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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 7 by Eupatrid

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Sleep. Peaceful, refreshing sleep. James drifted silently through an empty abyss, alone in the dark expanse of his own mind. Isolated in deep, dreamless sleep.


James forced himself awake. He jolted in bed and sat straight up. Clenching his fists, he cursed aloud. “What the fuck?!”

“Why?” he thought. “Why didn’t I wake up in the Temple?” James had struggled to fall asleep that night, but his sleeping pills fixed that. He was, without a doubt, asleep just now. “So why…” he thought, confused.

He wracked his brain for any sensible explanation for why he couldn’t reach the Temple of Venus. But he could think of only one reason: he was being kept out.

“Lilith!” he shouted mentally. “Lilith! Let me in! Please!” He waited for an answer, but it was in vain. After a few minutes of silence, James’ desperation turned to anger.

“Damnit, Lilith! Fucking let me in! Talk to me! Something!” James lay back down and closed his eyes. But he was wide awake and pissed now; there was no way he could fall back to sleep.

“Why…” he asked himself now. “Why is she shutting me out?” James feared that Lilith was truly done with him, that there was no going back.

“Fuck!” he spat. Throwing the covers off him, James jumped out of bed and began pacing his bedroom. He continued to try to reach Lilith telepathically. He pleaded, begged, and cursed at her. But there was no indication that she was even listening.

Then the room began to spin. James thought that something might be happening, that he had reached Lilith. But then a splitting headache and intense vertigo brought him crashing down.

Falling to the floor, he groaned in agony and held his aching skull as pain pulsed behind his eyes. He had overworked himself attempting to talk to Lilith. James remembered the demoness’ warnings about telepathy being taxing, and he knew now she hadn’t been lying.

He’d drained much of his power trying to reach his mistress, and now he was feeling the backlash of that mental strain; it felt like death. After a few minutes of dizzying pain, the headache began to subside to a dull throbbing. It still hurt like a motherfucker, but he could move again.

James managed to climb off the floor and onto his bed. He sat on the end of his bed and held his head in his hands. He felt weak, and not just physically. James had used a decent amount of magic trying to contact Lilith. He was far from tapped dry, but he knew he would need to gather more sexual energy before long.

He reached for his phone and checked the time; 3:00 AM. Thinking to himself, James reviewed his options. “There’s no way I can fall back asleep like this…” he thought. “Not that sleeping would do anything anyway. Lilith won’t let me into the Temple.” Reminding himself of this hard truth only made James furious again.

“Fuck it. She doesn’t need me? I don’t need her,” he spoke aloud, standing up. As soon as he stood, another wave of searing pain shot through his head. Angry and in pain, James dressed and grabbed his belongings. As he walked through his house, he fished a small piece of paper out of his wallet. He grinned to himself and committed to memory the address written on it.

Outside, the rain had mostly stopped; now it fell as a light mist, making the cool night hazy. James climbed into his old SUV and slammed the door. He drove through the dark lonely streets, heading toward his prey.

As he drove, his mind was in turmoil. He knew he was emotional and acting irrationally, but knowing that didn’t make him any calmer. James was fuming mad. Mad at Lilith for kicking him out of the Temple, and mad at himself for causing this whole situation. As his emotions welled up inside him, so did his power. In his state of mind, he could easily lose control. And as he grew more agitated, his headache grew more painful.

James tried to calm himself, to focus on one thing at a time, but he couldn’t. He couldn’t quiet his mind and he couldn’t stop thinking about Lilith, and about how angry he was. He gripped the steering wheel tighter. James was barely watching the road now; he was too torn between rage and pain. Reason and caution had no place in his mind at the moment. But something had to give eventually.


James felt a loud thump as the entire car suddenly shook. The steering wheel yanked to the right, and he had to pull hard on it and slam on the breaks in order to prevent disaster. His car lurched to a halt about ten inches from a large oak tree.

Adrenaline pumping through his body, James felt his mind clear for a moment. He rested his head against the steering wheel and breathed a sigh of relief. A dull ache returned to his head before long, but he tried to ignore it.

James stepped out of his car and inspected the wheels. Sure enough, the front right tire had basically exploded. “Fuck!” he shouted into the silent, misty night. Somewhere, a dog barked. Grabbing his phone out of his pocket, James pulled up a map. Seeing where he was, he realized he was only a few blocks from his destination. “Fine,” he thought to himself, “I’ll walk.”

Feet splashing on the wet concrete with every step, James walked down the sidewalk. He would come back for his car later; he had somewhere he needed to be right now. As he marched down the street, James allowed his mind to wander. His thoughts led him again to his current dilemma, his situation with Lilith.

“What’s going to happen to me?” James asked himself. “If Lilith is really done with me… will I lose my power? Or just die?” Neither option appealed to him. He couldn’t imagine his life going back to how it was before he’d met his mistress, but neither did he want his life to end.

As James considered his future, he grew anxious again. He grimaced miserably as the pain in his head spiked once more. Dwelling on dark thoughts and his grim fate seemed to cause his migraine to double in intensity. Holding a hand to his head, he muttered to himself. “Get it together, James. Calm down. One thing at a time…” His future was unclear, but what mattered now was conserving his strength and doing something about his headache.

James walked through a small suburban neighborhood. The houses were modest, but nice, complete with stereotypical picket fences. By streetlight he scanned the numbers on the houses, searching for the address written in his wallet. Eventually he spotted it, one of many cookie-cutter homes on the long street. He walked up onto the porch, sheltered at last from the light rain that had soaked his clothes and chilled his bones. James reached for the front door but stopped himself.

It would be no problem to force the door open, or to unlock it magically. “But I should probably try knocking first,” James thought. He rapped the door with a few quick knocks and waited patiently while he shivered. After a minute or so, as James was debating just opening the door himself, the porchlight overhead flickered on. James snapped his eyes closed as the bright light caused another wave of pain to shoot through his head.

He heard the click of the lock, followed by the creak of the door as it was opened from the inside. “James? What are you doing here?” James opened his eyes slowly, adjusting to the light.

Before him, Katherine Sharp stood in the doorway, bare feet on cold tile. She wore a pair of very short athletic shorts and a tight tank top that left much of her toned midriff exposed. Her hourglass figure was on full display and her nipples were visible through the thin fabric. Long auburn hair, tussled and messy, cascaded past her shoulders and down her back. Her face, stunningly beautiful as always, looked tired, but her green eyes were awake and alert, and they met James’ with a look of confusion and concern.

“May I come in?” he asked evenly, trying to avert his gaze from the blinding light overhead.

“Of-of course…” stammered the woman, stepping aside and letting in her guest before closing the door behind them.

No sooner had Katherine turned the lock than she found herself pulled into James’ arms. Face to face, he spoke to her. “I’m sorry; I know it’s late. But I need this.” He pulled the voluptuous beauty closer, until she could feel his warm breath on her skin. “I need you,” he finished.

“Mmph!” Katherine let out a startled moan as her lips were smothered by James’. That was the beginning and end of her protests however, and soon she opened her mouth to let in the young man’s tongue. As their lips wrestled and their tongues danced, Kat held herself steady with both hands against James’ chest and felt him shiver.

