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Campers Delight chapter 1 of 2 by Ratfink

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Camper’s Delight

by TW, aka RatFink

Chapter 1

The tires of the Halisberg’s SUV picked small stones up from the rocky road that led down into Paradise Camp and tossed them relentlessly at the undercarriage of their vehicle. Eli and Ellen loved camping here. As their SUV rumbled down the last leg of the unpaved ranch road a sheer cliff came into view. It served as the background for a long narrow lake that lapped lazily at the shore of a lightly wooded grassy camping area. This camp provided toilets and showers for both sexes. Not quite like ruffing it but the guys found it easier to get the family to come along.

Being early in the week the area that was reserved for tents was mostly deserted. Only a few of the spots with picnic tables and charcoal braziers were occupied. Thankfully, RV’s and those big slow moving doodle bug trailers, had their own area farther down the lake. Far enough that the sound of their generators were barely disturbing the peaceful silence of this part of this beautiful canyon. The Halisbergs chose a fairly isolated site toward the back.

As Ellen hefted the ice chest up onto the picnic table she saw that Eli was already working his magic. As he tossed lures at the lake, he had opened a conversation with a fisherman that they had scene at a camp site not far from theirs. Not too bad a looking guy for his age either, she thought. She wished though he’d turn away from the lake long enough for her to check his basket. Not the basket he had with him for fish. The “basket” she was interested in had the bulge from his dick and balls in it. Outdoors always made Ellen horny. And so did baskets…

“You fish here often?” Eli asked

“Oh every once in a while. So nice to get out of town you know” Joseph answered.

“Your wife’s into camping too?” Eli asked

“Well… she was before she passed on. “

“Oh…. sorry to hear that ” Eli replied, bowing his head respectfully.

“But I’ve got a girlfriend that likes to camp with me when she has time”


“Raven might even be out this weekend too. ” the fisherman announced smiling.

“Hey that’s even cooler.”

“By the way, my name is Joe”.

“Oh yeah. They call me Eli” Eli Halisburg announced.

Both men managed to glimpse each other’s crotch without being too obvious. Joe looked over his shoulder to take a peek at Ellen. “Not bad” he thought, ” Probably a good ten years younger than Eli here”.

“Hey. My wife’s making some sandwiches. Care to join us for lunch?” Eli asked.

“Hey sounds good. I’ve always hated eating alone” Joe replied.

Ellen served lunch wearing high cut shorts that left a bit of the lower curvature of her lovely ass on display. Her blouse, tied just below her breasts, showed a lot of cleavage too. When she served Joe she made sure she bent low enough that Joe could get a look down her blouse and see most her lovely tits. Eli just smiled to himself, knowing what she was up to. She was getting him ready for what they had planned for the night. Eli’s dick started getting hard at just the thought of it. He quickly changed his thought patterns to keep it from growing to a state of obviousness. But it was too late. When he got up to go the camp’s restroom, it still showed some. Ellen caught it out of the corner of her eye and smiled. Joe did too. He began to wonder what these two were up to.

While Eli was away, she really started laying it on Joe. Sitting so close to him that their legs touched, she explained that their marriage included a little hanky panky every once in a while. Just as long as it was just for fun and nothing serious. She could see that it was Joe getting hard now. Brave Ellen grasped him through his shorts and jacked him slowly as she whispered in his ear how he should come around to the back of their tent at 10:30 that night. Eli would be asleep so all he would have to do, if he wanted her to suck him off, would be to slip his dick through the unzipped rear flaps of their roomy army surplus tent. Joe gulped then agreed by shaking his head up and down. This wasn’t the first time Eli and Ellen had played this little game with an unsuspecting camper.

The Coleman lantern burned brightly as Eli and Ellen cuddled side by side in their sleeping bags. Eli slowly jacked his half hard dick as he listened for Joe’s footsteps. An impatient Ellen kept glancing up at the rear tent flaps hoping to see the penis, the nice thick one she had had her hand around earlier, jutting through. Then there they were. Footsteps! And then there it was. A dick of about eight inches, with a slight upward curve, almost two inches in girth. A truly beautiful specimen.

Ellen got to it first. She grabbed it. Just the feel of this man’s thick and ever so hard member in her hand was almost enough to set her off. After running her tongue about its broad ever so smooth head, she took it deeply into her mouth and savored the flavor, bobbing up and down, getting as much of him in as she could without gagging. Eli sucked it in next using his tongue to stimulate the area just below Joe’s slit as his glans rubbed against the roof of his mouth. Joe moaned and began to thrust slowly. Eli was determined to get this guy off. He wanted the taste of his sperm in his mouth and feel it gushing over his tongue so bad.

Ellen took it next. She knew Eli had the best technique so she didn’t keep it long before she gave it back to him. Her jaws were beginning to hurt and she was ready for her share of his sperm anyway.

