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Camping with Kate, a sequel to the road trip story.

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This is the recounting of a camping trip involving me, and Kate from the last story.

If you haven’t read it, I would strongly suggest you do so, you can read it here: [](

This happened about 1 year after the road trip. Yet again, same thing as last story, I’ll try to get as detailed as I can, if any detail is incomplete, I will not include it, I’ll let your imagination do that. (but that’s half the entertainment right?) this one is also going to have a HELL of a lot more story to it, as well as be significantly longer.

So, let’s get started.

>be me

>we’re both 17 now


>either late June or early July I think

>I live in Kansas, the specific location is not important.

>I now have a nice purdy new to me truck, a 2012 chevy silverado 4 door

>may or may not have totaled the 2001 suburban, but we’re not going to talk about that

>me and Kate are now more than friends

>she spends more time at my house than hers, we’re always doing something together

>I seriously had to upgrade from a twin size bed to a king because of how often she was sleeping over

>she lives in a house full of brothers and sisters so I can understand

>I’m not complaining, my lonely ass can use the company

>my (single) mother works nights, so that’s not an issue either, as she’s away on a work trip during this story.

>the two of us spend the entire summer together essentially

>we’re slowly running out of stuff to do together

>thought crosses my mind of spending the night in a tent on my uncle’s property

>I’m an outdoors person, living in a somewhat rural area with woods around helps

>one particularly boring day, we’re cuddling on the couch and watching TV around 8pm

>as we’re talking about nothing in particular, ask “hey, would you like to go spend some time together on my uncle’s property?”

>she replies with “ooohh, sounds fun!”

>through a few questions, and her confirming that she’s free for the next day, me calling my uncle and asking if we can use his land (he owns ~600 acres near a body of water) it’s agreed upon, we’ll leave tomorrow.

>I shoot a text at my mother, inform her of this, and she says back “alright just lock up when you leave, have fun”

>with that said, we go upstairs and start to pack for the trip

>I’m a maniac, I have literally everything folded neat as shit in my dresser

>I grab 6 ranger rolled solid color tee shirts, I sweat a fuckton, especially in 80% humidity Kansas weather, so I religiously change shirts at lunch every day

>4 pairs of jeans, two tapered fit black, two regular fit blue

>a few pairs of underwear (never know if you might shit yourself twice)

>two wool blankets, one green one grey (yes the grey one is from he same from the road trip)

>throw everything into my rucksack (yes the same one from the road trip), it’s not even 1/4th full

>Kate wears the same size shirt as me, she’s all but refrained from wearing bras at this point, hell, most of the time she goes topless

>in fact, standing next to me at that moment, she was topless, in just some light blue panties

>Kate hrows in 2 pairs of green short shorts, (the unisex green ones, sometimes reffered to as “ranger panties” or “silkies”)

>then she also throws in 4 solid color tank tops

>I toss in about 4 pairs of socks, she does the same

>backpack half full now

>let’s keep it that way

>we move to the garage, bag slung over my shoulder

>I pick up the massive 8 person tent in it’s bag

>shove it in the backpack

>grab the 2 rolled sleeping mats as well

>do the same with them

>this fills the remaining space in the main pocket perfectly

>onto food

>there’s a box of MRE’s in the corner, neighbor gave them to me like 3 months prior

>I pick up 5, slide them into various pockets

>I grab up the empty 3 day assault pack that’s perpetually hung on the wall of the garage

>stuff the two sleeping bags into it

>backpacks now sufficiently full, I walk out of the garage and back into the house, both backpacks in hand, and plop the rucksack just inside the door to my room

>walk into the bathroom with the 3 day pack, start putting toiletries into it, boring stuff

>walk around the house grabbing various items as needed

>get back, Kate just standing there, watching me

>I plop the 3 day pack right next to the rucksack

>as I do this, Kate just walks up to me, puts her arms around my waist from behind

>I turn around and pick her up in a flash

>as I pick her up, she wraps her legs around me

>after a second she breaks away from my kiss and says “not really in the mood, let’s just cuddle?” with a inquisitive tone on “cuddle”


>just take the 4 steps over to the bed, and plop her down

>she unwraps her legs from around me, and lays down herself

>I snatch the TV remote up from the nightstand, and flick on the TV, some shitty jason statham movie is airing on Spike

>as I’m doing this, she removes her panties, she prefers to sleep in the nude most of the time

>as I lay on my back, she curls up on my right side, snuggling up against me, her right leg draped over me, my right arm around her back