She broke their kiss to speak, “James… you’re freezing!”

James leaned in close to her ear and whispered softly, “Warm me up then.”

This sent a completely different kind of shiver down Kat’s spine, and she bit her lip mischievously as she imagined just how she might warm him up. Stepping closer to James, so close that her ample breasts pressed against James’ chest, she tilted her head up and whispered back to him, her words dripping desire, “Yes, master.”

Those two simple words sent a jolt of pleasure through James and he felt his cock begin to stir. He was grateful that his beautiful professor seemed to be as perpetually horny as he was. Not needing to use any magic on her was a relief to him; he wasn’t sure his head could take the strain of even the most minor of suggestion spells.

James was actually quite cold though, and eager to get out of his wet clothes. Separating from Kat, he turned her around and lightly slapped her round ass, causing her to give a playful shriek and take a few steps forward. “Lead the way,” James said.

The auburn-haired woman threw a lascivious grin over her shoulder and led James down the hall and up the stairs to the master bedroom. Kat left him alone and disappeared behind another door while James undressed. “Don’t keep me waiting,” she called. He assumed the door led to a connecting bathroom, and he was proven correct when he heard water running beyond it. James looked around the bedroom as he kicked off his shoes and peeled off his wet clothes.

The room itself was big, but sparsely furnished. Under a large, rain-streaked window was a king-sized bed. The covers on one half of the bed were made up and tucked in neatly, the other side looked more slept in. The rest of the room was bare but for a large, wooden wardrobe and a few cardboard boxes. The only light in the room came from behind the slightly cracked door of the connecting bathroom. Also from behind the door came the singsong voice of Katherine Sharp. “Coming?” she called.

“Yes, ma’am,” James answered under his breath, smiling to himself as he crossed the room and entered the adjoining bathroom. He took another few seconds to adjust to the light in the room, still feeling the painful throb of his enduring headache. But once he could look around, he saw that the bathroom was large, tiled, and definitely used by a woman. Pink towels and floormats colored the room, candles and baskets full of bath-bombs sat next to the bathtub, haircare products and make-up bottles covered the vanity.

Adjacent to the bathtub was a tall, glass-enclosed, walk-in shower. Steam rose from inside it, fogging up the mirrors and glass walls. James felt soothed and warmed just being in the room, but he had no intention of stopping there. On the floor outside the shower door was a small pile of clothes – the skimpy shorts and tank top Kat had greeted him in. Through the steamy haze and foggy glass panels of the shower, James could make out the curvy silhouette of the woman. He opened the shower door and stepped in behind her.

Katherine stood in the warm spray, eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of the water and the anticipation of what might come next. She smiled when she felt James behind her. A hand rested on her hip, another came around to press against her flat stomach and pull her into James’ embrace. “Mm,” she cooed as she felt strong arms embrace her and something hard press against her ass. Kat turned her head toward her student, raising an arm and using it to pull James’ head down to her level.

The two kissed slowly and passionately as they basked in the warm water. Kat began to grind her ass provocatively against James’ rapidly-hardening member. She use her free hand to reach behind her and take his stiff cock lightly in her grasp. She nestled it in the crack of her ass and then began to move her hips up and down, sliding James’ length against her. She was rewarded with a pleasurable groan from the young man. But she didn’t want to get him too excited, not yet.

James was enjoying the sensation of Katherine’s hot body against his, even if she was a tease. He was a little disappointed when she broke their kiss and stepped away, ending their close embrace. But she turned to face him a moment later, dropping one hand back to his cock. As she stroked him lightly and rubbed her palm against the head, she placed her other hand against James’ chest.

“Warming up yet?” Kat asked, smiling seductively and looking into James’ dark eyes.

“Getting there,” he answered with a playful smirk of his own. In truth he was very much warm now. He hadn’t realized how cold he had become after his short walk in the rain, but he now felt the heat of the shower warming him down to his very bones and washing away his anxiety and stress. In that moment James was focused only on one thing: Kat.

He allowed his arms to drop, resting his hands on Kat’s perfect backside. He squeezed her round ass and slapped her playfully, eliciting a happy “Ooh!” from the beautiful woman.

Katherine reached behind her and grabbed a bottle of bodywash from the shower rack. She reluctantly took her hand away from James’ cock long enough to squeeze a large dollop out of the bottle and into her palm. She worked it into a foamy lather before running her soapy hands over James’ body, massaging it onto his strong back and broad chest, rubbing his legs, squeezing his ass, and even leaving a few suds on the tip of his nose with one soapy finger. Soon the whole bathroom smelled like the fruity, flowery bodywash.

Pushing close against him, Kat rubbed her tits against James’ muscular torso, spreading the bodywash over both of them. She moved in small circles, then up and down, dropping lower every time. Eventually she stopped, falling to her knees before James’ dick. Using one hand she held his cock as she brought her breasts up to meet it. She then squeezed her large tits around her student’s impressive girth before beginning to rub up and down, using the sweet-smelling bodywash as a makeshift lubricant.

James allowed his head to fall back as he moaned in bliss. He had never experienced a titfuck before, and this was blowing his mind. James’ cock sprang free a couple times, but for the most part Kat kept it under control as she stroked his length with her ample breasts. Eventually the warm spray from the shower washed away all the bodywash, so Kat gave up on her tits and resorted to using her mouth.

Holding him in one hand, Katherine lowered her mouth to James’ manhood and wrapped her full lips around his sensitive head. James hummed in pleasure before gasping at the sensation of Kat softly dragging her teeth over his bellend. He had to brace himself against the wall, as his knees were beginning to feel weak. Kat just smiled mischievously up at him, his cock still between her teeth. She placed a quick kiss on the tip before she resumed sucking it into her mouth.

As she stroked his shaft in a slow circular motion, she teased the underside of his head with her tongue. This alone had James moaning; when she picked up the pace and began bobbing rapidly on his cock while jerking him off with both hands, it became more than he could handle.

Katherine could feel James growing harder in her mouth. She could feel him tensing up and hear him groaning more than before. She felt his hand on her head, and she purred at his touch. As his climax mounted, Kat sucked hard on the tip of his cock. “Ohhh fuck,” he moaned over her as he began to cum. Kat didn’t stop stroking and she didn’t stop sucking. She wanted to give him the full experience, and she wanted to squeeze as much cum out of him as she could.

James breathed heavily as his orgasm cleared his head. As pleasure coursed through his veins and sexual energy filled his very soul, he felt the last vestiges of his painful headache evaporate. He felt his magic being replenished. He felt powerful and in control again.

In the aftermath of his ecstasy, he let go of his professor’s head, and let her stand back up. Kat rose to her feet, standing just a few inches away from James. She smiled and parted her lips to reveal a mouth full of his seed. Closing her mouth again, she swallowed and licked her lips. “God, you taste so fucking good.” she said.

Still extremely turned on, James grabbed the gorgeous woman by her waist and pulled her into a messy kiss. He could still taste himself on her lips, but that only served to arouse him even further. When the two parted again, gasping for air, James spoke. “Now…” he said, “Now I’m warmed up.”

