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Charlotte’s Bet Ch.02 [F19] [Cum]

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## +99 New Messages!

Just as she got done with her morning shower, Charlotte saw how a notification popped up on her phone. The young cheerleader had been invited to the newly created “School Reunion” group chat, with thirteen other people. The first thing she noticed, was that she couldn’t type anything, even though she could read all the messages.

The second thing she noticed was far more concerning. Scrolling down, it became obvious that there were far more than just “+99” messages. Blushing, the blonde girl also noticed, in fact, that almost all of them were pictures and videos.

But out of all of the messages, it was the newest one, written just a minute after she got added to the group chat, that caught her eye.

*“Hey guys, thank you all for sharing! \\o/ Would have been a shame if not everyone here got to see everything! :)*

*But now, about the second reason why I made this group:*

*Any ideas for her forfeit? ;P ”*

## A few hours earlier…

## 11:05 pm

“You know, Sweety, there was something I did notice just then.”

After calming down from her high, Charlotte took her time to wipe off the cum still blinding her. Still lying on the bed of a stranger, on her back, Charlotte’s chest slowly heaved up and down with every breath she took.

“Every time our friends here were fucking your ass, you came. And you came hard, Sweety! Wasn’t it the first time you ever received it up there?”

Confident, beautiful, with soft natural blonde hair falling around her shoulders, fair skin, and blue eyes, Charlotte could often be seen showing off on social media while wearing her cheerleader outfit. Now, her pert 34c-breasts and pink nipples, her peachy bottom, and her shaved pussy were all on display, as she was lying on the bed, still slightly panting.

“Well, maybe it wasn’t actually the assfucking that made our little Charlotte cum, perhaps?”

Jane and every single guy at the party had witnessed what their former classmate, the lovely 19-year-old Charlotte Fairfield, could do. Nine guys had blasted their cum on her exposed body, and eleven of them even got a chance to pump their spunk into her.

“Oh! I got it! It was whenever three of the boys were screwing you at the same time! Well, I would have a hard time breathing. But you actually seemed fine! And taking it up your ass and pussy at the same time? That sounds exhausting! But I guess, our cute little Charlotte here liked it…”

She had swallowed five loads, three had been pushed straight into her teenage womb, and another three were pouring out of her tight asshole. She could feel it in more than one way, taste it, and most prominently of all, smell it. Combined with the aroma of her own pussy juice, and the sweat that drenched her whole body from uncontrollably cumming for the last sixty minutes, Charlotte was a total trainwreck.

“And they even creampied you! In all of your holes! You are on birth control, aren’t you? They really filled you up, didn’t they? You liked it, darling, huh?”

Even if she wanted to, Charlotte couldn’t describe how it felt to be filled up with cum. Fireworks had gone off inside her head when her rectum and pussy were filled up with semen, and the sensation of multiple rock-hard cocks pushing into her when she already felt full, had just been mindblowing. The three orgasms the 19-year-old cheerleader had been forced to experience in the past hour were the most intense ones anyone had ever made her go through. And this certain someone was now mockingly talking to her.

“Darling, are you even listening?”

“Jesus Christ, Jane…” The blonde girl groaned. “I need a moment, okay?”

“But darling! We have to talk about your forfeit! You sure ain’t gonna bail out now, Sweety?”

Loudly breathing out, the blonde girl turned her head, now facing Jane. Several ropes of cum were covering Charlotte’s pretty face, from her forehead to her chin. An incredibly thick load was in her blonde hair, and if not for her bright blue eyes looking at Jane, between the layers of semen, it would have been difficult to make out who the young girl even was. Her classmates had pretty much bukkaked her, and their seed was even partly covering Charlotte’s pert tits.

Next to the bed, Jane kneeled down. With her face just inches away from Charlotte’s, Jane reached out and put her hand on the blonde girl’s head, fingers gently stroking her blonde hair, ignoring the cum strands.

“Darling, before we talk about the forfeit…” The fellow cheerleader who had caused all this mess kept grinning. “I feel we were a bit unfair towards Lewis, Alex, and Bob. They only came once, right? I mean, you’ve already lost, but…”

“Jesus Christ, Jane!” Sitting up and swatting Jane’s hand away from her face, the freshly fucked girl looked up at her ‘friend’, who in turn stood up. Pouting, Charlotte crossed her arms. The blonde girl was trying to not make it noticeable, but in this new position, she felt as if flood gates had opened, with all the cum pumped into her, now able to freely pour out of her holes. ”Fine!”

“Fine?” Looking at her nude and pouting friend with a surprised expression, Jane put her hands on the nude girl’s shoulders. “You don’t mind if I send them in?”

“Just do what you want.” Knowing that she was at her mercy, Charlotte closed her eyes, sighing. “I’ll do whatever you want. That’s what I said, right?”