Eli used his tongue and the roof of his mouth again then added a steady vacuum. Soon, Joe couldn’t take it anymore. On shaky legs he let go, shooting several heavy jets of sperm across Eli’s tongue and into the back of his mouth. Just letting it happen. Letting nature take over and just letting his sperm go. After Joe pulled his now over sensitive dick from Eli’s mouth he watched the two shadow figures on the tent flaps kiss to pass his sperm back and forth.

“Wow that was awesome! And hey I can see you guys. Your shadows are on the back of this tent” Joe laughed “Looked like you two really enjoyed the little present I gave you”.

“It was great!” Eli exclaimed, turning red as a beat.

“And there was nothing little about it!” Ellen added.

“Yeah. I hadn’t popped my cork in several days. Balls were really full. Hey by the way. What are going to do with that boner your stroking there Eli?”

“Um… I don’t know” Eli replied looking at Ellen with a question mark on his face.

“Why don’t you come around and see if you can do something with it Joe?” Ellen asked as she slid back into her sleeping bag.

“You need something too?” Joe asked.

“No. Everything below my shoulders belongs to him” Ellen replied. “and I can take care of myself ” she said with a giggle

“Hey I’m pretty fond of doing that too. And I think I know what we need to do with this here”, Joe said as he came through the front flaps of their tent to settle down, belly down, between Eli’s spread legs.

His lips went right over Eli’s throbbing boner as he wrapped his hand around Eli’s ever so rigid shaft. Eli looked down as Joe’s mouth covered him and began to stimulate him in that wonderful way. This was definitely not Joe’s first rodeo. Eli was moaning and thrusting upward into Joe’s mouth when both of their eyes met. There was a buzzing sound coming from Ellen’s sleeping bag. Joe continued then what he was doing. Working hard to get Eli off. Eli let go the very moment Ellen’s orgasm began. By the time Eli’s ejaculations had stopped, Joe had been well rewarded for his efforts.

Eli and Joe spent the next morning fishing, bringing home several small mouth bass. Joe was cleaning the fish when his cell phone began ringing. It was Raven’s ring so he wiped his hands as well as he could then answered.

“You having fun lover?” Raven asked.

“Oh yes. Met a very interesting couple”.

“The guy is bi and I think she is too”.

“Do you think they would umm… find me interesting?” she asked

“Hey baby. I know they would”.

“Gotta a few more stops to make then I’ll be on my way. Not sure if I can get there before dark though”.

“You know the way. Just be careful. Love ya. I’ll be looking for you gal”

“Can’t wait to meet her. Be there as soon as I can lover”. Raven said.

Raven arrived about dusk. About five foot two with a voluptuous hour glass figure and the blackest hair. She was wearing a short skirt and a tight fitting blouse. She had the most inviting thighs and loved to show them off. The kind that want you to keep looking up farther. She and Joe talked about the possibilities the evening presented. Raven was getting a little wet already and she hadn’t even met Ellen yet.

“Hi” Ellen gulped as she took in Raven’s body.

“Hi Ellen. Hi Eli ” she returned blushing and with a little wave, as she checked Ellen out.

They chatted for bit then, getting to know each other. Raven explained that she worked with children, Child Protective Services. She had had to make several stops that day before she could drive out to the camp. She apologized then for being a little late. It turned out that Ellen worked with kids as well. But as a second grade teacher. She was off for the summer and like Joe, Eli was retired.

“Oh that’s fine” Ellen assured” we’re just glad you could make it.

“Just wish I had had enough time to take a shower” Raven complained.

“There’s showers right up the hill there” Eli announced pointing his thumb back over his head.

“Yeah I know. But it’s getting dark out there. A little too scary for me.” Raven said.

“Hey I’ll go with you. I could use one too” Ellen replied excitedly.

Now it was Joe and Raven’s plan that was in play. As the two women made it up the path to the showers, Raven told Ellen that Joe had told her about the fun they had had the night before. As soon as the girls left, Eli and Joe had their dicks out enjoying mutual masturbation.

“You don’t mind?” Ellen asked, sounding a little concerned.

“No. Not at all. We’re both bisexual and like to satisfy that little urge for sex with the same gender every once in a while.

“Cool. We’re like that too. It’s so rare to meet another couple with same values as ours”.

“No shit!” Raven replied

“Hey. Joe has some really sweet tasting sperm doesn’t he” Raven said giggling again “You should have just swallowed it all”.

“Well I did swallow some. It was delicious” Ellen replied with a smile and a pussy that was getting wetter by the minute.

Raven was quite damp too by the time they got to the women’s showers. Raven pulled her blouse off as soon as they were inside then turned around so Ellen could undue her bra. She removed it then wiggled out of her dress. When Raven turned back around. Ellen gasped at her sexy body. In all of her fantasies, light skinned full figured girls with dark pubic triangles, like Raven, were always standard.

Ellen wasn’t wasting any time. Her thumbs caught both the waist bands of her shorts and her underwear then pushed them down together. Raven helped her with her bra then leaned back against the cinder block wall. When Ellen turned around from getting the hot water going, Raven had her hand between her legs, two fingers inside, and rocking back and forth over her clitoral area.

