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Controlling Teachers Vibe During A Movie, Part 4

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I only had Miss K once a week so I begin to look forward to her lessons where I could tease her and get tease by her too. I was very exited for this lesson but my friend had other ideas and before Miss K got to the class she told me to give her my toy. A little confused I asked why, she responded saying she wanted to feel everything Miss K was doing so when we sat down I quickly removed my toy and handed it to her. She pulled her skirt up and slipped my toy into her tight latex panties witch made sure my toy was pushed against her clit hard and wouldn’t go anywhere.

It wasn’t long before Miss K entered the room walking right to her desk looking a little mad. Miss K sat down and told the class that today she’d be having us for the next two or so hours and that her last class was terrible so we’d be watching a movie. At this I was a little concerned as I thought Miss K wouldn’t be wearing her toy but opening the app I was greeted by her toy ready to connect…

I waited for Miss K to start the movie before I began to tease her only letting the toy rumble at a low setting and only going as high as medium power. Miss K had the opposite idea for what she was going to do as the moment the movie began my friend had to cover her mouth as both the toys where on high. Her legs snapped shut and I could see her heels sliding around the floor as she tried to distract herself from the vibrations, a bit like she was trying to hold in needing to pee.

As the movie continued I didn’t change what Miss K’s toy was doing and she didn’t change my friends ether and she was definitely struggling to hold back an orgasm. Leaning over I whispered in her ear “let me help.”
Before pushing the to harder against her clit…
She was just able to let out a “You fu….” Before having to hold her mouth shut as she came hard in her panties to the vibrations that Miss K was giving.
I hadn’t noticed but during this Miss K was watcher her and 100% knew that she was the one wearing the toys she had control over and continued to torture her with the toys.

It was only a couple of minutes before Miss K brought my friends toys down the low and got up. Walked over to our table, leaning down and asking my friends if she’s okay. My friend reply saying yes to which Miss K showed the remote app on her phone and made the toys go to full power and asked again. My friend covers her mouth and nodded.
“Now can I at least get off today?” Miss K whispered to my friend believing she was controlling the her toy.
“Be careful what you wish for Miss.) I say leaning over and making her to pulse on high.
I had spent the better part of an hour and a half teasing her making her and making her pussy very sensitive so this jump made her cum instantly. I’m shock the dropped to her knees and covered mouth.

In the shock one of Miss K’s heels fell of and got kicked under my chair. Feeling it her my leg I pick it up and slip it under my skirt. I should have mentioned earlier, I’m a incredibly passable crossdresser and everyone in the school things I’m a girl but only a couple of my friends know what’s really going on. (I made this change for future story’s) Bringing Miss K’s down she began looking around for her heel and catching my eye I point to my skirt where the imprint of her heel is visible.

Miss K walked round and began to put her hand up my skirt to recover her heel, only to discover I’ve got a rock hard cock under there too. Miss K seamed to like this as I soon felt her very soft finger rubbing the sensitive spot on my cock and looking me in the eye. I was getting much harder at the teasing and out of my view my friend had pulled my toy out her panties and quickly pressed it hard against my cock. Miss K seeing this made the toy buzz on high power and I felt myself got to the edge of an orgasm instantly, I tried my best to hold it back but just couldn’t and soon came all in my pantyhose. Miss K smiled and said “Better clean yourself up.”

Miss K slipped her heel back on and walked back to her desk as I made her to vibrate on high the whole time, I could tell she was struggling to stay standing but still managed to get back to her desk just as the movie ended. My friend lent over and told me that making me cum was punishment for early, I responded say it wasn’t a very effective punishment. The lesson was over soon after and before we left Miss K told us about a mock test next lesson.


  1. Ongard_King1 Reply

    Doesn’t have the same flare as the previous ones did but I still like it, keep it up ❤️ I look forward to reading the future parts

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