“Great! Thank you, Sweety!” Before turning around, Jane gave Charlotte a soft kiss on her cum-drenched nose. Leaving a bewildered girl on the bed, she approached the door. “You know, I did promise all of them that everyone would get to shoot a load on your face and get a go with one of your holes.”

## 11:07 pm

With no towel or piece of clothing in sight, remaining in her messy, defiled, and thoroughly gangbanged state, Charlotte began to gag on Lewis’s cock. In his eyes, all the poor girl had gone through because of Jane had only made her even hotter. Her sweet body, the fact that she just endured an hour-long fuck-session, and that she orgasmed a total of three times because of that. Despite all, Charlotte was still ready and willing to suck Lewis’ cock, and swallow his cum. She didn’t even mind the three other people in the room.

With the lovely teenager on her knees, Alex and Bob, the first two guys she had sucked off this evening, stood at her side, and thoughtful as Charlotte was, they didn’t have to do anything. As Lewis pushed his member down her throat, the young girl used her skilled hands to jerk off the two guys.

“Oh my god, darling!” Kneeling next to her, Jane whispered in Charlotte’s ear. “Even after all of this, you are still able to take care of three guys at once!”

Rolling her eyes, Charlotte continued to bob back and forth on Lewis’s cock. Sure, while Jane was the victor in this scenario, aside from the guys, this time Charlotte had actually thought this through.

Giving Alex and Bob a handjob made them forget that they could just fuck her ass if they wanted to.

## 11:10 pm

“Come on, Sweety! Say: ‘Ahhh’!”

With a rock-hard cock in her mouth and the taste of salty precum on her tongue, the nude cheerleader knew that the best response was to be a good little slut. Right now, angering Jane was the last thing she wanted to do. The three guys on the brink, Charlotte tilted her head, looking up at the ceiling, presenting her wide-opened mouth to them. Sticking out her tongue, the young cheerleader made herself ready for more fresh hot cum.

“Doesn’t she look so sweet, guys?”

Aiming at her tongue, Alex blasted several thick white ropes straight into her mouth. Around half of his jizz landed on her tongue, while the other half covered Charlotte’s right cheek. His creamy spunk ran down the side of her face.

While Alex continued to squeeze out the rest of his load into the cheerleader’s open mouth, Bob blasted his load all over her face. He also tried to fill her up, but some of it, unfortunately, landed on her upper lip and nose. Despite their terrible aim, the guys had filled Charlotte’s mouth almost halfway. Looking up at her classmates, the blonde knew that they were almost done.

When the young girl felt, how Lewis decided to plaster her tits with his cum, drenching her upper body with thick sticky ropes, instead of making her swallow, she was almost grateful. The loads in her mouth had begun to taste nauseating. In turn, Charlotte got the chance of feeling load after load of hot cum blasted onto her, as she gulped down Alex’s and Bob’s seed.

## 11:12 pm

As Charlotte finished up, by licking the three cocks clean, Jane began to clap.

“Well done, darling! Sure, it took almost 15 minutes longer than what you promised, but I would say you did great. In a way, you have actually won! I thought you were way more of a slut than you actually are. But you proved me wrong. Wouldn’t you agree, Charlotte?”

The feeling of six cumshots pouring out of her ass and pussy, was all Charlotte could think of at that moment. Swallowing the last bits of cum she had licked up from her classmates’ cocks, the bet was finally over. But, judging from the grin on Jane’s face, the blonde girl knew she was still in danger.

“I mean, the boys would surely agree.”

## 11:14 pm

“I am gonna be honest, gal, there is no gas in the tank. She actually just made me cum way too hard.”

The expression on Jane’s face was priceless. She stood right behind Charlotte, with her hand on the blonde’s head. They both stared at the guys she had just asked to go back to the bedroom, who used the opportunity to stare at Charlotte’s tits.

“And you… You *don’t* want another go at her…?”

By now, Charlotte had become thankful for her current state. Considering the amount of semen she had dealt with, it actually made sense what Dan had just said. Notably, he was the first guy who had blasted his cum into her pussy less than an hour ago.

“You crazy? Of course, we want to! Hey, I am telling you, Jane, I came so much, I probably can’t even get hard for the two next hours or so.”

The blonde could only agree. Her holes had been pretty much flooded. During this school reunion party, Charlotte learned what it truly meant to be considered ‘the hottest girl in town’ by the boys. Jane had unleashed them, giving them the chance to ignore all morals or restrictions. They just did what they were finally allowed to do, what they always wanted to do with her. And they had done more than any of the girls had ever expected.

“Then… Then… In two hours…?” Stunned by what her classmates had just told her, Jane began to stroke Charlotte’s hair. “Look at her! Isn’t she everything you guys would ever want?”

“True! But-” Dan and the boys chuckled. “Doesn’t she have to go home or something? I do, at least in like ten minutes or so. Tomorrow’s Monday. Many of us gotta work.”

It was on this evening, meeting all of the guys from her former school class, that Charlotte found out about the extent of much they had all lusted over her, even after almost a year had passed since they had graduated. In some ways, the blonde girl appreciated it. It felt good to be liked. Well, liked by everyone, except for Jane, apparently.