Kat flashed him a bright smile before turning off the water and grabbing a fluffy, pink towel and handing it to James. Taking it in his hands, he used the soft material to pat and rub Katherine’s body until she was dry. He was slow and meticulous, taking the time to wipe away every drop of water.

This was the first time the two had ever been completely naked together. They had become accustomed to quick fucks between classes, or secret trysts in closets or back seats of cars. This was much more intimate though, and James wanted to savor it. He wanted to appreciate every inch, every curve, of Katherine’s beautiful figure.

While he worshipped Kat’s body, she toweled her hair as dry as possible before doing the same for James. When at last he had finished drying her, he stood and allowed Kat to dry him off too. She toweled her way down his body, then kissed her way back up. After several minutes, the two finally stood dry and naked together in the shower, staring into each other’s eyes as the shower faucet dripped behind them.

Kat broke the silence first, “C’mon,” she whispered, taking James by the hand and stepping out of the shower. She led him back to the bedroom and crawled into bed, leaving room for him to join her. Once they were comfortably nestled in bed, warm covers over them, the two resumed their staring match. This time, however, it didn’t take long before their lips did what their eyes could not.

Meeting in the middle, holding one another close, Kat and James kissed. Legs tangled in the sheets, fingers intertwined, they embraced as lovers. There was a tender passion in James’ kiss that had not been there before; there was a desperate lust in Kat’s. Both of them wanted this, needed this. More than they knew. As they continued to kiss and cuddle, James became aware of a growing heat and wetness between Kat’s legs. Lowering a hand, he rubbed two fingers against her slick pussy.

Smiling into their kiss, he spoke softly, “Did I miss a spot?”

Katherine chuckled lightly. “What are you gonna do about it?” she whispered.

James answered her by repositioning himself until he was directly on top of the woman. Propped up on one arm, he used his free hand to place his cock at her entrance. He pushed into her slowly. There was no resistance; she was all too ready. Kat moaned aloud as James slid into her velvet embrace. Enveloped by her warm pussy, James reveled in the pleasure as he sank deeper into her.

She held his arms as he began to thrust, a long slow movement that reached deep inside her. The pleasure was too good though, for both of them. They needed more. The pace of James’ thrusts began to quicken. The slow, passionate lovemaking turned to frantic, lust-possessed fucking. Kat gasped each time James pushed into her, building her up toward a powerful climax.

Balls slapping against her ass, James continued to thrust faster and faster into the curvaceous woman. Having just cum a few minutes ago, he was confident in his stamina; right now, he just wanted to make her cum. He allowed his aura to flow from him, through her, heightening her senses and inundating her in a torrent of raw pleasure.

Kat moaned louder and louder as her orgasm approached. For once, the two could be as loud as they wanted, with no fear of being caught. And Katherine took advantage of that, screaming her lover’s name as she rose to the apex of her pleasure. Her whole body tingled with mounting ecstasy. She ran her hands up and down James’ strong arms, felt his broad shoulders and muscular back. She held onto him tightly, lost in euphoric bliss.

“Fuuuuck,” she cried, “I’m cumming! Master, I’m cumming!”

As James rammed into her, the beautiful woman screamed out her pleasure, clinging to her student with all her might. Her mind went blank, and a full-body orgasm exploded like fireworks inside her. Eyes clamped shut, every muscle in Kat’s body tensed, as if electrified. The walls of her pussy gripped James’ cock like a vise, not letting him move.

James took the opportunity to catch his breath while Kat writhed beneath him. Any exertion or fatigue was quickly replaced by the pleasurable sensation of sexual power rushing into him from Katherine. His muscles swelled, and goosebumps danced on his skin, as his body responded to the influx of sexual energy. “That must’ve been some orgasm, Kat…” he mused.

Coming down from her climactic frenzy, Kat relaxed her body, allowing James to slowly pull out of her. He flopped down next to her on the soft bed, panting alongside her as they basked in their euphoria.

Before long though, Kat’s sexual appetite showed itself again, and the lusty woman climbed on top of James. “Ready for more?” she asked playfully. She already knew the answer though and didn’t bother to wait for a response before impaling herself on her lover’s stiff cock.

The two made love late into the night. By the time they were both finally spent, the sun was beginning to creep over the horizon. Holding a sleeping Katherine in his arms, James felt his eyes grow heavy, and he too slowly succumbed to the need to rest.

As he drifted off to sleep, he wondered where his dreams would take him. He was too tired to think about it for long though, and he was soon fast asleep.

Darkness. Nothingness. Emptiness. That was all James experienced in his sleep. Again, though his body rested, his mind wandered the endless void of his subconscious, unable to enter the dreamlike realm of the Temple of Venus.

He didn’t know if he was expecting otherwise, but some part of him had hoped he would wake up back in the Temple, with Lilith. Of course she was still locking him out… he probably deserved her scorn. “But this is miserable,” he thought. The depressing, dreamless state felt like limbo – trapped between the waking world and the world he wanted to be in.

After hours of aimlessly drifting through his own mind, James was awoken by a familiar, but not unpleasant sensation.

Blinking his eyes, adjusting to the sunlight that flooded into the room from the window above him, James took stock of his surroundings. He was in Kat’s home, he remembered. In Kat’s bed. Then where was-

“Ahhh” James moaned as he felt intense pleasure hit him like a slap in the face. Craning his neck, he looked down and saw Katherine lying between his legs, the covers thrown off to the side. The gorgeous woman was holding his cock lightly in one hand while she ran her tongue up and down its length. Kat’s bright green eyes looked up at him, sparkling in the morning sunlight.

“Mmm,” she moaned around his cock before taking it out of her mouth long enough to speak. “Good morning, master.”

“Good morn- ahh!” Kat didn’t give James a chance to finish speaking, quickly sucking his manhood back into her mouth and resuming her blowjob. James let his head fall back against the pillow, just enjoying the experience.

Kat worked her mouth all the way down James’ impressive length, coating him in her saliva. As she bobbed her head on his cock, she massaged his heavy balls with one hand. Then she drew her head back to the tip of his dick and began flicking her tongue playfully over his slit. As she did, she brought up her free hand and began jerking his cock, hard and fast.

James’ balls tensed, his toes curled, and he gripped the bedsheets tightly in his fists. “Fuuuuck,” he moaned, overcome by pleasure from Katherine’s ministrations. Sensing his impending orgasm, Kat sealed her lips around James cockhead and continued stroking his shaft.

With one final groan, James collapsed into orgasmic bliss. Kat accepted his load as he pumped his cum into her mouth and down her throat. She never stopped massaging his balls the whole time. After a full minute of cumming, James finally relaxed.

Kat crawled her way up his body, leaving a trail of kisses on his muscular torso and chest. She leaned over him, her long hair hanging down and tickling his face. “Are you awake now, master?” she asked, grinning.

“Very much so…” he responded. Kat’s morning surprise had woken him up like a splash of cold water. His entire body tingled with barely-contained sexual energy. He felt powerful and virile, but something was bothering him. Slowly sitting up straight, he turned to the woman next to him. “Kat…” he began, “Why do you call me ‘master?'”

The auburn-haired beauty cocked her head slightly, “Well, that’s what you are, aren’t you?” she said.

