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Agent of Lilith: Chapter 6_(1) by Eupatrid

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Ten days after sealing a pact with a demoness, James found himself resting peacefully, holding said demoness in his arms. The Temple of Venus shining around them, James and Lilith lay together in a large gilded bath, conjured through their magic. Warm water soothed the day’s fatigue, as James reflected on recent events.

In less than two weeks, James’ life had changed drastically. He was different now, body and mind. He possessed a strength of will and an inner power he had never known before, and it was all thanks to Lilith, his demonic mistress. He was sworn to serve her, to sustain her and the Temple of Venus through his sexual conquests. But his relationship with Lilith had gone beyond that of master and apprentice. He felt more strongly about her than he had ever felt about any mortal woman.

Although he had not known her for long, and she was vastly more ancient than he, James knew they shared a deep connection. He felt as though he had known her for his entire life. He still had many questions about the demoness and the mysterious realm she lived in, but he was willing to wait for answers.

In exchange for sharing with her the sexual energy James took from his partners, Lilith had begun to train him in controlling and focusing his newfound power, giving form to his magic in new and exciting ways. He was capable of moving objects with a single thought, summoning the elements, and dominating the hearts and minds of humans. He still had a great deal to learn from his mistress, but James’ strength was growing fast thanks to her training.

It was after one of their late-night training sessions in the Temple of Venus that Lilith had conjured the great bath that the two now enjoyed. James leaned against the edge of the large tub, and Lilith lay against him, her horned head resting on his broad chest. Their legs intertwined, they lay together in tranquil silence. James rested a hand against the small of his mistress’ back, holding her close to him; meanwhile, she traced a delicate finger along the outline of his strong jaw. They were content to relax in this way forever, but the time would eventually come – as it always did – for James to return to the waking world.

“So,” James asked eventually, “What magic trick will you teach me next, Mistress?”

She laughed lightly, “If you still think mortal magic tricks compare to what I can do, you haven’t learned anything, my naïve agent.” She was merely jesting though, and after a pause she answered seriously, “Truthfully, I haven’t decided what we’ll do next. You’ve progressed quicker than I expected.”

James smiled at her compliment. “Why don’t I pick then?” he joked. “Could you teach me to fly? Or to freeze time? Oh! What about teleporting?” He looked down eagerly at the demoness, who raised an eyebrow in amusement.

“You watch too many movies, my sweet.” The two laughed. “We’ll work up to the big stuff,” Lilith continued, “In the meantime, how about something a bit more… subtle?”

The demoness held up a finger so that it was at James’ eye level. Before he had a chance to speak again, he was silenced by the ensuing magical display. On the tip of her finger, a swirling mass of magic coalesced into two miniature people, a man and a woman. As they formed, and their features became clearer, James realized he was looking at miniature versions of Lilith and himself. The tiny pair began to dance together, moving gracefully to music James couldn’t hear, all while balancing on Lilith’s fingertip. When their performance finished, the two came together in a passionate kiss before evaporating back into pure magic and light before James’ eyes.

Excited by the demonstration, he looked back to Lilith, “That was beautiful, Mistress! I didn’t know you could create something like that. Can you teach me?”

“Of course,” answered the demoness with a loving smile, “I think you’re ready. Illusions require great finesse and control. Complete discipline over one’s magic is needed, or else the illusion fails, becoming something ugly at best – or dangerous at worst. Control like that usually takes a long time to master, but you’re a fast learner.”

“Thank you,” James responded, “But aren’t you exaggerating just a bit, Mistress?”

Lilith shook her head. “Not at all, James. Your skills are very impressive. I’ve never had an agent that took to magic so naturally.” She smiled reassuringly, but James frowned as gears started turning in his mind.

He sat up straight, forcing Lilith to readjust as well. She regarded him curiously, “What’s wrong, James?”

He addressed his mistress evenly, “I don’t know why it never occurred to me… You’ve had other agents before me?”

Lilith was taken aback by the question, and she sat up to answer him. “Of course. You’ve seen how damaged this temple becomes if it’s not supported by sexual essence… how weak I become. I can’t afford to be without an agent for terribly long.”

Her answer did nothing to alleviate James’ growing doubts, “What happened to your other agents then?”

“They…” Lilith began hesitantly, “They died.”

James stood up and stepped out of the bath, dripping water onto the tile mosaic that covered the Temple of Venus. “How?” he demanded, not meeting Lilith’s eyes. “How did they die?”

Lilith looked off in the distance and sighed before answering. “They couldn’t handle it, the power. They were consumed by their own lust and destroyed by their own magic. They lacked control.” She could sense James’ doubt and fear, his apprehension and his anger. She tried to reassure him, “But, James, you’re-“

“Different?” he finished for her, turning to glare at his mistress. “How long do your agents usually last before self-destructing? How long do I have?”

