remembering that I was a student of her and saying that she find me cute. I got caught off guard when she said that then feel her hand going under the pillow and reaching for my boner.

Jade- “you think I didn’t realize you were one of my students. I’ve noticed you staring at my tits and my ass every time. I’ve noticed your boner, I know you want to fuck me, Right?”

I sit there staring at her speechless witch felt like 10 minutes. She breaks the silence by grabbing the pillow off me, stands up, drops her robe revealing her naked slim curvy body, her tits so small getting the urge to put them in my mouth. I am Rock hard staring at her while getting hornier by the second. I lose control and stand up as fast as possible grabbing a tight grip of her naked her body against mine as I suck her tits. I notice she is smiling in the corner of my eye. I tell to get on her knees and shove my cock in her mouth hitting the back of her throat. After throat fucking her she motions she wants to get fucked. I pick her up and put her on the kitchen table and start to pound her.

Jade- “FUCK ME, Fuck me!!”

I almost cum by just hearing her how badly she wants it. I push her legs all the way up to her head to get a clear opening of her pussy. I go fast as I can until I get tired.

Jade- “let’s finish this in my room”

She gets up from the table and grabs my cock taking me to her room. I suddenly stop and wait for her to turn around. When she turned around I stuck my cock in her pussy standing up whiling making out with her and touching all over her body. She gets surprised but enjoys it. I start admitting my love and lust I’ve had for her since school. She looks like she is about to talk but just smiles at me and takes me to her room. When we get to her room she jumps on her bed and gets in doggystyle. I jump in with her and start eating her pussy out from the back. I feel all her juices leaking out of her with my tongue feeling the warmness of her pussy. I get up stick my cock in her pussy and start to pound her, I pull her hair so she can get close to kiss me. I feel the urge about to cum after 10 minutes of nonstop pounding.

Josh- “ I’m about to cum where do you want it”
Jade-“ oh fuck, just cum in me, CUM IN ME!”
In matter of seconds of hearing her I bust the biggest load of warm cum into her. After cumming we both fall over laying down together falling asleep together with my cum still in her pussy.

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