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Butt Slaps w/ my hot 18(F) yr old cousin

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Over the past year, my cousin and I have become pretty close. I’m 25(m) and she’s 18(f). She’s a petite, light skin caribbean girl with some asian facial features. In my opinion, she’s smoking hot and she knows it. But outside of the occasional, “you look good today.” I’ve never verbally expressed how attractive I think she is.

For some time now she’s been giving me a few indicators of interest. For example, we’ll make eye contact for longer than normal, she always sits next to me in the family room, and she makes a habit of touching and playfully hitting me. She tends to do the playful hitting when it appears that I’m not giving her enough attention. We also do a lot of hand touching/holding. Mostly friendly cousin stuff until a few months ago when I started giving her light pats on the butt.

At first I wanted to see how she would respond to it. Outside of a light suprised noise, she’s never told me to stop. Over time I started to notice she was almost looking forward to it. She would slow down when she’s walking in front of me or she’ll be bent over a chair with her backside toward me on her phone as I’m walking in her direction. And I take advantage of every opportunity giving her a light pop on the rear end.

As a result of her making it obvious, I started to see how far she’d let me go with it. I started smacking her a bit harder and more aggressive. Then I noticed she stopped wearing jeans when I came over. Only spandex and sweatpants. Now I get a better visual and feel after a good slap.

As time progressed, she made it really obvious. If I hadn’t slapped her ass on a visit, she’ll get on the couch facing the wrong way in a doggystyle position. She’ll mention her butt hurting or some excuse and I’ll raise my arm and give her good slap and caress her cheek for a little bit. Sometimes, instead of walking around the couch to plug in her charger, she’ll climb over it leaning towards the plug leaving her ass exposed over my shoulder for good slap and feel. Again, outside of an audible, “ouch” she appears to be looking forward to it. Some days she’ll even wait by the door as I leave for one final touch.

And, I’m continuing to push the envelope to see how far she’ll let me take it. Aggressive slaps have graduated to now, whenever I notice she’s positioned herself for a slap. I’ll stand behind her, pull her hair, give her a good one and hold on to her ass for a few seconds. I get excited for it, often times biting my lip right before. I’ve even picked her up by her ass allowing her to wrap her legs around me.

With each visit things become more obvious and flirtatious. The past month she started wearing these tiny almost sheer shorts. Now when she’s bending over I’m seeing nothing but her underwear and touching bare ass. During my recent visits, sometimes she’ll be wearing sweatpants or pajama pants, then go change into those skimpy little shorts. So I know she’s putting them on just for me. At this point, I’m slapping, pinching, and caressing her butt 2-3 times a visit.

This past week, she decided to spend time with me wearing a halter top that only covered her breast and her skimpy little shorts. Every playful touch and tickle was on her bare body. My current progression is with every bent over slap, I slide two fingers (ring and middle) lightly against her vagina before giving her ass a good squeeze.

She leaves for college after this summer. And I’m hoping that her and I continue to progress much further before she leaves. I’ll be sure to keep you updated.


  1. Ask her to hang out somewhere else and see how far she’ll let u go!

  2. militaryguy6996 Reply

    Act like you’re going to slap her ass but instead run your hand slowly down the crack of her ass, she’ll either moan or give you the stank eye, either way you can still deny it was sexual

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