Lilith let out a breath and stood, meeting James’ stern gaze. “It varies. Sometimes weeks, sometimes months. But James,” she said, stepping toward her servant, “You really are special.”

“Bullshit.” James spat, taking a step back, away from Lilith. “Why should I be any different? Why am I any less disposable? How long will it be before I die for you too?” James surprised himself with the venom in his voice. He felt so hurt, so betrayed. He cursed his own foolish naiveite. “Are you already looking for my replacement? How will you select them?”

He thought back to the night when he sealed his pact with Lilith, and the nights proceeding it. Her demonstration of illusionary magic still fresh in his brain, it all clicked. “The dreams…” he spoke softly, angry with himself for ignoring the obvious. “Those tortuous, lustful dreams… Was that your way of testing me? Playing with my mind?”

“In a way.” Lilith answered honestly. “I had to be certain that you had the potential to accept my power. But James, you’ve surpassed that potential. I knew from the moment I met you that you were special – that you were different from the others.”

James clenched his fists at the mention of ‘the others.’ It hurt him to know he was just one in a long line of servants, and that his mistress likely cared no more for him than she had for the countless others. Hardening his heart, James glared at the demoness and spoke angrily, “Why should I believe you? Why should I believe anything you’ve told me?” He was shaking with rage now, unable to keep his emotions in check. “You’re Lilith, after all! Demoness of lust and deceit! You lie. You use humans. You kill. All while hiding in this fucking temple!”

Lilith’s bright blue eyes went wide with hurt shock at James’ words, before turning blood red. She spread her wings out as the Temple of Venus darkened around her. The water in the empty bath rippled outward as a small shockwave of magical power emanated from the angry woman. James took a step back in surprise and fear as the demoness drew herself up to her full stature. Her long black tresses whipped wildly around her wrathful visage, as if a great wind was blowing, but the air remained still and heavy. Lilith’s aura was palpable, and it flickered around her like a dark flame, threatening to consume everything it touched.

She shouted down at James, her voice echoing through the infinite plane, “YOU THINK I WANT THIS?” The air around her grew hot. “YOU THINK I WANT TO LIVE IN THIS PRISON?” The tiles beneath her feet cracked. “YOU THINK I WANT TO BE THIS… THIS MONSTER? THIS FREAK?” The gilded pillars of the temple shook and began to crumble. “YOU THINK I WANT TO USE AND HURT THOSE I LOVE?”

The wrath of Lilith was terrible, and as James backpedaled in fear, she pressed down upon him. “Mistress, I-” he struggled to speak.


James tried again to speak, “Lilith-“

“GO!” And as she shouted this last command, she threw her arms out and James went flying, propelled by the force of her will and her rage. He was knocked back a hundred feet, and he was certain that the fall would kill him. As his back hit the tiled floor of the temple, James awoke with a jolt, in his bed on Earth.

Back in the Temple of Venus, Lilith stood still as the world grew bright again. She allowed her wrathful aura to abate, though she was still angry. Angry at James for not trusting her, angry at herself for lashing out, and angry at-

“That was quite a show, Lilith.” spoke a disembodied feminine voice. All the light in the Temple seemed to grow brighter and focus on the demoness. It was the very light that spoke to her. “But,” the voice continued, “now you see what happens when you get too attached to your slaves… You of all people should have learned this lesson.”

The condescending tone in the voice made Lilith’s blood boil, and she was unable to keep contempt from seeping into her angrily muttered response. “What ever happened to privacy?” Immediately, the light became blindingly bright, and Lilith felt immense magical pressure all around her.

“YOU DARE SPEAK TO YOUR GODDESS IN SUCH A MANNER?” the voice thundered throughout the temple. Lilith was forced to her knees by a power far greater than her own. “You should be grateful for your very existence, Lilith! Think before you speak again, my pretty little plaything.”

Lilith clenched her fists and bit her tongue, fighting the urge to curse at the goddess. If she did, maybe the goddess would actually kill her, and finally end her entrapment. Lilith quelled these dark thoughts and tried to calm herself. She responded to the light again, speaking evenly this time, “I beg your forgiveness, Your Grace.”

The light dimmed slightly, and Lilith felt the power restraining her weaken its grip. “You are fortunate I am a merciful goddess. Others would have struck you down for such impudence. Remember that.”

“Yes, Your Benevolence.” whispered the demoness with forced reverence.

“Now,” spoke the goddess more softly, “I’ll be traveling soon and will be away for a few days. Then you’ll have your precious privacy.” the goddess spoke the last word mockingly. “See to it that by the time I return, you have disciplined the human… or replaced him.”

Lilith again fought the urge to protest, answering meekly, “Of course, Your Eminence.”