“Yeah… I guess,” James answered, “But, why?”

Katherine shrugged. “It just feels right, I suppose,” she said, “Master.” She spoke the last word slowly, drawing it out in a sultry voice. As she did, she leaned in to kiss James. But James turned away.

“Please, Kat… Don’t call me that,” he said. Katherine was slightly taken aback. “I’m not fit to be anyone’s servant,” he continued dejectedly, “let alone someone’s master.”

Katherine furrowed her brow and seemed to be deep in thought for a moment before she responded. “I disagree,” she said, “but if it bothers you, I’ll stop.” Then she leaned forward again, and kissed James softly before running a delicate hand along his rugged jawline. “C’mon,” she said, “I’m starving.”

The two climbed out of bed and made their way down the stairs, still completely naked. As James followed Kat through the house, he took the time to take in his surroundings. He hadn’t been able to see much the night before, but now he got a good look at the place. Like the master bedroom, most of the house was empty. Much of his professor’s belongings seemed to be boxed up in large cardboard boxes. The large living room was devoid of most furniture, only a single couch and a couple tall bookcases decorated it.

“Still moving in?” James remarked as they made their way into the kitchen.

“Out, actually.” Kat answered as she opened up the fridge and pulled out a carton of eggs. “My boyfriend and I broke up a while back; the place is too big for just me now. It’s just taking me some time to get everything in order before I move out.”

“Oh,” said James, feeling bad for bringing it up. “I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry about it,” said the woman, waving a spatula at James dismissively and tossing a warm smile over her shoulder. “Omelets sound good?”

Leaving behind any uncomfortable topics or awkward conversations, the two spent the morning and early afternoon making breakfast and talking about trivial things. It was perfectly peaceful, and James should have been happy, but something was nagging at the back his mind. Something he couldn’t ignore.

He excused himself to the restroom for a moment. Once he was alone behind closed doors, he let out a deep breath that he wasn’t aware he was holding in. As he did, he felt his sexual energy threatening to burst outward.

“What’s wrong with me?” James thought to himself. “Why can’t I keep my magic under control?”

Staring at himself in the mirror, he saw his eyes had turned to a fierce shade of red. He closed his eyes and grasped the edge of the counter as he tried to forcibly calm his energy. He was interrupted though when the sound of scratching made him look down. Gripping the countertop too hard, he had scratched grooves into the vanity with his fingernails… only, they weren’t his fingernails. His fingertips now ended in long, sharp, claw-like nails.

“What the fuuuck?!” he yelled.

Almost immediately, hurried footsteps announced Katherine’s presence on the other side of the door. She called to him, “James? Are you okay?”

“I’m fine!” he shouted. “Go away!”

He heard Kat walk away without another word. An instant later James gasped in agony as a sharp pain shot through his skull. “Fuck,” he said under his breath. Without thinking, he had barked an order imbued with magic at Kat. The small exertion had brought his power back to the forefront, and now it felt as if it was trying to rip his body apart.

Clenching his fists and drawing blood from his palms, James tried to take slow, deep breaths to calm himself. Grinding his teeth, he fought back against the magic that was trying to drag him under. In the mirror, he saw that his teeth too had become sharp and pointed. “What’s happening to me…” he thought.

James stared into his reflection, focusing on his eyes, trying to force back the sexual energies that threatened to destroy him. His head felt as though it might split in two; the strain of trying to control his magic was almost too much to bear. Breathing deep, he attempted to draw his power inward and hold it there.

At first, he had little success, but he kept trying. With each attempt, he managed to pull the power deeper and deeper, containing more and more of it. Finally, with one last push, he succeeded in suppressing his energy.

Relieved, James watched his eyes turn back to their usual brown color, and he felt his teeth and nails shift back to normal as well. His head still ached, but he did his best to ignore it, as he didn’t have a good solution for it at the moment.

Releasing a heavy sigh, James stepped out of the bathroom and returned to the kitchen. There, he found Katherine standing at the small kitchen island and staring at the wall.

“Kat?” he called to her, careful to do so without tapping into his magic in any way.

At the sound of his voice, Katherine snapped out of her reverie, shook her head and turned to face James. “Hey,” she said fondly. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah, just fine,” James lied. He walked over to the kitchen table and sat down. Kat came over and sat a glass of water down in front of him. “Thanks,” he said. She just smiled and sat down next to him.

James wondered if she was acting out of her own kindness, or if she was still under the effects of his magic. He hated not knowing whether or not people were being genuine around him…

His skull throbbed painfully again. “Fucking ow,” he thought. Thinking hurt his head, but he couldn’t avoid it; he needed to figure out a solution to his problems.

It had been over 24 hours since James had last seen Lilith. Their nightly meetings had provided an outlet for his power. Without visiting the Temple of Venus, he was unable to share the sexual energy he gathered with her. Was that why he was now struggling to control his magic? He had too much energy stored up?

“But I can’t use my magic without nearly killing myself,” James thought dismally. Another shooting pain arced through his head. He thought about his passionate night of lovemaking with Katherine. “Gathering more sexual energy made me feel better… but that’s also why I have too much power now.”

“I’m fucked no matter what I do!” he cursed aloud, forgetting for a second that he wasn’t alone.

“What’s wrong, ma-… James?” asked Kat, startled, watching him with shocked concern.

“Nothing,” he said, “well, everything. But it’s nothing for you to worry about, Kat. Sorry for scaring you.” He tried to smile for her, but the act only triggered another wave of pain.

James looked down when he felt her hand on his own. “You can talk to me, you know.” Kat spoke softly.

“I know…” he answered. “Thank you.” James looked up and saw the clock on the wall. “Shit, is it that late?” He stood shakily. “I need to be at work. Like, now.”

He started for the stairs when he heard Katherine behind him. “You’re going to work? I don’t know if that’s a good idea, James… If you’re not feeling well maybe you should just rest.”

Rest… Sleep. No, that wasn’t an option. James didn’t want to think about Lilith at the moment, and he definitely didn’t want to go back to bed, to drift in that dark dreamless sleep again.

“If you don’t want to do that,” Kat continued, “You could just stay here with me for a while.” She averted her gaze, her cheeks blushing slightly.

James looked over his shoulder at the curvaceous beauty. As much as he would enjoy spending the day in bed with his gorgeous professor, he had no confidence in his ability to control himself or his power. Sex, as hard as it was to admit, might be the worst thing for him right now. Even if it would fix his aching head.

No, right now, he needed the distraction of his boring, monotonous job. “No. Sorry, Kat. I’m out of sick days.” James said, making up an excuse. He then remembered his car. “Shit,” he cursed. “Kat, could you give me a ride to work?”

“Uh, yeah. Sure,” answered the woman. “Just, uh, let me get my stuff.”

The two dressed quickly and headed out the door. James’ clothes were still a little damp, but that discomfort was nothing compared to the pain in his head. He only hoped that he could survive his shift, and that maybe his migraine would diminish throughout the day.

While Katherine drove him to the coffee shop, James called a tow service and arranged for his crippled car to be brought to a local shop. Kat offered to pick him up from work when his shift was done, but James waved her off. He felt he had imposed on her enough; he would figure something else out.

