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college friend showed up to study and I wore this

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I met this college freshman boy a few weeks ago in a class, and he’s incredibly cute. So I asked him if he’d like to study sometime. He said sure, so I invited him to my place. When he came over, he was in for quite a surprise, I decided to just wear just this white g-string (front) (back)

When he saw me he seemed shocked, but he didn’t leave. I was smoking a cigarette at the time, and he asked if he could have one so I shared mine with him. It was a warm day, then he asked if it was ok to strip down into something more comfortable. I assumed he meant his underwear, but he ended up taking everything off and he had a rock hard boner. It was at that point that I knew we were going to play.. I asked if he was gay or bi and he said he’s never tried anything with another guy before. Basically we did everything bareback, and the studying had to wait till another day lol Best day of my life 🙂

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