Without another word, the suffocating light receded into the clouds and Lilith was left alone again. Immediately overwhelmed by a rush of fear and sorrow, the demoness fell to the floor. What was she going to do? She had destroyed her relationship with James, and now he was in danger because of her. How could she face him again? She felt soul-crushing hopelessness, the feeling she had come to associate with the Temple of Venus.

Lilith cursed herself for being so foolish as to think she could be happy. She could never be loved, not again; her goddess had ensured that. Thinking of James and lamenting her worthless fate, she sank into a deep despair. Holding herself while she rocked back and forth, Lilith did something she had not done in over a thousand years… she cried.

Back on Earth, James lay awake, staring at the ceiling of his bedroom. He was still shook from Lilith ejecting him from the Temple of Venus. He still felt angry at his mistress, but now he was angry at himself too. “God damnit, James,” he whispered to himself, “Why the fuck did you say those things?” He’d never seen Lilith so enraged… or so hurt. James knew he had overreacted and pushed the demoness too far.

He tried to reach out to her mentally, as she had taught him to, “Lilith,” he spoke in his mind, directing his thoughts to the demoness, “Lilith, I’m sorry. Please, talk to me.”

No answer was returned; James wasn’t even sure his thoughts were reaching her. Nevertheless, he kept trying.

“Lilith! Mistress! Please, don’t shut me out. I’m sorry!” he pleaded with her in his mind. If she was listening, though, she didn’t respond.

“Fuck!” James cursed aloud, “Why won’t she talk to me?” He ran his hands through his hair and let out a deep breath. He could hear birds chirping outside his window; the sun was beginning to rise. “Maybe I can just reenter the temple in my dreams,” he thought. Lying back and closing his eyes, he tried to relax so that he could fall asleep.

It was pointless though. There was no way he could relax now, he was too worked up. He couldn’t stop thinking about Lilith’s words, or the anguished look in her eyes. James had never imagined that she was in so much pain, and he felt guilty for trying to push her away. He spent hours tossing and turning in bed, trying to quiet his mind and fall back asleep, but it was fruitless.

James decided to let Lilith have her space… he needed time to think as well, before they spoke again. With a sigh, he swung his legs over the side of the bed and stood up. Light was now pouring into the room through his window, and he checked the time on his phone. “Shit,” he said when he saw the hour, “I’ve already missed my first two classes.” James hurried to shower and get dressed, before flying out the door. If he was quick, he might make it in time for the tail-end of Physics.

Unfortunately, he was not quick. A car accident on the highway jammed up traffic and made James later than he already was. He arrived on campus right as his Physics class was ending. “At least I won’t miss Kat’s class,” he thought to himself. Having an hour to kill before Composition, James took a seat on a bench outside and returned to his thoughts about Lilith. What did she mean when she said she was a prisoner… had someone else trapped her in the temple?

James didn’t have much time to explore this thought, as he was woken from his reverie when Jessica plopped down on the bench next to him. He looked over at the blonde as she greeted him with a friendly smile, “Hey. Where’ve you been?”

James tried to force a smile as he lied, “Hey, Jess. Sorry… I overslept.”

Jess eyed him suspiciously before sliding closer to him. “Okay,” she said, “but what really happened?” Jess had known James long enough to know when he was lying, and when he needed to talk. And James had known Jess long enough to know it was pointless trying to keep a secret from her.

“It’s…” he began, “It’s kind of a long story.”

Jess flashed her bright smile, “I’ve got time.”

James couldn’t help but return a weak smile of his own. He was grateful for Jess’ company, and he decided she deserved to know what was really going on. “Okay,” he said as he stood, “But not here.” He extended his hand to the blonde and led her to the library. He checked out one of the study rooms, so that they could be alone and not overheard.

James shut the door to the room behind them and took a seat on the small couch. He was soon joined by Jess, who placed a hand on his leg and watched him with concern. “Alright, James. What’s going on?”

Letting out a low sigh, he decided to spill the beans. He told Jess everything, beginning with his pact with Lilith. He recounted for the blonde how he had become the demoness’ agent, and what that meant. He half-expected Jess to become angry when she learned that James had used his new powers on her, but she just sat and listened quietly, letting James talk. He told her about the temple, and he told her about Lilith. When he described the beautiful demoness to Jess, he noticed she squirmed a bit on the couch.

James told Jess about that morning’s fight, about his stupidity and Lilith’s anger. Jess put her hand on his as described the hurt he had seen in his mistress’ eyes, and the guilt he felt. When James had finished his story, Jess reached up to his face and wiped away a tear he didn’t known he had shed.

Still holding his hand, Jess spoke softly, “You really love her, huh?”

James’ eyes went wide, and he felt his cheeks turn red, “N-no!” he stammered, “It’s… it’s nothing like that. She’s my mistress is all, that’s it!” Jess saw right through him though and smiled fondly.

