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Blonde is a warm color – Part 1 by Insomnia1970

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September 10th, 2019:

It’s dark on the streets of Munich. The weather has gotten cold. Not too cold for this time of the year, but cold. I have been wandering the streets for an hour now. Trying to sort my thoughts. People pass me by, tourists, couples, families. Family. My face darkens again. I rub my eyes and take a sharp left turn, since I was walking on one of the main streets, leading to the Marienplatz, Munich’s main square. The noise of the crowd starts moving to the distance. Other than the random car, the sound of the city seems to fade. I reach a bench. I take a seat and take a dep breath. My phone has been vibrating a couple of times in my breast pocket during my walk. I feel paralyzed just at the thought of looking at it, who has messaged me. I look around, as if someone ist watching me. As if someone watched me do…what I did. As if someone will tell everyone what I did….what WE did. Knowing that nothing will spare me from the cruel passing of time, I reach into the pocket and pull out my phone. The screen lights up brightly, hurting my eyes softly. The I see it. Four messages. All by ‘Sabrina’. God. What the fuck did we do, honey, I ask myself. A swipe up reveals the contents of the messages:

1st message: ‘Dad, where are you?’

2nd message: ‘If you are scared, I won’t tell mom or Jessica, anything!’

3rd message: ‘Just for my piece of mind: I don’t regret it’

4th message: ‘I love you dad. Nothing will change that. We’ll talk when you come back, k?’

How can she say that, that she doesn’t regret it? How could’t she? I can’t run away, I have to talk toher, this can’t happen ever again! But I said this the last time. I close my eyes. I see her. On her back. Panting. Her legs spread, Me ramming into her. Our sweat mixing. The feeling of climaxing. Her beautiful green eyes looking deep into mine. And a shaking voice pleading “Yes dad, fuck me, please fuck me!’ I did. That I did.


July 18th 2019:

Work has been relentless. Returning from a trip abroad, I arrive at our house at the outskirts of the city. Nothing special, but a nice, spacious, inviting home. My suitcases follow me on my way to a hot shower, a warm meal and my three gorgeous women. My keys click into place. The lights in the hallway flash up automatically. My gaze centers on a source of light, coming from the living room.

‘Anybody home?’ I call out for at least some attention.

‘Yeah, there are.’ A girly, young voice anwsers my inquiry. Steps are heard coming closer. ‘Hey dad!’ A drop-dead gorgeous, slender, 6”1 foot tall blonde girl smiles at me and approaches, wrapping her arms around me, awarding me with a kiss for each cheek.

‘Hey Sabi. I missed you. Did you get taller?’ I chuckle.

‘Yup, I worked out to become taller. It actually works.’ she responds sarcastically ‘You have to find something new to say when you come back.’

‘Yeah, well, jetlag will do that to you. Where is the rest of our tribe?’

‘Mom ist taking a shower, Jessica ist with her new boyfriend, the second this month.’ Sabrina rolls her eyes.

‘Well, yout little sister is very popular.’

‘Oh, popular she ist. No doubt. How was the trip?’

‘You know, old men, talking about acquisitions, deals and other boring stuff you learn in university. But I got you some presents.”

‘UUhh I love presents!’ Her eyes light up.

‘Just let me bring my stuff upstairs and see your mom, I will give it to you later.’ My hands reach for my bags and suitcase, carrying them to the upper floor.

‘I hope you give it to me!’ Sabrina responds and giggles.

I stand there for a bit, a bit confused by her choice of phrasing, but I continue my Odyssey to my bedroom. The shower is audible in the upstairs hallway. I enter the bedroom, a bathroom is attached to it. I knock on the door.

‘Baby, you there?’

‘OH. Hey, I’ll be right there!’ My wife’s voice is rumbling under the sound of the hot shower, steam ist visible under the narrow slit under the door. A few minutes later, a beautiful, blonde woman in her early 40s stands there. Naked. Her voluptous breast stand firm thanks to a plastic surgeon and a 35th birthday present by me. F-Cup seemed like too much at the time, but seeing them now, the decision feels validated. Her figure is not as slender as our Sabrina, but her curves still drive me crazy after 21 years of marriage. She jumps me and kisses me passionately.

