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Careful what you wish for…

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(A work of fiction)

Lisa and I have been trying open relationship / partner swapping which has been extremely fun and brought us closer together. It’s never group sex it’s always go to someone’s house have some drinks and then we’ll go to separate bedrooms and meet back when we were all done.

I found a couple recently, Tod and Becca. Tod looked ok but Becca was stunning, really pretty, slim and busty. Lisa didn’t seem to mind so I was really excited. The evening started great we were laughing and joking but I was really eager to start. so we set some ground rules; no kissing, no anal and to use condoms. We all agreed and then I practically ran off with Becca to the bedroom.

As soon as Becca and I got to our room, I tore off my clothes and then hers she had an amazing body and I couldn’t get over her big perky breasts we started to fuck but I got so carried away I accidently cummed… I apologized but she just laughed it off, she said it’s fine it happens. We cleaned up, got dressed and then headed back to the living room to get a drink.

It was a bungalow and the bedrooms were not far off from the living room. As soon as we left our room we could hear Lisa, she was screaming and moaning like crazy.

I looked at Becca and she laughed so I pretended to laugh too but I had never heard Lisa make those noises before… Becca handed me a beer and very casually remarked, has she never had a big cock before? I was kinda stunned and didn’t know how to answer, so I just blurted out the first thing I thought “how big was big?” She again replied so casually “he’s around 9 inches” I nearly spat out my beer. That’s nearly twice as big as me…

The moaning carried on for what seemed like forever but eventually stopped. They didn’t come out though and I got bored of waiting, so I took them a beer. I knocked first and opened the door, they were both naked on the bed the sheets and pillows looked like they had been thrown off. She looked small laying on top of his large figure. they were kissing and she looked up smiling and said “oh hey, are you all done?”, “Um yeah are you?” “Yeah kind of” she got off him and came to the door holding tissue against her vulva. “How’s it going?” she said in a hushed voice. Her hair was a mess and her face was so flushed. “Becca and I have finished.” I said hinting it’s time to go “Ok well I just need a few more minutes.” “why..?” I asked “Well Tod just needs a minute then we’re going to go again…”, “Again.. really?” She smiled “.Yeah… we’re having a lot of fun, you don’t mind right?” I tried to think of a way to stop it “What about Becca and me?” “Well you guys can go again too” before I could reply she took the beers and said “we won’t be long” while closing the door…

I went back to the living room and told Becca they need a few more minutes. Suddenly the moaning started building up again, I took a big gulp of beer.

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