“Well, anyways. Thank you! This was the best day of my life, I gotta say. Never thought I would a get chance to fuck her. I always knew she’s a real nice one!”

His brutal honesty made the nude girl, who was still sitting on the floor, smile. Dan turned around, leaving the room. All the boys made sure to take a good at the young girl they just ravaged. When they were all outside the room, Jane and Charlotte could still hear them talk.

*“Dude, when she came on my cock, I thought I was going insane!”*

*“Yeah man, I was up her ass when she came. Damn. Her ass is great.”*

Now, the blonde girl was the one who was grinning.

*“Fuck, Charly’s cute when she’s cumming!”*

*“Those tits, man. She’s got some honkers. Should’ve made a photo.”*

She just couldn’t be mad at them.

## 11:18 pm

“So… Darling?” Continuing to stroke Charlotte’s hair, Jane looked at the loser of the bet, thinking about what to do. Of all things, the one variable Jane didn’t consider, was how good actually the blonde girl was at being a cumslut, be it intentionally or not.

“Y-Yes, Jane?”

What she had at her disposal now, was a lovely 19-year-old blonde cutie who could make a classroom full of guys orgasm two dozen times in an hour. Charlotte was the most endearing plaything Jane could imagine.

“Oh, darling… You look so good without clothes.”

“Uh… Thanks?” The smile on Jane’s face made the poor blonde feel uncomfortable. “D-Do you already know what I gotta do…?”

And now, Charlotte’s pride was the reason all of this was possible. No other girl Jane knew would have been able to keep her head high and honor the forfeit to a bet in this situation. Considering what Jane had done to her fellow cheerleader, every other girl would have bailed by now. Taking the nude girl by her hand, Jane helped her stand up. Hand in hand, Jane walked with her to the bedroom door. Reaching it, Jane let go and positioned herself behind her.

“Sweety, I am gonna split the forfeit into two parts. Okay?” Putting her hands on Charlotte’s shoulders, this time from behind, Jane lowered her voice, once again whispering into her ear. “Pay attention, Charlotte. I would rather not have to explain it twice.”

## 11:19 pm

After receiving another loud clap on her ass, the poor blonde knew she had to hurry up. The bedroom door was smashed open, and Charlotte, in her birthday suit, stormed out. It wasn’t too late, a few of the boys were hanging out in the living room, some were on the terrace, and, most importantly, none of them had left the party yet.

“Guys!” With her pussy still leaking, the nude girl stood in the middle of the living room, in front of the big couch, surrounded by the guys, with all of them going quiet. The boys on the terrace noticed something was going on and entered the room, watching the young girl in their midst. “I… Uhm… I need someone to drive me home.”

Jane had slowly followed her, watching the spectacle unfold. From the way the boys gazed behind her, Charlotte knew that Jane was signaling something to them.

“Jane, eh… Jane said I gotta leave this building right now. And, she has my car key.” Panic in her voice, the nude girl tried her best to show them her cutest puppy eyes. Charlotte seemingly ignored the fact that she was running around naked in front of her classmates, but that was far from the case. What Jane had just told her, was plenty enough to make her run.

*“You don’t want to know, what I am going to do if I don’t see you outside the building in 3 minutes.”*

Roaring laughter filled the room. Some of the boys stood up, approaching the young girl. “Damn girl, are you for real?”

“E-Excuse me?”

Dan, Eric, Frank, Garry, and all the others standing in front of her, their eyes unable to gaze away from her tits, pulled out their smartphones. “You mind?”

Turning around, the cheerleader finally noticed how Jane was filming her from behind.

“Oh, come on!”

## 11:25 pm

The school reunion party had been a total success. Not only did the guys have the time of their life with the hottest girl of their year, they also got some nice pictures out of it. Jane only said that Charlotte had to leave the building. She never said that the blonde girl wasn’t allowed to make selfies and poses for the boys in the front yard outside.

“Hey! But you won’t spread them around, yeah?”

“Yeah, yeah. We aren’t that mean, darling. While we are already talking about ‘spreading’, could you spread your ass cheeks a bit more?”

Now, she was a bit mad at them. But only a bit. Most of it was still on Jane. Unfortunately, her fellow cheerleader had decided to make Charlotte listen to the boys, forcing the blonde girl to show off herself in whatever poses the boys and Jane wanted her to.

“Now a handstand, Sweety! And while we’re already at it, split your legs!”

“Ey, Jane! Can we make her do the dance? You know, the one she did at the school festival?”

“Oh, wow! That’s a great idea, Frank!”

And knowing all the cheerleading moves by heart, Jane and their classmates were most creative in instructing her poses.

“Honestly, darling, I am a bit envious of you. You got such a nice bod!”

If Charlotte ever got self-conscious about her physique, she could just think back to this night. And of all the photos and videos she would soon have on her phone.

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