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College study group

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My sophomore year of college I was 20. I was on the swim team at my school and the way our dorms were set up the men’s team had the west side of the second floor and the woman’s team had the east side of the second floor. We had to log so many hours of study hall. The lobby the separated the two sides of the building was where we would study. I was in calculus 2 and one of my female teammates was in my class. She was a freshman. Her and I had a lot of classes together and would always study together.

One night we were up late studying together. A few others on the team were in there too. One of which was her boyfriend (not on the swim team). We had a calculus exam the next day and we were both cramming. After some time everyone went to bed and we were the only ones in the room. Her boyfriend had gone back to her dorm room to go to sleep. Hours passes and the two of us became delirious. It was after 3 in the morning and we were still studying and I needed some coffee so we both went back to my dorm room to brew some. She was walking around the common area of my dorm commenting how nice it was for being a boys room and she meandered into my bedroom. Same thing, commenting on how clean I kept it. I made my coffee and joined her in my room. She was in there going through my stuff and I asked her what she was doing. She said idk just looking around, being a nosy girl. It wasn’t long before she found my condoms. She made a comment like “you use these things? They suck, just fuck a girl in birth control like me”

We made that awkward eye contact and there was a short pause before I said “I would fuck you if you didn’t have a boyfriend.” She rolled her eyes and just hummed “mhmmm.” Again another little bit of silence before I asked if she was ready ti go back and study. She put the condom down on my desk and turned around, taking off her shirt she said “he’s asleep, he’ll never know.” I closed my door and rushed over to her. We started making out and undressing each other. She pushed me down in my desk chair and got on her knees. She started sucking my cock. Deep throating it I was holding her straight red hair with my eyes rolled back.

She sucked it for about 5 minutes before she stood up and bent over my bed. She had a big fat ass I have it a hard spank instantly leaving a hand print and shoved my cock inside her pussy. I wasted no time. I fucked her as hard as I could. My body slamming up against her ass clapping with every thrust. She was moaning and screaming with pleasure looking over her shoulder at me fucking her. I loved the way her ass shook and jiggled every time I thrusted hard into her. When I finally lost my breath and slowed down to a stop she grabbed my shoulders and pushed me down on to the bed.

She climbed on top of me straddling me and kissing my neck my hands were on her hips. Grabbing and spanking her fat ass I couldn’t get enough of it. She grinded her waist in a way my cock slid back inside her pussy. Once I was inside her she sat up and leaned back putting her hands around my ankles. She was looking up to the ceiling, her straight red hair was touching my legs and her small perky tits were pointing out. Admiring her sexy body I could feel my balks start to tingle. I grabbed her by the forearms and she laid her chest back down on top of me. She whispered/moaned in my ear “you’re about to cum, I can tell. Fill me up. Cum inside me. I want to feel your warm cum fill my tight pussy.”

It was the best orgasm I had ever had. The first time I had someone talk to me like that. My body shook. I felt her pussy tighten down and she climaxed with me. We laid there. Me inside of her still throbbing hard. I never got slightly soft. About 5 minutes passed before she started grinding on me again. Round two, it was on. We fucked like rabbits off and on until we realized it was almost 6 and swim practice was at 6:30. She went back to her room to get ready and I showered off. That morning at practice we kept making eye contact, eye fucking each other because we both still wanted to fuck.

It wasn’t the last time we fucked either. We both got A’s in that class. She ended up dumping that guy but not until the next semester.

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