“Don’t worry,” she said, “I’ll keep your secrets, all of them.” She kissed him on the cheek, and James felt warmth lingering where her lips had touched him. “Still though,” Jess continued, “I never would have thought that my master had a mistress of his own.”

“Everyone has a boss, Jess.” James answered.

The blonde raised a quizzical eyebrow at this, “Even Lilith?”

James considered this, he’d been thinking earlier about Lilith’s words and wondering who had imprisoned her in the Temple of Venus. “Yeah…” he spoke quietly, “maybe even Lilith.”

“So, what are you going to do?” asked Jess. When James gave her a questioning look, she went on. “About Lilith, you idiot. What are you going to do? You can’t leave things like they are.”

“Well, uh… I’m gonna try to talk to her again tonight. She won’t respond to mental communication, so I just have to hope she’ll let me apologize in person.”

“Mental communication…” the blonde spoke to herself, “You really are magic, huh?”

James gave a weak smile and shrugged his shoulders, “Yeah, I guess so.” James thought for a moment before speaking again, “Jess. Why aren’t you mad at me? I used my magic on you for my own gain. I thought you’d be furious. I’d deserve it if you punched me.”

Jess looked down at her lap as she thought, “Hmm… Well I guess I should be angry,” she began, turning to look up at her friend, “But I’m not. Maybe it’s because your magic has affected me so much already? Or maybe it’s because…” she blushed and smiled,” because I’ve enjoyed what we’ve done all on my own, no magic necessary.”

“Jess…” James breathed. He smiled back a her, “You’re amazing. Thank you, for listening.”

The petite blonde gave James a warm hug, “That’s what friends are for.”

James returned her embrace, holding her close as he spoke, “Jess, you know you’re more to me than that.” As the two separated from the hug, their eyes met. Jess’ eyes seemed to shimmer, her body quivering in anticipation. James took her chin gently in his hand and leaned down to meet her soft lips with his own.

A tender moment quickly turned more passionate, and the two kissed hungrily. As they did, Jess ran her hands up James’ back, gripping his strong shoulders and gently caressing his neck. James leaned down and began to trail kisses down Jess’ own neck, while his hands roamed over her body. Jess moaned at his touch, nuzzling into his shoulder and breathing lightly on his ear.

James shivered at the sensation. His desire for the beautiful blonde was growing quickly, and he could sense her lust as well. James was tempted to tap into her lust with his magic, to magnify it and drive her wild with passion. But he remembered what she had told him, that he didn’t need his magic. She was already there. He suppressed his lustful aura to the bare minimum, content to do things the old-fashioned way for once.

Still holding each other, the two lowered themselves to the couch until Jess was on her back, arms draped around her lover’s neck. James continued to kiss his way down to her collar bone, enjoying the feeling of his lips on her soft skin. Supporting himself with one hand, James used the other to slip under Jess’ shirt. He lightly caressed her flat stomach as his fingers trailed up to her small breasts.

The petite blonde hummed in approval, fidgeting under James’ touch. His knee was currently between her legs, and she ground slowly into it, rubbing her crotch against him. She broke off their kiss and lifted herself up enough to pull her shirt over her head, shaking out her long blonde hair once it was free again. James undid Jess’ bra and cast it aside as well before lowering his lips to her perky tits.

“Mmm,” Jess moaned, her hands returning to James neck, holding him against her as he teased her nipples with his mouth. He licked around her hard nubs before sucking lightly, sending pleasure coursing through the teen’s body. As he alternated his attention between Jess’ sensitive breasts, his free hand snaked beneath her yoga pants and began to lightly rub her pussy.

Jess threw her head back and let out an appreciative sigh. James began to crawl lower, trailing wet kisses down her abdomen while his hands went to her waist. He pulled her pants down to her ankles and came to rest between her legs, face to face with her panty-clad sex. Jess squirmed in anticipation, looking down at her lover. She felt his hot breath on her pussy, and when he kissed her through her panties, she gripped the sides of the couch hard.

“Please, James,” she spoke pleadingly, “don’t tease me.”

James smiled and nodded as he hooked his fingers under her panties and pulled them down, Jess lifting her hips for him as he did. Resting a hand on her leg, James began to work his way back up to Jess’ bare pussy. He planted wet kisses on her trembling thighs as he drew nearer, and Jess writhed beneath him in impatient pleasure.

When James at last ran his tongue over her wet slit, Jess loudly groaned, “Fuuuuck…” She ran a hand through her hair and massaged her own neck while her other hand played with her breasts. Biting her lip, she closed her eyes and surrendered to her mounting ecstasy. As she tweaked her nipples, James began to lap at her sensitive sex.

