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Armpit Fantasy Comes to Life

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Last Friday night he walked in my office and a fantasy soon came to life for me. I could tell he just wanted to meet me and was shy, so he asked if his account was paid up to date. I then got his name — Darren — and pulled up his account and told him all was paid up. I told him that my name was Jim and to have a seat and relax a minute. He was almost a perfect 10 to me: 18, 6’1″ 165# black hair, brown eyes smooth defined swimmers chest, legs, only hair under the arms and around balls. I’m a bit smaller and skinnier than him being 5’10” and 145#, but I always liked slightly bigger and heavier guys.

He was sweating big time and I was getting so hard I was embarrassed to stand up. To my surprise he asked me, “What do you do after you get out of here?” I, on impulse, said, “I have no plans and would like to see you.” His eyes lit up and said, “Cool!” I told him, “I will be done in 15 minutes and that if you want to work out a few more minutes, I will just leave with you.” He came back to my office after 15 minutes all hot and sweaty and said, “Can you wait for me to shower?” I told him, “If you want, you can use my shower since I only lived two blocks away.” He liked this idea as I could see it in his eyes. I liked it because I could then be near his hot sweaty body before he showered.

We then left together and within a couple minutes were inside my entrance with the front door now closed. We kinda just stared into each others eyes for a minute before both of us at the same time kinda grabbed each other and started hugging and kissing each other. We both kinda let our feelings out that we had been holding back for over a week now. After our embrace, I was very hard and somewhat wet from his drenched body. I took him into my room and showed him the bathroom.

When he removed all his wet and sweaty clothes, I told him, “Please don’t shower yet.” With a confused look in his face he asked, “Why?” I told him, “Your sweat turns me on and that I want to lick you all over and enjoy it.” This fetish of mine seemed to really turn him on. He said, “Cool; get naked and lets get in bed.” I immediately stripped my clothes and he grabbed me and pushed me towards my bed. He realized that he was bigger, taller and stronger than me and kinda got off on that thought of being able to dominate me. He got on top of me in bed and I started to feel my hands all over his sweaty body and then into his armpits. I then pulled my wet hand out and rubbed some of the sweat on my nose and mouth to taste and smell. I immediately became harder than a rock and in ecstasy.

He became even more excited when he saw how much I got off on his armpit sweat and smell. He became more aggressive and then grabbed my head and stuck it under his right arm and pressed real hard so my face, nose and mouth were locked firmly in his pit. I couldn’t breath that much or get my tongue out too much but just enough to nearly cum while tasting, absorbing, and smelling this 20year olds manly sweat. I never felt more erotic and helpless at the same time.

As I continued to suck his armpit, he was wacking his 7″ thick meat as it really turned him on having a man armpit slave at his full control. The more I got into his smell and taste, the more aggressive and hornier he became. After sucking his right armpit for a long time, he pulled my head back by pulling my hair, while sitting upright in the bed and quickly pushed my skull into his left armpit and said, “Suck that one dry for a while, you little slave bitch,” and then pushed my face and nose sooo hard into it I thought he was going to break my neck. His strong force made my body almost shimmer in ecstasy being in total control of this sweaty smelly 20year old smooth jock.

His left armpit tasted even stronger and seemed to have a stronger odor too. Again I filled my nose and mouth with as much sweat and odor that I could manage while I was throbbing at the same time — almost ready to cum without even being touched. I could feel his 7″ throbbing too occasionally hitting my stomach as I was crouched down in front of him with my head under his armpit as he kinda sat up in bed. He seemed to be sweating more than ever now as it was kinda warm in the room. When he pulled my hair and head from his left armpit, I asked him, “Do you want it cooler in the room?”

He said “No, I want you to consume more of my sweat you punk slave” I went and turned up the heat a tab to make him sweat even more so I could please my 20year old master jock. I brought in water for us to drink. He grabbed me by the neck and said, “Only I drink the water, slave; you only can drink fluids that come from my body.” I enjoyed him with the look of anger in his eyes as he though I was going to drink water. He said to me, “If you really get thirsty I will piss down your mouth.” I loved hearing him say that to me while he still had me in a clench around my neck. I was completely in his control, or was I? I then started to think about this potion some strange old lady sold me a while ago in New Orleans. She said that if I drank this, I would shrink down to about 8-10″ high. I told Darren about this potion I had and what it would do to me but that I was almost afraid to take it to not knowing how long it would last and all. He immediately got up out of bed and grabbed me by the neck and made me stand up next to him.

He said “You will get this potion now and drink it all in front of me”. I told him I was scared and wasn’t sure if it was a good idea. He then, standing behind me, wrapped his muscular sweaty arms around my body and started to squeeze so hard I started to cry out in pain. I couldn’t break free from his much larger and stronger frame and body. He said, “Get it now and drink it my little slave.” I kinda enjoyed the idea of being under his armpit when I’m only 8-10″ tall and a drop of sweat then would be equivalent to a tablespoon or more of liquid, so I could really actually drink in his sweat and fill my stomach with his armpit sweat and smell. I said, “Okay,” and went to get the potion and then emptied the bottle in front of him, drinking every last drop!y stomach must have been nearly full as I sucked and drank so much of his armpit sweat.

My hair was so soaked from his sweat and aroma it was dripping. He then pulled his arms out stretched them along the back of the bed post while he was half sitting up. I fell from his armpit an he then picked me up and put me on the middle of his sweaty chest. I was just above his throbbing 7″ cock which he was jerking quickly. It was difficult for me to climb up his chest to his nipple since he was kinda sitting up and sweaty too. He felt my little hard on against his stomach and then pick me up and said “You’re going to jerk off with me slave”. I didn’t know what he had in store but was extremely excited at what ever he had in mind

. He took my naked 9″ tall body, put me up to his mouth and spit a big saliva ball on me which complete coated me from head to toe with this thick and sticky wetness. I had to wipe my nose clear as the saliva was so thick, I couldn’t breath. He grabbed my saliva soaked body and wrapped it around his throbbing 7″ cock and started to slide me up and down his giant shaft. I could barely put my arms all around the diameter of his giant cock. His speed increased as my naked squeezed body was wrapped around his cock going up and down furiously. I felt my hard little cock rubbing up and down against this giant cock surrounded by his saliva smell and sweat smell as I couldn’t hold my cum in any more and came against him as he was jerking me up and down his shaft at what seemed like incredible speeds. He had no idea that I just had cum as he was sweating, moaning and jerking furiously, about to cum himself.

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