>after talking for a while, we drift off to sleep

>I wake up first, as always

>I’m now on my right side, big spooning her

>light through the window to my rear

>wait what

>lift my left arm, and take a look at my Casio WS220

>10 something

>ponder how in the hell we slept for that long

>Kate, being the VERY light sleeper she is, wakes up as I do this, and rolls over to her back

>say softly “hey, it’s 10am, we need to get up”

>get a half mumbled “I don’t wanna” in response


>sleepy sounds

>I know what’ll wake her up

>I pick my left hand up and start dragging it down, starting at her sternum, all the way to her navel, eventually ending as a flat palm with my pinky resting on the edge of her pubic bone

>”how about I give you a good morning and then make you some breakfast?” I say as I do this

>get a “hmmmmm, I think I’d like that” in response, and a smirk cracks across her lips


>I scoot up and put my back against the wall, pillow in place

>I spread my legs open, let her sit between them, her right hand goes to the same exact place as the first time

>she leans back into me, my head over her right shoulder

>as I run my hands up and down her, I can feel her heartbeat

>a slow, methodical, thump-thump

>I’ve written about fingering her twice now, this would be the 3rd

>but you see, I start off slow, playing her body like a harp, every erogenous zone I can get my hands or mouth on, every little moan or groan resonating through the room

>give her two small ones to start off

>the 3rd one though

>I don’t just ease her off and set her down gently so to speak, I roll her up in a bedsheet and toss her down the metaphorical flight of stairs

>I don’t stop, even after she climaxes

>she knows not to squeeze my thigh with her right hand until she’s hit her absolute limit

>her entire body convulsing and subconsciously contracting for what must feel like hours

>she finally squeezes

>I stop immediately, bring my right hand away from and up the bottom of her sternum, just under her breasts, then hold her tight

>take her still shaking arms, and bring them together in front of her

>roll over on my left side, encompassing her in a loving embrace, we’re now face to face

>aftercare, the most important part

>we sit there for a good 10 minutes, just holding her there

>listening to the breathing of one another

>she says “it’s okay, I’m fine, you can go now”

>ask her “you sure?”

>a nod of the head

>I slide up, kiss her softly, and say “whenever you’re ready, come down, I’ll have breakfast waiting for you

>as I get up, I scoop up the 3 vacant pillows from the bed, and stuff them into the 3 day bag

>bag now sufficiently plump, I’m off, downstairs to make some eggs, toast, and bacon

>she prefers to be alone afterwards sometimes

>aftercare is something you should always talk about in a relationship

>mid way through cooking the last thing, eggs (because they get cold fast as hell), she comes down

>wearing nothing but a pair of the green silkies

>Kate, my topless princess comes up behind me, and wraps her arms around my lower back, then nestles her head into me.

>”that was amazing” she says behind me

>with a smirk I say back “I’m glad”

>the two eggs in the pan done cooking, sunny side up, runny, just the way she likes them

>I slide them out of the pan onto the plate next to the toast and bacon on the counter

>”bon appetite” I say as I gesture towards it

>she picks her plate up, and walks over to the table, sits down

>I sit down next to her

>she sits her head on my shoulder while chewing on a piece of egg


>we eat, and make small talk, about nothing all too memorable

>then, we’re off to the bathroom to take a shower

>we tried shower acts before, they didn’t go well

>may or may not have slipped and dropped her, twice

>just get undressed, turn on the water, do the salsa trying to get the both of us under the water at once

>doesn’t work

>one of you is going to get slick dicked out of the hot water, it’s a fact

>oh well, it is what it is

>we get out, towel off

>then we’re back to the bedroom to get dressed for the day, hand in hand

>throw on a pair of boxers

>then put on a white tee shirt

>some charcoal black dickies socks

>a pair of tapered fit black S37 Levis


>slide on my black Rocky S2V combat boots

>outfit complete, I walk over to my nightstand

>pick up my phone, wallet, keys, victorinox super tinker, silver zippo lighter (no I don’t smoke, I just keep it on me, it’s useful), and chrome Cross Classic Century ballpoint

>everything now tucked away in my pockets, or clipped to my belt loop, I look over at Kate

>she’s wearing a light green tank top, the same silkies, and high top chuck taylors with some calf high black socks

>she gives me a cute little spin

>I chuckle while scooping up the rucksack and 3 day bag

>her following, I walk down the hallway to the front door

>I open it up, she goes out first, hop-skipping down the walkway to my truck, set one of the bags down and lock the door

>she opens up the camper shell for me, I toss the backpack into the back

>we get in, she folds up the center console, and snuggles up next to me

>she really likes cuddling if you haven’t noticed

>fine by me, I don’t mind, it makes her happy.