James looped his arms under Jess’ legs and pulled her closer to him. Holding her hips while he licked her pussy, he brought one hand down to toy with her clit. If Jess’ moaning was any indication, she was enjoying it. While his thumb rubbed her tender button, James used his tongue to probe the blonde’s wet folds further, enjoying her taste. Switching things up, he brought his hand down to her pussy and inserted a finger into her tight passage. Meanwhile, he moved his mouth up to Jess’ delicate clitoris, sucking gently as his finger found her g-spot. Applying pressure to her most sensitive places, James was rewarded with a loud moan.

“Mmmm, ohhh my god. James, I’m cumming!” The petite blonde arched her back as James continued to work his finger in and out of her pussy and suck at her clit. She squeezed her tit hard with one hand and grabbed James’ head with the other. As she screamed her orgasm, James lapped greedily at her delicious pussy, savoring her flavor and her energy. While Jess shook and came down from her powerful climax, James licked his fingers and smiled down at his friend.

Jess sat half-way up and began fiddling with James’ belt. He took the cue and pulled his shirt over his head while she worked on his pants. She grabbed his dick as soon as it sprang free and guided it to her waiting womanhood. She leaned back again, pulling James down with her as he pushed the head of his cock into her.

The two moaned in unison before meeting for another kiss. James pushed deeper into the petite blonde, reveling in the feeling of her warm walls around his hard cock. He began to move his hips slowly, thrusting in and out of Jess’ tight pussy. He brought one hand up to her breasts and began playing with her nipples, heightening her pleasure. She moaned lightly into their kiss as they continued to wrestle with their tongues.

With long, even strokes, James drove his cock deeper into Jess. She moved her hips in rhythm with his, rising to meet his thrusts. Pulling away from their kiss, James redoubled his efforts and picked up the pace in an effort to make Jess cum again. Soon he was hammering into her at full speed, and he felt his own orgasm rising within him. Jess too was climbing towards euphoric release, breathing heavily.

“Oh… fuck… James,” she gasped between thrusts, “don’t… stop…”

James did as she asked, keeping up his vigorous pace. He wanted to last as long as possible for Jess, but he soon succumbed to his mounting pleasure.

“Jess,” he groaned, “I’m gonna cum.”

She wrapped her arms around him tighter in response, “Please… cum inside me, baby.” As if to punctuate this, she squeezed tighter around James’ cock. He moaned loudly as he gave in to ecstasy, cumming hard inside the petite blonde, all while still thrusting furiously. The feeling of James pumping his semen inside her pussy sent Jess over the edge as well, and she was soon lost to the throes of her own orgasm.

Milking her lover for all he was worth, she shook with pleasure and held James tightly in her arms, her fingernails scratching his broad back. But neither of them noticed; they were preoccupied. As Jess experienced the most intense orgasm of her life, James finally stopped moving, his sensitive prick needing a break. He could feel the vibrant sexual energy of Jess’ climax flow through him, it was warm and powerful, like a bright flame. He breathed in her essence, delighting in her pleasure and his own. James had little trouble suppressing his magic, even when fueled by such potent energy, so he pushed his lustful aura deeper down.

Eventually he pulled out of her, knowing what could happen if he sapped too much energy from his friend. Supporting himself on shaky hands, he smiled down at Jess, who looked as exhausted as he felt. She strained her neck to reach up and place a light kiss on his lips. The two lay together for a while longer, catching their breath and enjoying the feeling of peace.

Their tender moment was interrupted by a loud grumbling, originating from James. He grimaced with embarrassment. “Sorry,” he said with a light laugh, “I didn’t eat anything this morning.”

Jess chuckled back at him, “Well why don’t we go get lunch then?”

“It’s a date,” he answered with a grin. The two extracted themselves from the other’s embrace and began to dress.

“What about your class, though?” asked the blonde.

James checked the clock on the wall and shrugged. “It’s already half over,” he said, “Besides, I don’t think Kat will care too much if I miss one lecture.”

Jess raised an amused eyebrow. “Kat?”

“Uhh… Dr. Sharp, I mean.” said James. The two laughed as they grabbed their backpacks and left the study room. They received an interesting look from one of the librarians as they walked out the door; they hadn’t exactly been keeping their voices down during their little “study session.” Outside, it was beginning to rain. Enjoying the cool autumn air and the smell of rain, the two made their way across campus to the cafeteria. As they ate, they had a perfectly normal conversation, one that didn’t involve magic or sex. James felt completely ordinary for a short time, and he decided that was just fine. He was grateful for Jess’ company; he needed the distraction from his own thoughts – thoughts about Lilith. Eventually, the two coeds had to part ways. Jess had a mountain of homework to do, and James had work at the coffee shop to get to. The rain began to pick up, and James had to run to his car to keep dry.