When they arrived at the shop, James offered Katherine a quick goodbye and went inside. He was pretty late, and for once Sam wasn’t there to forgive his tardiness. He apologized to his co-worker, who was staring daggers, and took over at the register.

James wanted a distraction, and that’s what he got. The next several hours were so busy, he barely had time to think about Lilith, his powers, or his aching head. Though the latter still pained him continuously. Once the sun went down, the flow of customers began to slow.

Unfortunately for James, fewer customers meant more time to focus on the customers that were there, and there were several cute coeds from his college currently hanging out in the cozy shop. He tried to keep his mind occupied, and his eyes on his work, but he couldn’t help but sneak a peek here and there.

The girls were sexy, very sexy; tight yoga pants left little to the imagination, and James caught himself staring at their cute asses more than once. He thought he recognized one or two of the girls from his classes, but he wasn’t completely sure. He tried to keep himself preoccupied so that he wouldn’t stare at the pretty young women. But their sweet laughter always pulled his attention back to them.

Their beauty was a double-edged sword for James though. With every glance in their direction, every lustful look, every subliminal desire, the pain in his head grew worse. As did the desire in his heart. He’d had enough trouble keeping his power under his control when he was alone in Katherine’s bathroom; but now, with half a dozen cute girls before him, it was becoming increasingly difficult for James to suppress his own magic. His power raged within him, like a caged beast, desperate to get out. It would tear him apart to do so, he was certain of that much.

However, James found it nearly impossible to tear his gaze from the beautiful young women on display before him. He took advantage of every opportunity to do some work in the back office or the storeroom, but he always had to come back out to the shop, and they were always there.

A couple hours passed, and James was nearing the end of his shift. His co-worker had gone home an hour prior, leaving James the responsibility of closing and locking up. As the hours dragged on, he expected the posse of cute coeds to leave, but they never did. With 45 minutes until closing, the only customers in the shop were the girls, an older businessman reading the newspaper, and a middle-aged married couple arguing over something.

The pretty teens were too busy swapping stories and giggling at their phones to notice James, or so he thought. As he was stealing a look at a particularly beautiful brunette, their eyes met. She blushed rapidly and looked away; James tried to avert his gaze as well, but the damage was done. He heard the girls laughing and teasing the brunette, and when he looked over again, he caught more than one of them watching him.

He recognized the look in their eyes; he knew it all too well himself. Lust. Pure, raw, sexual desire. Now James realized what they’d been giggling about, and why they hadn’t left. They’d been staring at him as much as he’d been staring at them. He was the object of their desire. The thought made the beast inside him purr, and he felt a stirring in his loins.

“No!” he shouted internally, trying to fight off his own growing lust. This caused his migraine to grow in intensity. Closing his eyes and putting a hand to his forehead, James attempted to push back his lust and ignore the pain that came with doing so.

He could feel the girls’ eyes on him, he could smell their arousal. He had to get away from them. Still holding one hand to his head, he lowered his eyes and walked through the shop to the storeroom. He stood in the small room, leaning against the wall, breathing heavily. Away from the girls’ lustful gaze, he had more success containing his sexual energy… until his concentration was shattered.

“Uhm… hey” a sweet feminine voice cut through the silence.

James turned around slowly to see one of the women standing in the doorway of the storeroom. He recognized the cute black girl. She was in his Sociology class. James struggled to remember her name. It was on the tip of his tongue. Carly? Chloe?

“I’m Claire.” Right, that was it. “Are you, like, okay?” asked the young woman. She had followed James to the storeroom, and now she blocked the door. James allowed his eyes to roam slowly up Claire’s body as he wrestled with his internal demons.

“God damn,” he thought to himself, “she’s hot.” Her tall boots and tight leggings made her long legs all the more alluring. Her wide hips led to a thin waist, and he knew she had an impressive rack hidden under her sweatshirt. “Get a hold of yourself, James,” he thought. But he kept looking.

Claire’s shoulder-length hair was black, but dyed a light brown at the tips, matching her large eyes. Her soft, chocolate skin was without blemish. Her full lips were slightly parted, as if she were about to speak again, but her breath had caught in her throat. When James’ eyes met her own, she let out that breath, gasping at the sight of his bright red eyes. Despite her shock, she didn’t move. Her face said she was afraid, but her eyes held the truth. She wanted him. Pain shot through James’ skull again.

“Fuck it,” he thought. “Anything to kill this damn headache.” He knew he shouldn’t give in to his desire, but his resolve had all but broken down. “Just a quickie… only enough to make the pain stop,” he told himself.

James stepped forward as he spoke. “I’m great, thanks,” he said, answering her earlier question. “Claire, we have a class together, right?”

The dark-skinned beauty smiled shakily, unable to tear her gaze from James’ eyes, “Y-yeah… I didn’t know if you remembered me.” James could hear the nervousness in her voice.

He closed the gap between Claire and himself; now he stood only a few inches away. He raised a hand to cup her cheek. “Of course I remember you,” James spoke, “I’d never forget your face, Claire.” He allowed a drop of magical power to enter his words, allaying Claire’s fear and igniting her desire. As he lowered his face to hers, James could feel her trembling in anticipation. His lips brushed hers, and he quickly forgot his pain.

Claire immediately opened her mouth for James, accepting his tongue and moaning into him. Her legs felt weak; she wrapped her arms around his neck to hold herself steady as she gave in to him. James sensed her resistance fading and pounced.

He released his aura of lust, allowing it to reach peak intensity and flare out from him like a supernova. As his desire washed over the beautiful young woman before him, Claire grew wet instantly. Her face became flushed, and her legs went out from beneath her. James caught her before she fell and held her close, looking down at the woman the way a lion might look at a meal. Her arousal was palpable, and it whetted James’ appetite for carnal pleasure.

His smoldering lust burst into a raging inferno of sexual power. Reason and restraint were forgotten then. The beast was loose, and it was going to have its day.

Clawed hands tore at Claire’s sweater, ripping the fabric from her body. Her bra was next, and soon her large tits were exposed. James wasted no time in taking one of her hard nipples into his mouth, suckling it and biting lightly on it, drawing a few drops of blood with his pointed teeth.

“Ow! Ah! Ahh…” the ebony beauty moaned, pain rapidly turning into pleasure.

James used his free hand to maul Claire’s other breast, squeezing and pulling on her tit, causing her to squirm beneath him. She held tightly to James’ broad shoulders as she succumbed to euphoria. Breathing heavily, Claire threw her head back and moaned loudly as her body shook in pleasure, cumming just from having her breasts played with.

Inhaling slowly, James savored the scent of her orgasm. He allowed her sexual energy, her very essence, to flow into him. As ecstasy rushed through her and into him, he felt his power grow even greater. The pain in his head disappeared, as he had hoped it would. The absence of that anguish was in itself euphoric, let alone the pleasure he felt vicariously through Claire.

But something was wrong.

James gasped as a new pain split his skull. “AAAHHH!!” he screamed, dropping Claire to the floor and clutching at his head. He fell to his knees, agony dominating his senses. He heard a cracking noise from inside his own cranium, then a piercing pain at the crown of his head. He thought the excruciating pain would knock him out, if not kill him. But just as quickly as it had started, the pain disappeared.

