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Best sex ever

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I fucked my dads best friends daughter her senior year of hs. I’m 2 years older than her and she came down for a weekend to stay with me. I was in college and back at my parents house that weekend. They didnt really care for her and thought she was white trash. My parents were super strict with having girls over, and absolutely did not allow sleeping together or anything like that. So they said she had to stay in the spare room on the main floor and I had to sleep in my bed upstairs. We went to a concert friday night with some of my friends anD my buddy came back to my house. I went downstairs and waited for my mom to go to bed. Then I went to the spare room and told her I had to be back in the basement before my dad woke up…ended up getting woken up by my dad shaking me as my mom stood in the doorway of the spare room while I was spooning dad ripped back the sheets and saw us both butt naked and kicked us out. I remember that night the second I got inside her she said your mom would be so fucking pissed at me to see what I’m gonna do to you.

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