When James arrived at work, he found that the shop was extremely busy, even for a rainy Friday afternoon. Tying on his apron and jumping behind the register, he allowed his natural charm and desirous aura do their thing. “Customers are so much easier to deal with when they want to bang me,” thought James.

The first half of his shift was a blur, as he faced a rotating door of customers. Things slowed down eventually though; who wanted coffee on a Friday night, after all? There were still several businessmen and women picking up a drink or a sandwich on their way home from work, and a few students from the college had congregated in the cozy shop, tapping away at their laptops. Bored, James lingered at the counter, making idle conversation with one of the few shop patrons. Sam was around the corner in the storeroom, taking inventory, when Tina walked into the little café.

The beautiful Asian woman brushed her long black hair, wet from the rain, out of her stunning face. Spotting James, she greeted him with a seductive smile and sauntered over to the counter. James spoke with mock professionalism, “Welcome, miss. What can I do for you?” The black-haired beauty had visited James at work several times during the week, usually on her way home from her office after a long day.

“Oh, let’s see…” spoke Tina, pretending to contemplate the menu, “I think I’ll take the usual.”

James smiled, “Very well, miss. Just one moment.” James turned and began brewing a cup of coffee he knew no one would drink, before returning to the beautiful attorney. He used his magic to subtly force the other customers to pay no attention to James or Tina. When he was sure no one was watching, he spoke again, “Right this way, miss.”

He led Tina around the counter and pulled her into Sam’s office. Normally they would rendezvous in the cluttered storeroom, but Sam was in there at the moment, so James decided to have a little fun in his boss’ office instead. Swinging the door shut behind them, James began to untie his apron. Tina took off her coat and threw it to the side before stepping close to James, placing a delicate hand on his broad chest and pulling him down for a kiss. Even in heels, the Asian woman was far shorter than James, so he had to lean down to meet her lips.

As they kissed, she walked James back toward Sam’s desk. She pushed him into the manager’s chair, then dropped to her knees between James’ legs. She quickly pulled down his pants and took his penis in her hand.

“Mmm…” Tina hummed as she began to stroke the college student, “It’s been too long.”

“Tina,” spoke James with a light chuckle, “it’s been like two days.”

The woman regarded him a curious look. “Uh, yeah. Like I said, too long.” The little nymphomaniac tucked her hair behind her ear and lowered her mouth to James’ rapidly hardening cock. Sealing her lips around the head, she teased his slit with her tongue, eliciting a quiet moan from James.

As his dick grew to its full length under Tina’s expert service, the petite woman reached down between her own legs with her free hand and began rubbing her pussy. Growing wet and becoming impatient, she stood and peeled off her panties.

“I can’t wait. I need this monster inside me.” Tina spoke lustfully, hiking up her short skirt. She climbed into James’ lap, facing away from him. She positioned herself over the man, gripping the arms of the chair for stability, before slowly sinking onto James’ rigid cock.

“Goddd,” she exclaimed, “you’re so fucking big!” James placed his hands on her hips, holding her lightly as she eased down his length. Once she had taken his entire cock into her tight pussy, she began to grind into her his lap, gyrating her hips. Then she lifted up, rising on James’ length before dropping back down. She repeated this process, moaning loudly every time she slammed down.

James could feel her growing pleasure, he could sense her powerful sexual energy. It raged like a storm inside her, a stark contrast from Jess’ tender flame. While he hadn’t needed his power with Jess, James had no reservations about tapping into Tina’s desire with his magic and amplifying it. This drove the Asian beauty wild. James closed his eyes and let Tina do all the work as he reveled in his own growing pleasure. With every sensation more potent than before, she built quickly towards her climax, moaning all the while.

Then she froze, halfway up James’ dick. “Uh, James?” she whispered. James opened his eyes and looked over Tina’s shoulder. There in the doorway stood Sam, eyes glued to the display before him, his erection visible in his pants. James realized his aura of lust might have affected more people than he intended, as Sam stared vacantly, clearly overcome with desire.

Tina looked back at James, “Does your friend want to join us?” she asked with a playful gleam in her eye.

“I don’t think you’re his type,” answered James with a smile.

“Oh…” responded Tina, slightly hurt by the idea that someone didn’t find her attractive, before realizing why that was, “OH! Well…” she continued, “He can watch then.” She then dropped the rest of the way onto James hard cock and leaned back to meet his lips with her own, moaning into his mouth as she resumed riding him. James focused a small amount of magical energy on his manager, compelling him mentally to stay where he was and enjoy the show.

Sam stared wide-eyed, immobilized, as the two fucked in his office. Though he should be outraged, he was only horny. Possessed by a powerful lust, he unzipped his slacks and fished out his own small cock. He watched with open desire as James thrusted up into the petite woman. He stroked himself, wishing he could trade places with her.

