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Being a receptionist has been lucrative for my stripping job

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School wasn’t really my thing. After I graduated high school, I moved and went to college. But I only lasted a year before dropping out. Instead of moving back home, I just stayed and picked up some random jobs to pay for rent and live. You know waitressing, bartending, that sort of stuff. Eventually I went to a strip club, and became a stripper (family did not approve), but the money was so much better. I guess you can say that I’m pretty, and I’ve never been shy about my looks. So I guess it works out.

Where I lived and worked is kind of a smaller town. It’s not a mega city, and it’s not rural. Just like a normal town. So it’s not uncommon to run into someone you know, when you’re running errands or whatever. So when I’m dancing at the strip club, I would often see some regulars, or people I’ve run into around town. Over time, you get friendly with them, you know you have to talk about something when you’re half naked and grinding on a guy’s lap. The girls in the club could get away with anything, so I’ll admit that I’ve provided some ‘extras’ to the guy patrons, in the back rooms.

So one night, I’m chatting with this regular patron. We’re BSing, and I was complaining that I have no medical benefits at the club, and I had a ton of medical bills. Well the conversation went on, and he suggested that I apply for this receptionist job at his job. Fuck yeah I’ll apply. It’s an easy job and having benefits would be a game changer for me. So in the next few days, he gets me an interview, and I get the job at Tom’s workplace. The pay isn’t that great, but whatever, I’ll continue to make money dancing at the club.

The company is like this construction supply warehouse. Think lumber and forklifts. It caters to contractors and businesses, so it’s not really like Home Depot. But it’s like a very blue collar warehouse type of workplace. I’m literally the only girl working at the place. Anyways, my first day, I’m being given the tour of the place, and I guess because the town is on the smaller side, I recognize some of my new coworkers – as patrons of the strip club. Awkward… but funny at the same time. After the initial ‘Don’t I know you from the club?’ chat, we all laugh and joke and stuff. All good here.

The job itself is really easy. Answer phones, do some clerical stuff, whatever. Basically look pretty and do easy shit. I’m pretty sure that they hired me to be eye candy and to look at me all day. Again, I’ve never been shy, so all good. The warehouse is not really managed well at all. So it’s kind of a free for all. So I’m working both jobs. This receptionist job in the day, and at the strip club on the busy night shifts. And yes, once I started working at the warehouse, I found that I saw more and more of my coworkers starting going to the strip club. At first, I thought it was creepy. But I got over it, if they’re cool with it, then I’m cool with it.

It was kind of funny – I’m working as the receptionist. Dressed in office attire. And one of the guys says, “Hey are you working tonight?” Yeah, my shift starts at 8. “Ok, I’ll swing by and see you there, BTW, can you file this for me?” Something like that. Later that night and I’m working at the club. I see that same guy. But I’m literally standing in front of him in a g-string, heels and a bikini top. As I’m trying to get him to buy a dance, he is grabbing my ass or fondling my boobs. Then after I’m done giving him his dance, he says “Hey, I’ll see you tomorrow morning!” I can’t tell you how many coworkers I’ve given lap dances to, or blown, or fucked.

So I’m settled in at the receptionist job. And it’s actually been a boon for my stripping. Not so much my coworkers – that initial novelty may have worn off, but it still is busier than before. But more so with the customers that come in. Like I said, the warehouse caters to those blue collar contractor types. The same kind of guys more likely to go to a strip club. So when these contractors come in, as the receptionist, I’m the first person that they see. After I answer their business question, they would sit in the lobby waiting. I’d offer them some coffee, and I come out from behind the desk and I almost strut in front of them to the coffee area. So I’m wearing like yoga pants and heels. Or a skirt and low cut top. Again, I’m the eye candy. And almost always, they’re checking me out. As the coffee is brewing, and if they didn’t already recognize me, I’d bring it up “Hey, your face looks familiar, do I know you from somewhere?” Then the conversation turned into the strip club or whatever. It’s just so easy. Then I’d see them at the club, and I wind up giving him a dance.

I didn’t want to get in trouble, or anybody else in trouble. So I asked my warehouse boss, hey is this cool? Some of your warehouse customers are my patrons at the club. One day they’re buying lumber, that night their hands are over the receptionist’s naked body. The boss didn’t really give a fuck. He basically said that since I started working, business has soared. Apparently all else being equal, the contractor customer would rather bring his business to the place that has the hot receptionist. Flirt and wear whatever you want! Just don’t fuck the customers at the warehouse. I later gave the boss the most incredible lap dance at the club. I learned that he has a thing for hard nipples, hard enough to poke through your top. That’s all he would do. As I sat on his lap, he would pinch my nipples to make them as big and as hard as possible.

So yeah, that’s my situation. It’s weird knowing your coworkers fetishes or kinks. Or customers, what they’re into. Guys will tell strippers anything. But yeah, it’s kind of weird, but hot at the same time, when I’m back being a receptionist. I probably missed some details or raunchy stories. I’m not a good writer here, so feel free to ask me a question or whatever.


  1. MissKath96 Reply

    It’s not a life I could live, but it hits me in just the right spot. There’s something very hot about that not-so-secret double life! And well written too, don’t worry about that! ??

  2. Save money, buy a house for security, your beautiful youth will one day fade. Or focus your priority in finding a wealthy & kind 30+ gentleman while you have the power over your mating relationship. That will change drastically when you turn 30

  3. Good for you! I am glad to hear that you are happy!

    My only piece of advice is to never date anyone at your work. It will get messy if you do so.

  4. Pr1nc3ss3812 Reply

    This double life sounds fucking amazing, Lowkey I wish?

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