Ellen moved in on Raven, taking a breast in one hand. The other guiding Raven’s other hand to her crotch. Then she replaced her hand with Raven’s, curling two fingers up into Raven’s sopping wet pussy. They stayed like that, pressed up against each other and kissing, until a mutual orgasm set in. After that, Ellen guided Raven to the diaper changing table where Raven lifted herself to set facing forward with her legs spread wide. Ellen dove on her pussy then, pushing her tongue way up Raven’s hole then bringing it back out over Raven’s clitoris then going back in again. A very light flavor to her secretions and plenty of them made Raven a dream come true for Ellen. Faster and faster Ellen went. She had to have it. Had to have Raven’s orgasm and the flow of juices that would come from it. Raven went off then with a series of eews and aahs that could have been heard all over the camp.

Marsha, flash light in hand, had just turned the corner into the women’s toilet when Raven’s massive orgasm began. She peeked around the wall that divided the showers from the toilets and watched Raven and Ellen trade places. Marsha was wet instantly. After a quick set down on the toilet to take care of what she had come to the bathrooms for, she peeked around the corner to watch for a bit. Then out the door she went then, rushing to her tent. As she passed the Halisburg’s tent something caught her attention. There were moving shadow figures on the canvas side. She moved in closer. It looked like two men. One on all fours then what had to be another figure kneeling behind the first. The one behind was moving rapidly and the unmistakable sound of hips slapping butt cheeks could be heard. The entry flaps were slightly parted at the top so Marsha couldn’t help herself. She quietly snuck up then peaked through. Her jaw dropped when she focused on what she knew she would be in there. A man pumping a rather large penis into another man’s ass! His tightly stretched anal ring would role out, hugging the other man’s dick on the out stroke only to disappear inside again as the man’s thick dick plunged back in.

Marsha froze. She couldn’t move. She watched until the man behind pressed himself hard against the kneeling man’s ass, through his head back and groaned, as he orgasmed. The man on all fours reached a hand back then, and with just a few jerks, began to spew sperm onto the sleeping bag below him. Marsha shuddered in orgasm then tripped twice as she rushed for her tent.

Once there, Marsha quietly stepped over her husband’s feet then took all her clothes off while he snored away. George was not much for sex anymore. It was probably the mixture of pills he took, for his many ailments that killed his libido. And once he was out, he was out for the night. So Marsha had gotten use to taking care of her sex needs herself.

She had ordered an assortment of toys from internet stores and hid them in the bottom drawer of her night stand. Sometimes she would watch porn while George was with his buds at the golf course. Anal scenes had gotten her hot so she had ordered a butt plug kit with small medium and large sizes. Starting with the smallest one she worked her way up to the medium. At this point now, she was able to install the largest one if she took her time working it in. Her other favorite toy was a vibrating dildo that wiggled and had little rabbit ears that stimulated her clitoris in an incredible way. She reached into a large purse and lifted a book that was in the bottom. Under it was her favorite toys and a tube of anal lube.

She lay down on the sleeping bag then painted her index finger with lube. The trip to the ladies room was to make sure she was ready for this kind of activity. She pulled her knees up to her chest then reached between her legs to push the lubed finger into her ass as far as it would go. Then she lubed up her large butt plug and began working it in. At first it hurt some when she got to the widest part but eventually her anal ring relaxed enough for it to slip through. Her sphincter contracted then around the short shaft below, keeping it from popping back out. Marsha got the vibrator in far enough to get the rabbit ears around her clit. She glanced over at George, he was still out like a light, then pressed the buttons. As the thing wiggled and hummed she thought about the two women in the restroom. She came imagining she was playing Ellen’s role then came again imagining she was in Raven’s place. She was panting hard then so she checked George once more. Her sounds and the buzz of the vibrator hadn’t disturbed him a bit. She increased the speed of the rabbit ears and came once more. She removed it then thought about the two men in the tent. She vowed that someday, someway, she would have a big dick like that plunging into her ass, filling her bowels with sperm while another gushed sweet sperm into her mouth.

After a quick cleanup for herself and her toys, with disposable baby wipes, Marsha crawled into her sleeping bag. She was still so hot though she had to use her fingers to get off one more time before she could drift off to sleep. The next day began with a drizzle that soon developed into a steady light rain. Tents were folded, ice chests stowed, etc. The weatherman said to expect it to get worse. Not better. So good byes, kisses and gropes, were exchanged between the Halisburgs and their two new friends along with phone numbers etc. Promises were made as well to get together the following weekend.

Tears formed in the corners of Marsha’s eyes as she watched them drive away. She knew the manager of the camp well. She made up a story about the Halisbergs leaving an expensive flash light under their picnic table and asked if he would call her the next time they were there. This time she swore that she wouldn’t just stand by and watch. She would somehow, someway, be part of the action.

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