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Black girl learns her place on a bus from Alabama

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It was a hot summer night and I was traveling from Alabama to Georgia on a Greyhound bus. I was attending college in Atlanta and was ready to get back to school. The bus was pretty packed that evening. I boarded the bus and found that the only seat available was a window seat in the back of the bus next to a white man who was resting with his baseball cap pulled down over his face. I tapped him on his arm and asked if I could slide in. He pulled his hat back and gave me a real firm look and reluctantly move so that I could be seated.

Once seated, he gave me a real firm dirty look that pierced through my skin and pulled his hat back down. I noticed that he had a confederate flag on his tee shirt and belt buckle. Being a black girl, I quickly became uncomfortable. I was raised in a small town in Alabama and I was always taught to not look a white man in the eyes. Nervously, I drew closer to the window and attempted to get some rest.

About an hour passed by and we came to a quick stop. Both he and I got off the bus to go enter the store to use the restroom. Even though I had on a short halter dress, the bus was sweltering so I decided to purchase a cold soda with ice. I was the last to board the bus.

As I approached my seat this time and asked to slide in, the white man wasn’t as kind as he was when I asked him to let me in before. With an evil mean voice, he told me I had to climb over him to get to my seat this time. I was reluctant but did not want any trouble so I attempted to climb over him. As I got halfway over, he slid his hand up my dress and stroked my pussy. I quickly got over and pushed against the window. He chuckled and pulled his hat back down and the bus begin to move along.

About 45 mins passed and I had dosed off. The bus was dark and mostly everyone was asleep when I awaken to a strange touch on the back of my head. When I turned my head, I saw the man stroking his penis with one hand while the other rested behind my head. He was staring at me with a dirty firm look. Without any warning, he grabbed a hand full of my hair and pulled me close to him, and whispered, “you know what to do nigger”. I gave him a puzzled look so he pulled my hair harder and proceeded to shove my head on his big white cock. I was disgusted but more afraid to resist a white man. I open my mouth and allowed him to enter. With a deep firm voice, he told me to snuck his big white cock and I had better catch every drop of cum when he decides to allow me to taste his pure white juices. I sucked as hard and as fast as I could. He was using so much force that I could hardly breathe. He spent at least 10 mins fucking my mouth as hard as he could. Suddenly he released and I swallowed all his cum. I waited for him to remove himself from my mouth before I attempted to sit up. He finally released my hair, zipped his pants and leaned over, and told me that I was a dirty nigger and I deserved to be used. He then pulled his hat back down and went to sleep.

About 15 minutes later, I really had to use the restroom so I slowly tried to step over him without him noticing. Once I got halfway over, he woke up and grabbed my pussy real hard, and asked where I was going. The pain rushed through my body so badly that it was hard for me to get the word restroom out. He told me that I had one minute to go and get back. I hustled down the aisle quickly. In the restroom, I found that I was sloppy wet. I was so ashamed that I allowed myself to become excited by being abused by a strange racist white man. I wiped myself and quickly returned to my seat.

When I was walking back to the seat, I noticed him talking to the white girl across the aisle. As I approached our seat, he rose and switched seats with the girl. When I attempted to get to my seat, she looked up at me and told me to climb my nigger ass in my seat because I was going to suck and clean her pussy since she had become hot watching me swallow white cock. I sat down and she immediately spread her legs, moved her panties to the side, and told me to get started. With the white man staring firmly at me from across the aisle, I was afraid to resist. I leaned over and started to lick her white pussy. It was shaven and had a musty smell to it. I had never been with a girl so I didn’t know what to do. I slowly licked the juices from the outside of her lips. All of a sudden, she yanked my head up and told me to suck her pussy and stop licking like a dumb nigger kid. I did as I was told and started sucking her creamy white pussy. The more I sucked, the harder she begin fucking and grinding on my face. This went on for about 5 mins when she finally came in my mouth. I gently licked all her juices from her pussy crack to the crack of her ass. Once completed, she told me to look her in her eyes which I did, she then spit on my face and pushed me out of her way.

She got up and switched seats with the man and I returned close to my window. About 10 mins later, I felt his hand slide up my dress and grab my pussy as hard as he could. I was about to scream when he quickly put his hand over my mouth and told me to sit still. He then proceeded to shove 2 and then 3 of his fat fingers between my legs. He was shoving so hard that I immediately became moist. he leaned over and whispered in my ear that I was now his nigger slave and I will do whatever he tells me to do between Alabama and Georgia. He asked me if I understood and I nodded yes. He proceeded to fuck my pussy hard with his fingers for about 2 more minutes then all of sudden stopped, pulled his hat down, and feel asleep.

