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College bound with my step brother

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It’s been awhile since I’ve posted and I just have been so busy with summer and college applications and now that my step brother, Eric, and I are accepted to the same university my father has decided to get us our own apartment because it’s pretty far from home.

We had a pretty big party with friends and family. Of course it wouldn’t have been a good after party if Eric didn’t fuck me afterwards. Lately I’ve been going to his room farther and the opposite side of the house from my parent’s room.

Anyway, it’s been about a 3 month since we moved into our new apartment together. We don’t have classes together other than a chemistry class and it’s because we wanted it that way. Without the worry of our parents walking in on us, I’ve been more of free use to my step-brother. I’m sure the neighbors know his name from my moans and screaming.

I was taking a shower thinking I was home alone. Eric said he was going to to be at his friend’s house playing video games. I was so relaxed and just soaking in the warm water I didn’t even hear the door open. The curtains opened, I will admit I jumped and screamed, I then saw Eric’s face and calmed down. Eric said he was here to get a game but heard the shower on and well couldn’t help himself. I got mad at him of course and got out of the shower, towel wrapped around me.

After a few minutes Eric came into my room where I was dressed in just a tank top and panties. I was watching tv on my bed. He didn’t have to say what he wanted, he pinned me down my stomach to the bed as I felt his weight on my back. I bucked slightly “No…” I said still mad at him. My hands reaching behind myself trying to push him off. Is other hand gripping my hair and pushing my head down onto the bed. I fought back harder trying to deny him; thinking it’s hot how much stronger he is than me.

He told me to just let him do it. I could feel how hard he was through his jersey shorts. Within a couple of seconds of struggling more with him, he pulled my panties aside and I couldn’t help but moan like a whore as I felt his cock drill into my admitting soaked tight cunt. It was hot feeling hard thick cock thrusting into me. My hands moving down from his thrusting hips and gripping my sheets as I felt him getting rougher and my moans muffled against the bed. I could hear his loud grunt behind me as he fucked me. My cunt drooling around his cock, my back curving down as I started to cum on him. I love the way he holds me down as thrusts deeper into me, I scream under him as he came inside me. He pulls out after fully draining himself in me, rough short trusts. “Fuck you I just showered.” I say to him laying there used. “Slut.” He simply says to me pulling out and pushing my head down onto the bed before getting off me and leaving to his friend’s place.

I laid there on the bed feeling my pussy throb with his cum leaking out. I’ve been on the pill for awhile but that’s the first time I let Eric cum inside me without a condom. I liked it…

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