James’ vision cleared, and he rose slowly to his feet. Running a hand over his head, he understood what had just occurred. Two tall horns now jutted from his head, poking right through his short brown hair. Despite the sudden change, and the tortuous experience that brought it about, James felt calm. He felt good. He felt powerful.

He clenched his fist, feeling the fibrous muscles of his arm bulge under taut skin. He didn’t feel any pain in his head, nor any fatigue from overusing his magic. If anything, he felt like using more magic.

Swinging his arm lazily, his fist impacted the wall of the storeroom. Drywall shattered, wood splintered, and when the dust settled, an enormous crater marred the wall. “Hmm.” James smiled. Had such power always been at his fingertips? It felt incredible.

Casting his gaze down to Claire, whom he towered over, he decided he wanted more of this power. The young black woman, still on the ground, stared at James with wide eyes. She crawled backwards across the floor until she hit the wall. She pointed a shaky finger at James as she struggled to find her words. “W-wha… What are-“

James silenced her with the flick of a wrist. With one lazy motion, he caused the beautiful girl to freeze and begin to spasm as a powerful orgasm overtook her. “Ohhhh,” Claire moaned in sudden pleasure. She squeezed her breasts hard and clamped her legs shut as wave after wave of sensual bliss wracked her body. She cried out in ecstasy, lost to the pleasure that continued to assault her senses. The wet spot between her legs was quite sizable now, James observed.

“How… how did you-?” Claire tried to ask, her chest heaving as she recovered from the most potent orgasm of her life

James was barely listening though. Eyes closed, he licked his lips, delighting in the sexual energy Claire provided him. His aura of lust grew more powerful as his desire escalated. He could wait no longer.

With one hand he tore off his shirt, revealing the swelling muscles of his broad chest and chiseled abs. Traumatized and frightened as she was, Claire couldn’t help but stare lustfully at James. When he dropped his pants and released his monstrous cock, Claire thought she might cum again just looking at it. A single bead of precum dripped from the tip of James’ enormous member.

James reached down, grasped one of Claire’s trembling legs, and pulled her to him, flipping her over in the process. On hands and knees, the ebony beauty looked over her shoulder, desire and fear showing in her eyes. James grabbed a handful of the thin material of her leggings, and with a loud rip, he exposed Claire’s wet pussy and large, round ass. James ran one finger between her puffy lips, feeling her wetness. He brought his finger to his mouth and tasted her sweet nectar. His cock grew even harder.

James dropped to his knees behind Claire’s beautiful ass and lined up his aching dick with the entrance of her pussy. Feeling him prodding at her, Claire began to struggle.

“W-wait! Hold on!” she pleaded. Her fear was greater than her lust, evidently. “There’s no way that monster can fit inside me!” Claire tried to crawl away, but James just placed a single firm hand on her back and held her in place, overpowering her easily.

“It can,” he said calmly, “and it will.” With that he pushed forward, shoving his large cock into Claire’s tight tunnel.

“Noo!” she cried. “N-noo… Ohhhh!” Her body, unlike her mouth, responded honestly to James’ invasion of her tender hole. Unnatural pleasure stimulated her mind. The sensation of being so completely filled pushed her over the edge of another climax. “Ohhh, fuck!” She moaned loudly and squeezed down hard on James, but he kept driving himself into her.

Fueled by Claire’s orgasm, James’ lust grew to greater heights. He was lost in his pleasure, oblivious to the world around him. He grabbed a handful of the young woman’s big ass and continued to thrust his cock into her pussy. His grunts and her moans echoed throughout the storeroom as he fucked her harder and harder, faster and faster.

His sharp claws drew blood as he gripped Claire’s waist, but she merely continued to moan. Plummeting deeper into endless euphoria, she came again. As she clamped down hard once more on James’ manhood, he too felt the pull of his own climax. Penetrating her fully, James moaned in otherworldly ecstasy. Unmitigated pleasure, pure and raw, pulsed through him and as he experienced the entirety of his own earth-shattering orgasm, as well as Claire’s euphoria.

James’ vision went white. Unmitigated bliss filled his being, and his mind was overcome with pleasure. He felt a massive inflow of sexual energy enter him. He struggled to breathe, it seemed as if his heart might explode. His body could hardly process such power.

He perceived, in his mind’s eye, a spiraling mass of pure energy. Claire’s sexual energy – her essence. James opened himself up to it, allowing it to become a part of him, to sustain him. As he indulged in this greatest of feasts, he felt his magic grow stronger. His very soul rejoiced at the pleasure he felt and the energy he derived from it.

After an eternity of rapturous pleasure, James began to return to his senses. He wished he hadn’t.

In a crumpled heap beneath him lay Claire. Her body was limp and unmoving. Her warm, chocolate skin had grown paler, leaving her a ghastly gray, as if all the blood had drained from her. Every vein, every artery, was visible under her muted skin, giving her the appearance of a drowning victim. The reality was not far off. She had been drowned – drowned in James’ insatiable lust, suffocated by the tempest of his unrelenting power. Her face, though still beautiful, looked sickly. Her eyes were sunken, and they stared off into the distance, unseeing. James touched a hand to her back; she was cold.

He pulled his flaccid cock out of her; all desire and lust had gone from him. He waited for her to gasp for air, for color to return to her, for her to stir at all… but she didn’t. Unlike his close calls with Jess and Tina, Claire did not come back. She did not draw breath.

“What have I done…” James whispered.

James fell back on his haunches in shock. He ran a hand over his face as he struggled to process. She was dead; he had killed her. In his mindless state of lust and power… he’d sapped her dry. She was a husk, an empty shell. Lilith had warned him about this. Shutting his eyes tight, he muttered to himself. “This isn’t happening, this isn’t happening…” James repeated over and over. But when he opened his eyes again, the same stark reality confronted him. He’d killed a girl. His stomach lurched; he thought he might be sick.

He punched the ground in anger, shattering bits of the tile floor with his magically-empowered strength. His disgust and frustration quickly turned to agony though, as a familiar pain throbbed in his skull. Groaning and clutching his aching head, James doubled over.

“No!” he shouted in his head. “No more!” James tried to fight back, tried to resist the painful onslaught as his powers lashed out against him. But he feared he was too weak, that he was too far gone already. His red eyes and horns were evidence enough that he wasn’t stronger than the magic he contained, that he wasn’t in control anymore.

Wracked with pain, James fell to the floor in the fetal position. “Why?” he asked himself as the pain grew. “Why did things have to end up like this?” This certainly wasn’t how he imagined he would die. He gasped as the tortuous pain spiked again. He was being torn apart by his own magic, killed by his own power.

A few days ago, James would have been able to suppress this amount of energy with no trouble, but now it was devouring him. He recalled what Lilith had said about her past agents, how they had died: “consumed by their own lust and destroyed by their own magic.” She had thought him better… thought him special… But she was wrong, James would die the same way as those who came before him had. His vision began to fade; the pain was too much. He was losing consciousness.


“NO!” James roared internally. “Goddamnit, no!”