‘I missed you, you idiot.’ I grab her by her volumenous ass and hold her tight against me.

‘Me too.’ I respond and already feel my manhood engorging.

‘Oh baby, I am so horny, the last three days have been miserable. I need it, now!’ Her hands find their way to my pants. I don’t resist, I can’t really. We kiss, our tongues dancing like the days when we first met, just two horny young people. She very quikly finds my cock and pulls it out of its prison. Its semi-hard, but it won’t take long.

‘Laura, Sabrina ist wating downstairs for her present.’ I actually try to get out of this.

‘Just give it to me baby! Quick!’ Laura drops on her knees and starts sucking my dick with a vigor of a thirsty man in the Sahara drinking cold, icy water. I let out a moan and sit on the edge of our kingsized bed. My cock twitches as it reaches its maximum form. My balls firmly press against each site of my shaft. Laura looks at me, her juicy lips spreading her saliva on every inch of my cock. Her piercing blue eyes drive me crazy. She pulls out and smiles.

‘Gosh, it’s so good! No business trips for you, Mister!’

She jumps on me, sliding me into her moist vagina, rubbing me against her pussylips. WIth a quick motion I found myself in Laura. She started moaning softly nad riding me, her hips moving all on their own. Her tits bounce up and down in a heavenly display.

‘Oh fuck! Fuck me you fucker, give it to wifey!’ Her voice got louder

‘Shhh Sabrina will hear us!’

‘She won’t, now fuck me!’

She stops moving. I grab her hips and start ramming into her, rapidly and deep. The pleasure in her eyes has benn the same for all these years.

‘Ah yeah, right there baby, fuck your whore wife!’

I get into it. I forget time and space, there is only her and me. I thrust even deeper, my balls slapping against her ass. I throw her to the bed.

‘On your fours.slut!’ I stand up. Laura oblieges and takes her position, readying for some doggy action. I slide myself back in and slap her ass, grunting and sweating through my suit. We fuck, like horny teenagers. I become dizzy by the whole situation.

‘Yeah, you like that?’

‘YES, I LOVE IT!’ Laura holds her head down on the matress, losing herself in the moment.

‘That’s right take it slut, tak…’ I look to the door, a pait of eyes is watching. The slender blonde girl stands there. Sabrina ist watching on. What the fuck?! I keep fucking Laura, since my body refuses to hold back. Sabrina nods and smiles. She looks on as I fuck her mother.

‘Fuck my ass too baby!’ Laura demands. I hesitate for a moment, not being able to look away from our daughter watching us.

‘Alex! Fuck me up my ass!’ Laura reminds me. I snap out of it and push myself in her third hole. I fuck her hard, Sabrina smiles devilishly, her hand was in her short shorts all this time. Is….she masturbating??? I look at her as much as Laura.

‘Yes, I am cumminf!’ Laura shutters, her legs shake as she orgasms. Sabrina licks her lips as she masturbates standing up in the half dark. She puts her finger on her mouth and leaves, not before licking her fingers. She winks at me and vanishes in the dark. I cum. I grunt as I pump white matter into my wife. Not knowing why I came, fucking my wife or from my 20 year old daughter witnessing us fucking…and masturbating?

We come down. Laura showers again and invites me under the shower. She hugs me as hot water rains down upon us. She is saying something, but I can’t pay attention to her. My mind is racing.


September 10th 2019:

A car is honking, i jump up. Back in reality. Back in the Now. Was that the first time she saw us? Or was it the tenth time? I don’t know. But that has to be how it started. The phone rings. A call. Is it Sabrina? No…Jessica. I anwser.

‘Yes, darling?’

‘Heyyy daddy! Hey, can you pick me up, I don’t feel to well’

‘Sure honey, where are you….ok, I’ll be there in 15 minutes, yeah?’ I hang up, she sounded drunk. What else is new? Since turning 18, she has not really stopped partying, not that she didn’t before. Anyway, I should get my youngest daughter and go back home, face the music. Who would have thought how this night would end.

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