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Brother bangs sitter

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I live in a golf course community in california and my mom hired a new babysitter for me and my brother for the summer. My brother is 12 and im 14 but my mom has money to spare so she hired a 19 year soroity freshman from down the street o be our sitter(Stacy). We have a mansion with a pool amd my mom said she wants us to start being more comfortable around girls so not only did she ask Stacy to be our sitter but pitched it by saying she can tan at our pool all she wants.

The first day Stacy arrived I knew it was gona be a long summer. My mom gave her a tour and told her she would be leaving 30$ a day for food and etc. Unlike me my younger brother is the opposite of shy and immediatley asked if we could go swimming as we just opened the pool. Stacy said yes and told us to go pit on our suits, so we ran upstairs to vhange and met her at the pool. While changing my younger brother barged in naked with a full on rager and asked she makes me feel this way too. I was in shock, for the first time in years I just saw my younger brothers dick and it was almost twice as big as mine. He was packing around 6.5/7 inches long but looked even larger one his small 5’6″ frame. Embaressed he would ask to see mine I told him to just get his suit on and meet me at the pool.

When I got down there I couldnt believe my eyes, there was Stacy already laying out on the deck with barley a suit on of thats what you would even call it. She said we will spending a lot of time out here this summer and that she isnt a fan of tan lines or something like that. Then right before my brother got out took her top off reveling the most perfect perky set of tits and said hope you get used to seeing these bc your mom already said its okay. I was in shock not only bc of how hot she was but that I knew how much my brother was geeking over our new summer guest. As he got closer and saw her already making herself at home he immediatley started acting goofy. He started splashing her and playing with her trying to get her to wrestle with him and he got noticably hard when he said he couldnt take it anymore and started to pull them off. She immediatley told him to put them back on but once she saw why and that he wasnt really even hard yet she let out a cute giggle and said oh I thought you had a boner buddy your okay. He then laughed and said no but brother(me) wish he had a boner this big. Stacy then looked at me with the mosy seriois tone and said, is your younger brother really bigger than you? I got defensive since we had just met but she knew I was lying. She said that were gona have to establish and alpha and beta while she was there and that the alpha gets to play and please her everyday while the beta has to do all the chores. My brother then took her bottle of sunscreen and started pumping himself with it to a lead stick and then tossed me the bottle. She stood there in awe saying that theres no way thats possible and that pry half the girls in her soroity pry couldnt even take him. They then laughed at my lack-luster attempt to get hard and she then juat sat him down on the lawn furniture right in front of me and told me to get a bucket of water and towel as she proceded to kiss and like his ear. Then she told me as my first chore I would have to whip the lotion clean of my brother and get him ready for her to make him master. I couldnt believe it, when I got back with the bucket they were kissing passionatley and she even had her hamd on him and kimda held it up for me as I cleaned it. She then told me to sit down and take notes as she polished him clean with her mouth then rode him until she was quivering.

Its been three weeks since shes been coming over now and not a day has passed where my brother and her havent fucked multiple timea and im so kelous of him. Shes so gorgeous and he gets to fuck her everday and I hear it everytime.

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