“I… will not… die… like this!”


James slammed his bloody fist into the ground again and again. He hurt; he hurt everywhere. But he embraced the pain. As long as he could feel that pain, that meant he was still alive. Ripples of pulsing agony continued to surge through him. He felt as though he were drifting at sea, helpless as wave after wave crashed into him and threatened to pull him under for good.

But every time he was pulled under, James fought back to the surface. He fought back because he still had something to live for, and he was not ready to surrender that yet. He recalled again the first time he had taught himself to suppress his power. He had thought of Lilith, of her stunning smile, of her brilliant eyes, and of her beautiful soul. James had held onto that because it seemed then to be a constant, a rock, something he could cling to, lest he be swallowed by the raging sea of his own power.

James knew now that Lilith was not a constant; he was without her now, after all. But it was for that reason that he thought of her again when his fate seemed dire. He thought of Lilith because he knew if he didn’t, he would die without seeing her again. Whether it was love, hate, desperation; James did not know. He only knew he would not die until he had stood before his mistress one last time.

Holding onto that sliver of hope, James stayed afloat. He survived the crashing waves that sought to drag him down and destroy him. He caged the beast that wished to tear him apart. He fought off the debilitating pain that threatened to end him. There was no alternative but to move forward.

Forcing himself up, James rose to stand on tired legs. Looking at his hands, he saw his fingers were still clawed, and he didn’t need a mirror to know that his demonic appearance had not changed. It took all the willpower he had to keep his magic from consuming him, he didn’t have the strength at that moment to revert the changes that had already taken place.

James cast a look of sorrow down at Claire’s body. He would have to deal with that soon, but for now he needed to get out of there. He pulled his pants back on. His shirt was in tatters, so he walked over to the corner of the storeroom where the lost-and-found was kept. Digging through the small box, he found a large hoodie that fit him well enough and put it on, throwing the hood up to cover his horned head.

Moving slowly, he left the storeroom, using his key to lock it behind him. Turning the corner, James returned to the front of the shop and was shocked by the sight before him. The other girls who had come to the store with Claire were naked, as were the few other customers in the small café. In a perverse act of lustful debauchery, spurred on by the effects of James’ potent aura of desire, an orgy had developed in the middle of the shop.

Two of the college girls sixty-nined on the floor, eagerly licking at each other’s tender petals. They moaned and purred as they drove themselves to higher and higher pleasures. Another young woman made out with her friend while an older man fucked her ass from behind. The cute brunette who James had caught staring at him rode a middle-aged man’s stiff cock, bouncing and squealing in pleasure while the man’s wife watched and fingered herself to orgasm.

The room smelled of sex, and their combined arousal lingered in the air like a fog of lustful energy. James felt the pull to join them, to dive head-first back into his desires. But he thought again of Lilith and forced himself to walk past them and out of the store. He couldn’t afford to lose himself again.

Once James stood in the cool night air, it was easier to clear his head. His skull still throbbed excruciatingly, but he was confident at least that it wasn’t going to get worse just yet. Scanning the parking lot, he remembered he had no car at the moment and set off walking toward home.

He walked on autopilot, as he was concentrating hard on subduing his magic, keeping a clear picture of Lilith in his mind’s eye. He succeeded in drawing his aura of lust back into him, though it strained him considerably to do so. Away from the nexus of sexual energy that was the coffee shop, James could focus more on containing his power and-

James froze as he felt something hard press into his back. He had been so preoccupied with his internal efforts to tame and suppress his magic that he hadn’t noticed the stranger step out of the alley behind him. Now his concentration was shattered, and he had to clench his fists and grind his teeth as the pain in his head returned with a vengeance and his power tried to escape him again.

“Don’t move, asshole,” said a gruff voice behind James. “Turn around nice and slow and give me your wallet.”

“Please,” James pleaded through clenched teeth. “Don’t do this… just walk away.” White-hot pain lanced through his head. He heard a metallic click behind him as the mugger cocked his gun.

“Shut the fuck up,” the man growled. “Now give me your damn wallet, or I’ll take it off your corpse.”

James felt his resolve slipping; he knew it was only a matter of time before the flood gates opened again. As another wave of agony washed over him, James felt a menacing power break through his defenses. It overwhelmed his mind and seized control of his body. His pain and feeble desperation were replaced by anger and determination.

Turning slowly, James raised his head and met his mugger’s angry eyes with a spiteful glare of his own. He lowered his hood and revealed his demonic visage. The man froze in terror as James’ scarlet eyes bored deep into his soul and paralyzed his body. The gun shook in his hand as he trembled. “W-what the fuck are you?” the thug whispered through chattering teeth.

“Shh.” James silenced him. He cocked his head and listened carefully, hearing the sound of an engine running, of tires on pavement. As the source turned the corner down the block and continued toward the two men, James read the lit-up sign on the front of the bus. “Southbound.”

“Looks like that’s your ride,” James sneered at his would-be assailant, empowering his words with magic and compelling the man to obey. “Don’t miss it.”

James turned around and began walking away. A loud thud followed by screeching brakes informed him that his words had had the desired effect.

As he continued his slow march home, James wrestled endlessly with himself. He was losing control again; he was not himself. He tried with all his might to keep a part of his mind focused on Lilith, on the thought of seeing her again. But that was the only voice of reason in a choir of rage and lust. As James’ body and soul waged war with one another, ceaseless pain continued to assault his senses.

By the time he reached the front door of his house, James was at his limit. His body ached all over and he was close to collapsing. His mind was in turmoil as his fading willpower fought to subdue his growing magical power. Numb emotionally and physically, James fumbled with his keys before opening the door and stepping into his home. “Heyo,” called a voice from around the corner.

Mark emerged from the kitchen to see his roommate standing in the doorway, head covered by a hood, a shadow across his face, shoulders slumping, and breathing heavily. “James?” he said worriedly. “You okay dude?”

James lifted his head to look at his friend. Mark wore a dark polo shirt and a pair of chinos with tears across the knees. The snug pants gave James a good view of Mark’s tight ass, as well as a bulge in his crotch. James wrestled with his power for control, but his desire was winning out. He felt a surge of warmth spread through his body as his lustful aura sprang to life. When the two men met each other’s eyes, the effect was immediate.

It felt as if the temperature of the room had suddenly risen by 15 degrees. Sweat beaded at Mark’s brow and he tugged at his collar, overcome with an unnatural heat. Peering deep into James’ red eyes, Mark felt blood rush to his cheeks and to his cock, as a tightness grew in his chest. Swallowing hard, he spoke again. “James…?”

James didn’t answer. He had snapped. Possessed by an insatiable lust, he had again lost control of his magic. The dark flame of his aura whipped around him, consuming his mind and Mark’s. As power coursed through James and desire flooded his brain, he allowed himself to again slip deeper into darkness. A howl of pain pierced the room’s silent tension.

Bones broke and sinew stretched, as James’ body changed to match his lust. Mark watched, paralyzed, as his friend transformed before him. James’ hoodie was torn to shreds as a pair of large wings erupted from his back.

