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Converting You From My Colleague Into My Personal Sl*t [MF]

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Warm delicious smells waft through the air straight to your nostrils. Clinks of glasses, scraping of plates and muffled conversations from other tables reach your ears.

You still remember the events of a few hours ago so vividly. Like it’s happening right now.


How I turned to you and looked into your eyes. You saw that knowing look in my eyes. And you knew.

You knew that I knew you were always checking me out when you thought I couldn’t see.

That one moment overwhelmed you. The experience of knowing that you were finally found out. Your secret cravings exposed. But also the relief of not having to tell me, the struggle to find the words or the embarrassment of standing before me.

And as those feelings race through you, you couldn’t hear the rest of our team around us, the loud machines, it was just me and you.

The suspense as we went around with the team, finishing a few small jobs which felt like an eternity until as we were leaving, I said your name and walked you to a quiet corridor, grabbed your hand, led you behind a door and leaned in, seeing your eyes widen as you look down, finally caught, your shoulders loosen and arms dropped as you opened up to me and I placed my lips on yours.

Gentle skimming, then more as you leaned in, finally getting what you wanted, but were too afraid to say and pulled me closer. My hands traced your body and my fingers skimmed down your spine and butt playfully as I leaned back pulling away from your desperation.

“Please…” You whisper

“Well wasn’t that nice” I grinned as I stared at you. “How about we finish this after a nice…”


“Dinner was amazing.” You tell me as you place your cup down.

You’re staring at me. Taking in every detail of me. Feeding your desires.

“The food was very tasty” I reply, “but it was missing something you know”

“Oh?” You say surprised, this was the nicest place you’ve been to, the atmosphere, the food, the service and the company obviously.

“Yes, it was very good don’t get me wrong” I smile internally as I realise how perfectly smooth this will sound. “it just needed a bit more magic you know, like a spark, it just wasn’t quite the best thing I tasted today” I gaze right into your eyes as I say that and your entire face blushes.

I smirk as I can see my on the fly tactics are working. You’re smiling and looking down, like a child who feels naughty for getting a secret joke.

I can tell you’re enjoying yourself. Partly because I am too but partly because you keep looking at me so intently.

You’re taking in everything about me. My eyes, my hair, the way my outfit is put together. The intonations of my voice and choice of words. My playfulness.

You see a well dressed gentleman sitting opposite you. But when you look into my eyes, we both know it’s an animal staring back.

You’re not the only one with desires. Each time my eyes move to you in that beautiful dress which you spent ages struggling into as you though of me, my brain is filled with a flurry of dirty images.

Your eyes widening as I first penetrate you.

You on your knees staring at me as I fill your mouth standing over you.

Bending you over and ripping that dress off.

I can see your hand wrapped around the glass and I can’t help but imagine those same hands wrapped around my shaft.

This one proves too vivid for me and I can feel myself hardening under the table faster than I can control.

I hold your stare and put my own glass down forcefully on the table, to cover up any sound of hard wood hitting wood.

“this really was a lovely evening. Great food to celebrate an even better day” I smile already knowing the answer to what I’m about to ask. “after we get the bill why don’t you come on back to mine?”

“I’d love to” You say before you can stop yourself


The journey back was incredibly tense. The amount of horniness and desire along the way was simply indescribable in words.

I knew that each minute of the trip warm secretions were flowing so slowly from your pussy as you thought about how tonight was going to end.

As the door closes, I can feel you get closer to me.

“I had the best time with you tonight” you tell me staring into my eyes, nervous.

I know you did. I don’t say it, but I know it. I don’t reply.

I just lean in and decide to take what’s mine. I kiss you hard now. As a reward for waiting all that time since I broke it off this afternoon. I really go in, and the sound of our lips smacking reverberates through the room as I reach behind and squeeze your butt as hard as I can.

The breath leaves your body as I come onto you strong. I start nudging you closer to the wall, and sucking your lips so hard. Driving you crazy.

I can’t take it anymore, I grab your butt with both hands and lift you up as I drive my body into yours and pin you against the wall.

I slide my head down as I kiss and slowly break free from our lip lock as my lips slide down your chin under your face and onto your neck. I can feel your body open up as you moan loudly while I suck and kiss the exposed flesh on your neck.

Your moans and rapid breathing in my ear is getting me more and more turned on and it’s only a matter of time.

I drive my legs into yours and use my weight to pin you up, with one hand squeezing your butt still and I let the other go free and I squeeze your neck as I lean my head back.

I can see your eyes soften as I know that you’ll do literally anything I want.

I run my hand from you neck down to your cleavage and catch my fingers on your dress. It begins to come down slowly as your breasts are suffocating from the pulling force.

I’m getting too hard now, so I stare into your eyes as I tank my hand down, tearing your dress from your front.

Your breasts are released in a tight colourful pushup bra as I drag downwards and the remannts of your dress fall to the floor.

“That’s your favourite colour isn’t it? I remember you telling me ” you say, desperate for my approval.

