Erotic Stories

Before football practice. 16m at time but now 25m

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So I had an older girlfriend in high school I was 16 and she was 18 and before football practice we had went over to her place to blow off some steam. She literally tore my pants open to start sucking my balls and teasing me with your hand. Before I got too close I picked her up (she was tiny and I’m 6’5 and decently built) and put her on the kitchen counter then I took her pants and purple thong off but kept her pants around her ankles and spread her legs so she could comfortably keep her legs around my shoulders. While circling my tongue around her clit I got it my hands up her chest and proceeded to choke her while my other hand teased her nipples. After she came a considerable amount of times I had the bright idea to use a couple belts and tie her up against her staircase and doggy style. I proceeded to enter her while pulling her back tightly after a good while I decided to use the fluid that was running down her legs to moisten my finger and enter it into her ass while pushing down against my cock as I thrusted upwards. After driving both of us crazy I finally let Lou came inside and rubbed her clit until she came again.

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