Screaming in anguish as his body shifted, James grew in size and strength, fueled by demonic power and human desire. The horns on the top his head grew again, reaching six inches in length. His jeans ripped and fell to tatters; his shoes were destroyed as his feet transformed into cloven hooves. A long, devilish tail sprang from the base of spine.

James stood and panted, adjusting to his new form. As he spread out his wings and clenched his fists, he delighted in the immense strength he felt at his disposal. He strode toward Mark with a devious grin on his face.

As the incubus grew closer, Mark only felt the temperature rise more. Still immobilized, he was helpless before the inhuman desire forced upon him by James’ power. His cock grew harder in his tight pants and his chest rose and fell as he took shaky breaths. The very air felt heavy with lust, and Mark was a slave to it.

He couldn’t take his eyes off James’ muscular body. His large pectorals, strong arms, and defined abs were a sight to behold. Mark’s eyes strayed lower, to the huge tool between James’ legs. His dick was close to a foot long, and as thick as Mark’s forearm. A shiver of fear and lust shot through the smaller man’s body as his own manhood strained at its confines.

James stood before Mark, towering over his roommate, watching as he was overcome with desire and need. James relaxed his aura slightly, allowing Mark to move again. The thin man immediately began pulling at his clothes; he couldn’t get naked fast enough. As soon as he had discarded the last article of clothing, Mark dropped to his knees and took James’ massive cock in his hands.

Running his hands along its length slowly, he admired the impressive tool. Unable to get his hands completely around its girth, Mark made sure to stroke James with both hands, overlapping and hitting every possible sensitive nerve. James hummed in appreciation, and when he felt Mark’s hot breath on the head of his cock, he let out a low sigh.

Mark leaned forward and tentatively licked the tip, testing the waters before going all in. As he continued to caress James’ shaft, he ran his tongue over the head before taking the entire glans into his mouth. Sucking lightly, he worked as much of James’ cock passed his lips as he could before backing out and trying again. The head alone was a mouthful, and there was no way Mark could deepthroat the monster before him, but he tried nonetheless.

Groaning in pleasure, James placed a strong hand on his roommate’s head, holding him by his shaggy hair. Mark moaned around the hard member in his mouth, sending pleasant vibrations through James’ cock. Eventually James let Mark come up for air. As he caught his breath, Mark continued stroking his friend’s dick, now wet with saliva and precum.

James stopped him by taking him by the arm and pulling him up. He pushed Mark toward the living room and the couch. Bending him over the side of the sofa, James gave his roommate’s tight ass a good slap, leaving a red handprint behind. To his pleasant surprise, Mark actually moaned at the contact. With one hand stroking his cock, James admired his friend’s lithe body. He was thin, but not scrawny; slender, but not womanly. He had definition to his muscles, and it served to emphasize his wiry strength.

Mark looked up over his shoulder at James, his blue eyes quivering with anticipation. His cock was fully erect and aching with need; James too, craved release. Holding Mark’s ass with one hand, James spread the smaller man’s cheeks and placed the tip of his member – still slick with their juices – against his asshole.

Mark took a deep breath and shut his eyes, trying to relax and prepare for what came next. Holding Mark steady, James thrust forward, sliding passed any resistance and pushing the head of his large cock into Mark’s tender hole.

“Ughhh,” Mark groaned at the feeling. It hurt, but not unbearably so. There was pleasure too, and his dick twitched as his rectum adjusted to James’ invading member. James too needed to pause to collect himself; the walls of Mark’s anus gripped him tight and caused pleasurable chills to shoot through his body. After several long moments, James slowly pushed deeper into Mark’s tight ass.

Moaning at the sensation, Mark gripped the couch beneath him. James sank as much of his imposing length as he could into the thin man before stopping to savor the pleasure. His pain was forgotten once again, and his mind was clear of distractions. He knew in the back of his mind that he was going down the path of no return, but he felt far too good at the moment to worry about such things.

James began moving inside of Mark again, the latter moaning his approval all the while. “Ughh… holy fuck, that feels so good.” James pulled out slowly until just the tip of his cock remained inside his roommate. Then he buried himself in his ass again, holding him by the hips as he did.

As James built up to a steady pace, he snaked his tail around him and underneath Mark. He coiled it around the smaller man’s erect penis, squeezing him lightly. Mark gasped at the sensation and his cock twitched in James’ grasp. James didn’t have the same fine control over his tail that Lilith displayed, but he felt he could do this much at least. So, while he hammered continuously into Mark’s tight asshole, he jerked his roommate’s cock. With each powerful thrust of his hips, James’ cock reached deep into the smaller man, pressuring his prostate and overwhelming him with uncontrollable pleasure.

As the tip of James’ tail rubbed the head of his penis, Mark shuddered in ecstasy, climax fast approaching. Squeezing down on James’ manhood, he began to cum hard. As he shot rope after rope of ejaculate onto the couch beneath him, Mark moaned loudly. “Oh fuck, ahhh…”

James kept up his relentless pounding as his roommate squirmed beneath him; he was getting close too. Seconds later, he felt a familiar tightness in his balls as his orgasm overtook him. James gripped Mark tightly by the waist as he closed his eyes and was transported to a world of pure euphoria.

For the second time that night, James was inundated in carnal pleasure and sexual energy. He felt power like never before begin to flow into him, strengthening his magic and increasing his appetite for sex. He savored every drop of sexual essence that he-

“No!” James screamed at himself from inside his own head. “Get a hold of yourself, you stupid fuck! You’re going to kill him!”

James felt helpless, his lust had grown out of control, and now he was a mere passenger in his own body, watching through his own eyes as he drained Mark’s sexual energy.

“Please,” he begged, breaking down and pleading with himself. “Please… I don’t want to hurt anyone else.” The image of Claire’s lifeless body was burned in his mind, as was the sound of his would-be mugger being ran over. James scared himself when he lost control, and he was tired of feeling powerless. If he went on like this, he knew there’d be no way to come back. He knew he could never face Lilith again if he took another life.

And so, once again, James attempted to seize control of his power. It was unfathomably painful, as his soul nearly tore itself apart and his body was wracked with agony. He subjected himself to absolute torture in order to regain command of himself.

But he succeeded; for the briefest moment of clarity, James was in control. Quickly separating himself from Mark, he staggered back, waiting and praying that he was not too late. Tears streamed down his face, the product of indescribable physical pain and unadulterated mental anguish. Tears of relief soon joined them when he saw Mark stir, taking a deep breath and mumbling groggily before falling asleep where he lay, a content smile on his face.

Blinding pain returned to James’ head, as his migraine from hell returned with a vengeance. Gasping in agony, he stumbled to the side and slammed against a wall. His breathing was labored and painful, and his vision was blurry. With a shaky arm, James leaned against the wall, following it as he walked falteringly down the hall toward his bedroom. Staggering forward, his clawed hand left a trail of slashes on the wall beside him.

That short hallway had never been longer. Bursting through the door, James collapsed as if he had just run a marathon. His chest felt heavy, he could barely take a single raspy breath. His heart was beating fast. Too fast. Terrible pain continued to penetrate every nerve in his body, but now he felt a deathly chill come over him as well. As his heavy eyes fell shut and he lost consciousness, darkness greeted him…

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