Tina was quite happy where she was though, and as her climax grew within her, she began to breathe heavily. She slammed down on James’ cock and froze again, this time lost to her own pleasure, shuddering and moaning. “Ohh fuck,” she cried as her orgasm overtook her, “fuuuck!” James reached around her and squeezed her breasts through her shirt, sending another wave of pleasure through the woman’s body.

James basked in the sexual energy of the room, taking in power from Tina’s orgasm as well as Sam’s growing lust. Pushing the small woman off him, James stood and turned to his boss’ desk. With a sweep of his arm, he cleared it of Sam’s belongings and documents, all while watching his manager out of the corner of his eye. The man merely continued stroking his meager dick and staring at James with unabashed desire.

Grabbing Tina by the waist, James lifted her and placed her on the desk. His body was surging with sexual energy, fueling his carnal need to fuck. He reached down and ripped open the woman’s blouse, sending buttons flying across the room. He then tore her bra from her body, utilizing his sexually-empowered strength. Tina gasped, surprised and aroused by his display of virile power.

James wasted no time before penetrating the petite woman again, filling her completely with his large cock. “Ohhh, fuck yesss,” Tina moaned as she lay back on the desk and let James take control. He quickened his pace and was soon pistoning inside the beautiful Asian, delighting in the view of her writhing in ecstasy beneath him as her tight walls embraced his hard cock.

With every thrust, he reached Tina’s deepest depths, causing her to gasp in pleasure.

“Uh. Uh. Uhhh, fuck! Yes!” she shrieked. Eyes closed, she savored the incredible fucking James was giving her. Her fingers found their way to her hard nipples and sensitive clitoris, which she rubbed desperately while climbing to euphoric new heights, made possible due to James overwhelming sexual aura.

James himself was becoming lost in pleasure as he ravaged the gorgeous woman. Holding Tina’s shapely legs against him, her high-heeled feet resting against his broad shoulders, James thrust into her with wild abandon. He could feel his orgasm growing quickly, but he held it back as long as possible. He didn’t want to stop fucking yet.

Behind James, still standing in the doorway, Sam watched the salacious couple. He couldn’t take his eyes off of James’ muscular back, his tight ass, and his strong legs. As James drove his cock into the beautiful woman over and over, Sam stared at the hypnotic movement of his rapidly thrusting hips.

Unable to move from where he stood, bound by James’ magic and overwhelmed by lust, the store manager could only watch and masturbate furiously. Sam soon reached his limit though, and he groaned in pleasure as he came, dribbling cum onto the floor of his office. He fell to his knees as his orgasm overwhelmed his senses. Still captivated by James’ magic though, he continued to stroke his cock and watch the spectacle before him.

“Ohh, god! Yes! Fuck! Fuck yes! I’m cumming!” moaned Tina. Squeezing both nipples hard, she opened her mouth wide in a silent scream as a full-body orgasm washed over her. Her entire body went rigid as previously unimaginable pleasure rushed through her. Her eyes rolled back into her head and the walls of her spasming pussy clamped down even harder on her lover. James wasn’t done though, and he continued to jackhammer his aching cock into the small woman, forcing her immediately into a second orgasm. James too was ready to cum, but still he held himself back, using his magic to hold off his inevitable climax.

The room was a swirling vortex of sexual energy, and James took his time savoring and absorbing it. The combined energy of Sam and Tina’s multiple orgasms filled every cell in James’ body with power. It was such a rush! He gasped at the intense sensation, falling forward and catching himself on his hands. The energy he absorbed, along with his own impending orgasm, inundated him in sheer bliss. As the sensation grew stronger, James’ power riled within him, seeking release.

James gripped the sides of the desk hard and felt the wood splinter beneath him. He strained to make his growing power obey him. With some difficulty, he was successful in forcing it down, quieting the storm that raged inside him. Returning to his senses, James realized his cock was still buried inside Tina, and she had gone limp. The woman’s perfect alabaster skin was turning even paler – if that was possible – and her breathing was becoming shallow. Her tight pussy still spasmed around James’ hard member, pushing him over the edge of the climax he was no longer holding back.

Immediately, James pulled out. As he did, his cock erupted in the most perilously pleasurable orgasm in history. He shut his eyes tight and held onto Tina’s waist for dear life as every fiber of his being experienced tortuous ecstasy. He was unable to contain an involuntary pleasure-induced scream. Wave after wave, his orgasm washed over him.

Eventually, it began to subside, and James was able to open his eyes again. Beneath him, Tina breathed heavily. Her slender torso, perky tits, and beautiful face were all covered in James’ cum. She looked exhausted, but otherwise fine. When her eyes met his, they went wide in shock, and James could see bright red reflected in her dark pools.