About 30 minutes later we stopped in another town, he jumped up and prepared to exit the bus. I decided then that I wasn’t going to exit the bus. When he realized I was still seated he returned and leaned over with a deep firm voice and told me to get up Nigger and get off the bus. I was afraid to resist so I got up and followed him off the bus. He didn’t enter the store, instead, he walked to the side of the building and motioned for me to follow. He was a white man so I did as I was told. As soon as we turned the corner, he turned and slapped the shit out of me which landed me off my feet and on the ground. He immediately unzipped his pants, climbed on top of me, and began to brutally fuck me. He had one hand over my mouth and the other on the ground to offer him support as he thrust in and out of me. He fucked me rough and hard for about 5 minutes. Then with one deep hard thrust, he released his load deep in my swollen wet pussy. He stood up and told me to crawl to him and clean him up which I did. I licked his ball and cock clean. When he felt clean he pushed me to the side zipped his pants, and told me I had 5 minutes to go in the store clean up, and get my nigger ass back in my seat. He then spits to the side and left me in the dirt. I quickly jumped up and went into the store. I was too afraid to tell so I cleaned up, brought a soda, a pack of gum, and cookies, and got on the bus.

As I approached my seat, I noticed the girl had departed and two older white men who were seated up front had now moved to the back across the aisle from us talking to the white guy. I immediately got a bad feeling in my tummy. I approached the seat and without asking the white guy stood up to let me in. I should have known something was wrong right then. As I was moving in to sit down, he whispered in my ear you are my nigger bitch, don’t forget that. As I sat I noticed he switched seats with one of the older white men across the isles and they continued to talk. I pushed as close to the window, fearing what might take place. I didn’t look at them and refused to pay them any attention.

We were 20 minutes into the ride when I felt a firm grip on my leg and than two fingers on my pussy. I was afraid to turn around and look. I just sat there as this strange old white man played with my pussy. He started on top of my panties then he eased his finger under my panties and shoved them into my pussy. he then grabbed my head and turned it to him and said, you like those white fingers in your dark pussy don’t you nigger. I didn’t respond so he grabbed a hand full of my hair pulled me close to his face and asked me again, you like those white fingers in your dark pussy don’t you nigger. My head was in such pain so I answered yes sir. He then proceeded to force two additional fingers into me. He was fucking my pussy hard and rough. I wanted to scream but I knew the white man was watching. I spread my legs wider to ease the pain. That only got him more excited. He grabbed the back of my head and shoved me down on his cock. His was smaller than the other guy so I did what I knew I was supposed to do and sucked his cock as hard as I could. He immediately came and shot his entire load down my throat. He released me, patted me on my head, and told me I was a good nigger that was worth the money he paid. He zipped up and switched seats with the white man.

Once in his seat, the white man pulled me by the hair over to him and told me I was a nasty nigger whore slave and he wanted to beat me right there for enjoying another white man. He then spits in my face and pushed me with force up against the window. I was so afraid to look back. About 15 minutes later, I turned and noticed he was asleep. I was relieved and decided to relax. I was so happy to see we only had one more stop before Atlanta.

About an hour later, the bus pulled into a small town in Georgia. The white guy immediately woke up and told me to get ready to get my Nigger ass off the bus. I was really afraid because he went to sleep upset. We exited the bus and just like the last time, I followed him to the side of the building. This time we weren’t alone. The other old white man seated across the aisle was following behind. As soon as I turned the corner white guy grabbed me by my hair and forced me to my knees. He unzipped his pants and told me to suck his cock. He began fucking my face so hard I begin to cry. He told me to look at him while I sucked him which I did and it made him fuck my mouth harder. He all of sudden stopped and told me to get on all fours. The ground was dry dirt and my knees were bare. He didn’t care. I did as I was told and he mounted me like a dog and begin fucking me hard as hell. He yanked my head back by my hair and motioned for the old man to join. He immediately walked up to me, unzipped his pant, and shoved his already erect cock down my throat. He begin fucking my mouth harder than the white guy had just done. Just when I thought the older white man was about to cum, he pulled out and told the white guy he paid for pussy too. The white guy pulled out and told me to mount the older white guy but face him. I did as I was told. The older guy was bucking and fucking me as hard as he could. The white guy walked up to me and slapped me across the face and told me I had better not enjoy that white cock in me. I shook my head to agree and he grabbed my head and proceeded to fuck my mouth hard. All of a sudden the older guy shot his load in me and the white guy told me to get up because we could finish on the bus. I was limp but managed to get up and go straight to the bus.

Before the bus could take off the white guy was down my throat fucking my mouth as hard as possible. He finally came, pushed me off of him, and went to sleep. *To be continued

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