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Alone with my jerk bud -Series!- [Part 2]

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This is part of a series detailing my experiences with my jerk buds! I would suggest reading the other parts for context, but it’s not a necessity

I put my hands on my hips and just as slowly shimmied my ass out of the tight shorts, showing off my ass to him. I left my shirt hiked up so he could see me as I walked back to my chair. My six inch cock was clearly visible pressed against my tight silky thong, with the head poking out from the left side of the panties. He averted his gaze slightly when he noticed I could see him watching me, but he still looked at me as he stroked and told the story. I sat down, and pulled my bare feet up towards my inner thighs; The soles of my feet almost flush with the chair seat. My knees fell to either side, resting on the armrests of the chair, and my back pushed against the chairs backrest. This kind of modified butterfly-stretch position left my pantie bulge fully exposed to my bud, who sat slightly off a direct line of view. The frigid metal seat beneath me tightened the skin under my feet. The constant dull sting of cold against my ass acted as a reminder that we were outside, and anyone could’ve seen my baby smooth ass walk across his balcony.
“Then, we tried this shit I saw in a porn” he continued his story lustfully.
He grabbed his phone and started to type something into what I assumed to be pornhub. He reached over and scooted my chair closer to his. As he did, he pulled down his sweat pants down to reveal his much bigger bulge which pulled at the fabric of his boxers so hard it looked like his dick might tear a hole in his underwear. We sat shoulder to shoulder as the video started on his phone.

I reached down, and pushed three fingers against the side of my cock, pinning it between my panties and the left side of my groin/upper thigh area. I started making a circular motion with my fingers pulling the outside of my dick up and down. I started masturbating like this over the summer…I started masturbating ~like a girl~ over the summer. Once he saw me do this, it took all but 30 seconds for him to pull his cock out entirely. We stroked as we watched some pretty rough bdsm play out on screen. He would describe how the scenes played out for him, and the actors on screen did the same moves. I went back and forth between watching him stroke and watching the guy on screen, who I imagined was my bud, performing heinous acts on his girlfriend. My breathing got heavy and I couldn’t hold back as wispy, desperate moans began escaping my mouth. “Mmm fuuuck”. He said with an aching drawl. I watched him squeeze the base of his cock as hard as he could. He leaned slightly forward as precum dripped from his tip. With the same pressure he slowly pulled up on his cock squeezing more pre-cum out, leaving his head glistening. When he let go, his dick didn’t drop an inch. It stood just as high, and stuck out just as far. He stood up next to me, his cock just below my head level. I got a better view from here. I could see a vein that wrapped from the side of his base, down to the bottom an up his shaft was. He must’ve had a lot of blood flowing to his cock because I’ve never seen more dilated veins on a dick. He stood there for a sec and I watched as it twitched, throbbing in pain. He grabbed his phone off the table “let’s go watch this on the big screen” he said with a heated tone.

I stood up and walked in front, with him close behind me. I noticed my shorts on the ground and got an idea. I stopped abruptly and immediately shifted onto my tippy toes. He must’ve really not seen it coming because he crashed into me hard enough for me to fall forward. I felt his stiff dick poke me pretty hard near the inner ass cheek. I felt it bend, then swiftly give as the slick from his precum slid his cock into place between my cheeks. It quickly slid up my crack, into my shirt and rested on the small of my back. As I was falling, he reached out and caught me, grabbing the space just below my chest. We regained balance and I pushed my weight backwards, feeling his balls squish against my cheeks. As I dropped out of tippy toes, I felt his tip pat my back, leaving a glistening little cum kiss as he took a step back.

“You okay?” He asked a little worryingly
“Yeah you gotta watch where you’re going” I giggled back

I bent down to grab my shorts. I felt cool air on my hole as my cheeks spread. I took enough time to let him see the cum smears he left on my booty. I stood back up and joked
“Time for the big screen entertainment”.

He reached around me to open the door, getting close as he did. Sounding dazed he replied.

“Yeah, time for-that”

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