He pushed away and staggered back a few steps. Every nerve in his body was tingling in pleasure still, but a searing pain was beginning to grow in his head as well. Again, he felt his own power trying to consume him. As James attempted to force his magic to obey him, he braced himself against the wall with one hand. Mentally, he fought with the sexual energies that were overwhelming him.

He clutched his aching head in one hand. Breathing deep, James focused his mind and used sheer willpower to subdue his magic. “Why was that so difficult?” he thought to himself. It had been a while since he had last struggled to control his power.

His headache began to abate, and he opened his eyes to find Tina, still lying on the desk, watching him with concern. He faked a smile for her. “I’m fine,” he lied, pulling his pants up.

Tina seemed to accept this. She looked down at herself and frowned slightly before scooping up a bit of James’ cum with a finger and bringing it to her tongue. “Mm, not bad,” she said, licking her lips.

“I should get back to the store. You get cleaned up,” said James. Tina nodded and returned to tasting the younger man’s cum. James turned around and saw his manager kneeling in a pool of his own semen “Why don’t you help her, Sam?”

“Y-yes, sir,” answered the effeminate man obediently, standing and walking over to the beautiful Asian woman.

While the two cleaned up James’ semen in their preferred method, James himself returned to the counter. To his relief, there was neither a long line of impatient customers at the register, nor an orgy taking place in the small shop. At least he still had enough subconscious control over his power to stop everyone in the building from fucking each other’s brains out.

The store was pretty quiet, and it didn’t seem like any of the few shop patrons were remotely aware of what had been going on in the back office. There wasn’t actually anything for James to do at the front of the store at the moment, but that was fine with him. Leaning against the counter, he allowed himself to get lost in his thoughts.

“What’s wrong with me?” he wondered. The last time he had come close to losing control of his power, he had been able to regain control by focusing on Lilith. Since then he hadn’t had any problems keeping his magic under wraps. Was he so affected by his fight with Lilith that he was losing a grip on his own power?

James checked the time. “Just a couple hours to go. As soon as I’m home, I’m going to sleep. I’ve gotta talk to Lilith…” he thought.

A few minutes later, Sam emerged from the backroom, followed by Tina, who had her arms folded in front of her to keep her shirt closed. James got the door for her and walked her to her car, leaving Sam to take over at the register. It was still raining out, and the two got wet quickly.

“Sorry about your blouse,” said James as they walked, “and your bra.” When they got to Tina’s car, the petite woman let her arms fall, giving James a good view of her hard nipples through her soaked white blouse.

Brushing wet hair out of her pretty face, she answered. “Don’t worry about it, stud. I’m sure you’ll find a way to pay me back.” With that, she got on her tiptoes and planted a quick kiss on James’ lips before climbing into her car. She winked at him before backing out and driving off.

James marched slowly back to the coffee shop. When he came through the door, sopping wet, Sam looked up at him. “J-James… if you want, you can head home early. I’ll close up tonight,” the thin man offered.

“Right…” spoke James, “Yeah, I think I’ll do that. Thanks, Sam.” He ditched his apron, grabbed his jacket, and went back out into the rain. He sat in his car for a moment, listening to the rain and thinking. “What on Earth am I gonna say to Lilith?” he asked himself. Eventually he started up the engine and drove home, but he couldn’t stop thinking about his inevitable nightly meeting with the demoness.

When James arrived home, he was greeted by his roommates as he walked in the door. David and Mark were sitting on the couch and playing a fighting game.

“Yo, James,” called David. “You want in on the next match?”

James kicked off his shoes and shook his head at his roommate. “No thanks. I think I’m just gonna go to bed.”

Mark watched James peel off his jacket, revealing a wet t-shirt that clung to his muscular torso. “Are you alright, dude? Getting sick?” he asked, concerned.

“Something like that,” James answered and made his way to his bedroom. “Goodnight, guys.”

Once in his room, James got out of his wet clothes and climbed in bed. He lay there, thinking about Lilith. He didn’t know how he was going to get her to forgive him for the awful things he said. A part of him didn’t want her forgiveness; he was still angry and confused about what she had said as well. James had managed to distract himself all day with work and sex, but now that he was alone in bed, all the frustration and sadness he’d felt that morning came rushing back.

Normally the sound of rain was comforting and calming, but tonight it wasn’t enough. James tried in vain to quiet his mind enough to fall asleep, but he was too anxious. After a couple hours, he climbed out of bed and walked to his bathroom.

He grabbed a bottle of sleeping pills out of the medicine cabinet. James hadn’t needed these in a while, but they helped him when he was having trouble sleeping after his bad breakup the year before. He swallowed a couple of the little capsules and returned to bed. This time, despite his overactive mind, tired eyes overpowered his anxious thoughts, and the heavy blanket of sleep fell over him.

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