“that’s a good girl” I say as I look down your body and drink in that view. Your tits pushed forward and up by that tight bra, your shoulder and chest bones, the way your ribs align, the faint outline of your tummy muscles and those beautiful curves between your belly thighs and pelvis.

I let out a heavy sigh on your face as I lean in and kiss you as softly as possible, while I spaly my fingers and run then down your breaths slowly, then your sternum and abdomen and lightly rub your soaking panties.

I can feel your body shaking as the anticipation has become too much. I slide your panties down, just far enough down your thighs to give me eseebtial works access.

I start rubbing my thumb on your wet pussy lips until I find your clit and start running circles on it. Slowly, gently, bulging faster and faster so gradually.

You can feel a huge warmth building in your belly. As I run my thumb on your clit. It’s a warm sensational energy getting stronger slowly and gently moving outwards. It’s so powerful, it makes your whole body shake as you feel it start to expand and the tension and excitement overwhelm you.

I slide my index finger between those soft inviting pussy lips and I hear you moan, after I get used to running my thumb round your clit as I drive my finger inwards and upwards, I slide my long finger in together and use my three fingers to penetrate you and rub your clit.

That warm energy is sizzling hot now. Overflowing from your belly, spreading upwards and outwards and getting faster and faster. The rate at which it overcomes you is getting exponentially quicker and as that jolting energy courses through you, your whole body becoemess tense, your breath gets lighter and faster as your face contorts, in pleasure, tension and anticipation.

As I feel your soul with each kiss, I sense that heat bursting through your body and I know it’s time. With my hand still servicing your pussy and clit, I lean my hips into your body pinning it there and I release my hand from your sizzling ass and I drive it hard into your lower abdomen.

I can hear you gasp and I know it’s worked as the hot energy blasts though your body as you scream my name and huge fountains of fluid spray out.

It’s too much for me.

The sound of you coming, the sight of your face etched in ecstasy and the view of your hot body. My dick is exploding. As your moans continue I pull back and frer myself from my clothes.

My raging rod drives me forward. Compelling me.

I can see from your face that the bliss from your orgasm is still going. Your uterus must still be contracting as I come closer to you.

As I come to you, skin touches skin, as I move in and put my nose into yours and we are soul to soul.

“You’re fucking mine baby. Now bend over and hold your hot cheeks open” I tell you. Not fast. Not slow. I just say it as I mean it.

Unquestionably, you turn and do exactly as I say.

And my goodness the view of your hot arse spread for me and your beautiful holes with your soaked panties halfway down your sexy thighs is enough to make a thousand men cum from the sight alone.

But not me because I’m a hungry dog.

I grab you and take as my desires tell me to. Like an animal.

I hold your hips so hard as I mount you and slide myself into your excited pussy.

I can hear you man and the breath leave you as my girth stretches your walls as I slide in inch by inch.

When my full length is in, I yank your hair and start going harder and harder, pounding your ass cheeks so hard and slapping you with my overflowing balls.

Your cheeks are clapping, your moans are reverberating through my flat, and the feeling your lips gripping my rock hard shaft is driving me wild.

I can’t control it but the intensity of my thrusts grows out of control. Each movement is a power drive from my strong legs and as I plough your insides, each thrust is lifting you off the ground now as I fill you up and am onto your cervix now. I can sense that you can’t handle being taken off the ground like that.

I pull out spank your ass so hard. It’s jiggling satisfies part of me.

“Bitch get on all fours right now” I say impatiently driven by my desire.

As you get down on all fours, I’m already getting down and holding you firmly. I rub my bulging arrow between your gorgeous cheeks slowly savouring the skin on skin sensation.

I lean over you as you whimper softly and breathe hard on your neck as I go.

“It as good as you imagined?” I ask you teasingly

“It’s better” you whisper back.

And encouraged by your words or my own horniness, I grab your throat and hold your ass and launch myself into you hard. I can feel you tense up as I push those walls right open and slide all the way into you as deep as your body lets me in.

Pushing my torso into your back as I pound, I make sure you stay tethered to the ground. The vibrations in your throat are getting harder and harder as I choke and fuck you. I twist my head so it’s next to yours and I redirect your throat so I can kiss you hard.

Deeply and passionately as I fulfill my carnal urges for you on the floor.

It feels like an eternity, but i can tell you savoured every single thrust, when my cocks starts to harden past its limit and my balls start to come closer to me.

I’m going to paint your throat white.

I stop thrusting and tell you to kneel between my legs and open your mouth.


You can remember everything I did to you so clearly. Each step you take at work the next day brings an ache from somewhere deep within, between your pussy and your tummy but it’s hard to say where exactly.

You remember how I teased you, drove you crazy, made you squirt and owned you. Held you down and took you like you were always mine.

Dirty thoughts fill your head as your pussy twitches and you crave to feel my animalistic passion again. You plot how to seduce me every moment you can and you can’t stop dripping as you think of waiting for me to come home on your knees by the door. Completely butt naked with your mouth wide open as soon as you see me.

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