>talk about nothing in particular on the ride over to Walmart to pick up a 12 pack of water

>get the water, throw it into the back of the truck, next to my bag

>it’s not Nestle by the way, fuck Nestle.

>we get back into the truck

>she snuggles back up next to me, same way basically

>she puts my right arm around her, and conks out for most of the hour and a half ride, but not before removing her tank top

>it’s uneventful as hell, just boring ass rural Kansas roads.

>I have to wake her up when we get there, it’s about 1:30 at that point

>she untangles herself from me as I bring my right arm up and over her head to slide the truck into park

>she gets out, grabs the 3 day bag, I put on the rucksack, and grab the case of water

>walk the 300 or so feet to a small clearing near the edge of the water

>plop the rucksack down, open it up

>set the tent up, doesn’t take long

>it’s about 50 feet from the water

>Kate starts unpacking stuff out of the rucksack, firstly she unrolls the sleeping mats, lays them down onto the floor of the tent

>then the sleeping bags, which serve no purpose other than to add more cushion on top of the sleeping mats.

>then Kate throws me the two rolled wool blankets

>just kinda unroll them and toss them in


>with that all out of the way, we sit for a minute and just admire the beauty of the lake

>listening to nature

>2pm by this point, I propose a walk around the place

>she’s never been here before

>she agrees

>we walk around for a bit, see the sights, eventually end up on the other end of the property

>this happens to be where Colossus, the massive black Belgian horse is, the horse I learned to ride on 2 years prior

>ask if she wants a ride

>she inquires as to the saddle situation

>inform her that we need no such thing, I learned to ride bareback

>”alright” she says, positively beaming

>I help her up, then hop on myself, just behind her

>bitless reins in hand, we trot off, clop-clopping away down the secluded dirt road

>make small talk for a few minutes while she sits in front of me, my right hand gripping the reins and both of her hands on my left

>after a 20 minutes or of riding, I circle around and start back towards the barn, again, it’s just then that my uncle drives up, I wave, he waves back with a smile

>put up Colossus, he’s happy

>we’re all happy

>we walk back to the tent, hand in hand

>it’s 5pm at this point

>the sun is setting across the water

>we get back to the tent

>I take off my shirt and boots

>she takes off her tank top and shoes

>the thought of food crosses my mind

>I pull 2 MRE’s out of the rucksack, as well as 3 bottles of water from the case

>don’t remember what menu item we got, doesn’t really matter, we sit and eat together, holding each other and watching the sunset across the water

>fucking beautyful

>it eventually sets completely, leaving just an orange haze on the horizon

>I lean forward, and zip up the tent flap, leaving just the clear plastic “window” to look through

>take a walmart bag out of the rucksack, take all the trash, put it inside, tie a knot in the loops, ad put it back inside the rucksack

>we lay back, still holding each other

>gaze up at the ceiling of the tent together

>she makes the first move

>climbs on top of me, straddling me, crotch sitting on my thighs

>I sit up, and pin her down with a left hand to her sternum

>I grab her shorts and panties at the top of the crotch with my right, and rip them down, keeping her firmly in place with my left

>get them completely off her legs, and toss them in the corner

>her right hand goes up to my left shoulder, ready to squeeze, a silent understanding

>I spread her legs apart

>pause for maybe 3 seconds, what feels like an eternity to her

>I give her clit the smallest most teeny tiny lick with my tounge

>then I blow on it

>she tenses up and lets out an “auuhghgh” type sound


>(seriously, try it some time, it drives her fucking insane)

>after a little giggle from me, I dive in

>lick or two here, lick or two there

>she tasted amazing

>a tiny bit sweet, kind of like maple syrup

>got to hear everything

>from the gasp she gave when my tongue first touched, to the deep breaths she was taking every time I licked certain spots.

>with every flick of my tongue she gave a tiny-tiny shudder

>the exact reaction you should be looking for

>two minutes maybe

>she squiggled, squirmed and wiggled

>shifted hips back and forth, wrapped toes around my back and dug in with each consecutive orgasm

>pulled me in with her legs, the crooks of her knees hooking my neck closer.

