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Becoming an adult, courting pt.1

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This is another story, what happened after my dad made me know everything there is to know about women.

A week passed since I saw Carla and Monica. I missed Monica, but my dad hinted they were not coming back anytime soon. “That’s life for us son” he said, “we have good time, than they go back to their life, and we look for the next adventure. Don’t lock yourself to one woman, she will break your heart. Keep an open mind and heart, and enjoy as much as you can.”
Real optimist, my dad, yea, thanks for the advice…

Anyway I was getting horny. Jerking started to bore, I wanted a woman, warm body against mine to be satisfied.

I sat in class one Monday, bored and horny, and started to look at the girls around, wondering to myself which of them had popped her cherry already, and who would stay a virgin and become a cat lady…

There were the popular girls, pretty, smart, rich, ofcourse I wanted them, but they were also snotty bitches, I was kind of afraid to try taking to them.

But on the table near me sat ginger. Nobody remembered her name, everyone called her Ginger, because she was, well, ginger. Not really red headed, light brown is more precise, but with the right lights she could be considered redhead. She didn’t have freckles, and her face were quite pretty, but she was a bit chubby, not really fat, but not slim, and she wasn’t one of the popular bitches. I suddenly thought to myself why not?

“Hey Ginger” I whispered to her, she turned to look at me, I don’t remember when we actually talked before, she couldn’t too. “Hey Ginger” I continued, “you know what I like about you?” “What” she whispered back, getting ready to some dumb joke she heard a million times before.

“Everything” I said “I just love the way you look”. She turned red, and I could see the ginger in her.

“So…” I made my move. “Wanna hang out later?” She nodded yes! All red! I got so horny looking at her that way!

Endless 5 minutes after the bell finally rang. We grabbed our stuff and headed out, to the break. I waited to Ginger. “I wasn’t joking” I said, “I do like the way you look. Wanna hang out?” She got red again, but I reached out my hand to her, and she took it.

Now what am I suppose to do? What do I talk about with a girl I just want to undress and fuck?

But Ginger knew. She took me to the stairs, where instead of going up ot out, she went down. There was nothing there, I thought, just piles of old chairs and tables nobody needed. Turned out its the perfect place, no one going there, we had quite and privacy.

We sat on a table and Ginger pulled out a sandwich, “I am hungry” she said, and started biting it. I just glareg at her for 10 seconds, before ahe stopped and asked nervously “what?”
“Oh, don’t mind me,” I said “I am just waiting a crumb will fall to your chest, so I can remove it”
She had a nice chest, she wasn’t flat like most girls in our class, she already started wearing a bra, and boy how I want to see it bare!

She got a notty look in her eyes, I suddenly saw they were green, “is that so?” She half asked, and unbuttoned the two top buttons of her shirt, revealing her cleavage, I felt I was going to hit the top floor. She kept eating, and I reached and petted her cleavage. “Oops” I said “crumbs all over you…” I grabbed her boobs shamelessly, felt her nipples hardening as I touched. She knitly folded her sandwich back to her bag, unfinished. “Now look what you have done!” She said half smiling, “I can’t finish my sandwich! Clean up the mess!”

I got closer to her, grabbing her boobs, feeling her nipples, I went even closer, she looked at me, not really knowing what is going on, I kissed her. A quick one at first, she wasn’t ready, as I pulled out she was out of breath and totally red in the face, but she took a breath of air, and we kisses again. Real kiss, my tongue forcing it way to her mouth, untill finally I felt hers, sending electricity all over my body, and by her reaction, she felt it too. She hugged me, I was holding her tits, and we kissed, it felt like time stopped moving.

Unfortunately it didn’t, and the bell rang to remind us this sad fact. We broke up, she was breathing hard as she fixed her clothes, I was trying to hide my boner.
“Next break” she promised me as we headed back to class.

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