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Being that slutty girl I never thought I’d be! [26F]

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I was raised by very strict traditional parents and was shy and prudish about sex for the longest time. Even when I got to college it took me a while to open up (lol), I was still a good girl focusing on my studies at first. I got more and more curious though and I had a high sex drive and started masturbating and exploring my body more…watching more porn online…getting so so turned on by girls being slutty and getting used like a sex toy by men, blowjobs and road head and facefucks and cum all over and inside…I was turning into such a kinky horny little slut, I just hadn’t had sex yet!

Then I went on my semester abroad. And for the first time I felt totally free like no one at all knew me here. The way I was raised I always cared too much about reputation etc. But now and with all that horny build up I finally let loose and started living my best slutty life. Still super shy at first but soon enough I lost my virginity to a guy I met at a welcome party. It was amazing, to finally be having sex when I had only imagined it for so long!

I was far from slutty yet though just having vanilla sex with one guy…But just a few weeks after I went clubbing with these super fun outgoing girls I met in class, and I got super tipsy and made out with two guys and ended up going home with another guy who said he lived close. I felt like I was finally being so irresponsible going home with a stranger I just met…sucking his big dick and getting fucked all weekend. I was addicted. I downloaded Tinder and went on dates and sucked a guy in his car, I got so wet finally being like the girls I watched in porn…

The climax of my slutty education was with an older guy who I actually met at a university event. We got to talking at the mixer and he was super flirty and clearly super into me, asking a lot about my background, complimenting me.. He was a prof in the faculty though not one of mine. But former me would never have gone for a guy so much older, let alone a professor!

But now slutty me…well…I loved the attention, I loved him sexualizing me, I loved bouncing on his big hard dick in his office and calling him daddy, I loved when he didn’t pull out in time and flooded my slutty pussy with his thick sticky older man’s cum, I loved having to go get plan b the morning after because I had risky unprotected sex with this man. I was his good little slut the rest of my time there, and fulfilled all the cliches of dressing up as a schoolgirl and sucking his cock under his desk and more…I was such a happy stupid slut

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