>I started tonguing her clit, and she instantly started squeezing me harder

>thighs, hands, everything working to press my mouth closer

>she tensed up again

>very hard this time, bigger than the prior two or three

>a long, drawn out sigh emanates from her mouth

>an “auughhohhh” type of sound

>thighs tightened up, toes and feet wrapped around my neck and pulled me in

>I sit there for a second, breathing in and out

>then i start up again

>which is followed by a squeeze on my shoulder

>I draw myself away from her, and look at her

>a soft ”s-stop-sensitive” escapes her lips

>I nod my head

>slide up right next to her, pull the grey wool blanket from it’s heap in the corner and over us

>she squeezes me tight

>I do the same

>we hold each other in an embrace for a while

>eventually we slip into a more comfortable position and go to sleep

>wake up around 9am, we went to bed early so that’s to be expected

>first, as always

>we’re still holding each other, face to face

>her long ass hair is in my mouth though

>for fucks sake

>start trying to get it out of my mouth

>while doing so, I try not to wake her up

>key word: try

>she wakes up anyways


>say “good morning”

>get a groan in return


>so damn cute

>say into her “want some breakfast?”

>get a “Mhmm” and a nod of the head


>I reach over and dig out another two MREs

>get 3 bottles of water from the case

>reach over to my jeans and get my swiss army knife out

>slice the bag open

>chilimac, FUCK YEAH

>open the other

>spaghetti with beef in sauce

>make both of them

>love me some coffee instant type II

>I give her a pick between the two

>she chooses spaghetti

>you have no idea what you’re missing out on, but okay

>after we both brush our teeth with a bottle of water, we chow down

>pretty good for pre packed food not going to lie

>after eating, I pull another empty walmart bag out of a pocket on the rucksack

>place all the trash into it

>tie a knot in it and place it back into the rucksack, on top of the other one

>we sit and cuddle for a while afterwards

>pull out my ThinkPad W540 and watch a movie together (in fact I’m typing this story on that exact same laptop right now)

>we’re ready to leave around 10:45

>we peel ourselves apart, I switch out my jeans, boxers, and socks

>we get dressed again, stow away our dirty clothes

>she’s on sleeping stuff duty, I’m on tent duty

>she has all of the sleeping bags, mats, and blankets rolled up and neatly packed away in record time

>I have the tent down in an orderly fashion

>only have to stop and repack it twice so it fits back into its original bag

>for fucks sake

>eventually, through thick and thin we’re ready to leave

>we carry all of the shit back to the truck, toss it back into the back under the camper shell

>I get into the driver’s seat, she sits back in her original place and snuggles up against me again

>concks out again for a while

>that woman can sleep fucking anywhere, any time

>I drive back

>yet again uneventful

>I munch on the last MRE while driving, it’s okay I guess.

>she wasn’t topless this time though, I’m sure the other drivers appreciated the notion

>swear I saw a guy swerve as he went past on our way there

>actually, coming to think of it, that was the only time I can remember that she ever fell asleep not topless


>she wakes up as we arrive back, or maybe she doesn’t, she might’ve been awake the entire time, I couldn’t see her eyes exactly.

>helps me unload the two bags

>I put the last 6 bottles of water in the rucksack, ditch the cardboard and plastic of the case of water

>we unpack everything, put things back into their places

>we snuggle back onto the couch, she’s yet again topless

>I dunno what to say, she just doesn’t like shirts?

>I don’t complain though

>we talk about it, when we’ll go back, how it was fun, etc.

>how we should’ve brought more people


>maybe next time

>I sit and toy with her again

>teasing, tickling, etc.

>after a while, we decide to go out to Ihop

>fuck yeah, pankakes

>100000% better than MREs

>we go there, eat some fire pancakes, play footsie under the table and then go back

>after we get home, we cuddle for a bit, watch a movie, and then take another shower together

>fall asleep around 10pm

>she has to leave in the morning

>I wake up first, I try to give her a nice awakening but she grabs my hand and says “sore”




>tell her “I’m making breakfast”

>get a “okay, I’ll be right down, I gotta use the bathroom” back

>go downstairs, make the same exact thing as yesterday, same procedure and everything

>sleeping beauty walks down the stairs, wearing nothing but her light blue panties

>she eats, goes back upstairs, I follow

>we get dressed like regular

>go back downstairs, and watch some TV on the couch while cuddling and talking

>then her ride arrives, she receives a text and two quick blipps of the horn from the car waiting outside

>she gathers her things, and heads to the door

>I stop her by her wrist

>pull her in for a kiss, must last 15 seconds at least

>and then an equally long hug

>she squeezes

>I squeeze harder

>then she leaves

That’s the end of this story, this is a sequel to the road trip one, the next story I post will be a prequel to this one, taking place between this one and the road trip story. Hope y’all liked reading it!

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