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Almost came while sitting around during quarantine

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I (22F) literally have been SO horny for the past few days! Ugh. I have COVID, so I’ve been quarantined for over a week because I’m still sick. Of course, this fell on the days leading up to my period, which is always the time of the month that I’m super horny. Over the last couple months, I’ve worked my pre-period-horniness out by going to a bar and just fucking the first random guy who puts in the effort, but I can’t do that right now.

Anyways I just wanted to share that I’ve almost came a few times while just sitting in my bed doing nothing. That’s how horny I am. Idk, maybe that’s normal, but it’s never happened to me before. I’m usually pretty chill. Instead, I’ve been masturbating soooo much, like just abusing my vibrator.

The only reason I’m sharing this is because it really turns me on to share this with another person. Please comment if you read this. The thing that would turn me on most during quarantine would be sending nudes, for some strange reason, but I have no one to send them to right now. And not that it matters, but I swear I’m not as slutty as I sound. I’m just way hornier than normal right now. Well anyways, this isn’t the intention of my post at all but let me know if you’re also an attractive person and looking to exchange info


  1. limegreendarkgreen Reply

    Ok I take it back, I think I’m a slut who’s only fucked like 10-15 people. I’m definitely a slut because I’ll give it up to almost anyone, I get off on being for-sure the hottest girl a guy has fucked. So I love fucking random guys.

  2. Wow, that sounds like you built up a lot of tension 😉
    Was it better or worse than your orgasms during your regular encounters as you felt getting closer and closer?

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