Adventures of Sarah – Chapter 1 by Demonhead

Ring; Sarah hears something soft interrupt her sweet dream. Ring; there it is again, she opens her eyes slightly as she moves toward consciousness. Ring; she snaps awake and grabs the phone quickly before the machine can answer it. She hears the metallic voice and her spirits rise immediately. Please, please, let it be Claremont. She thinks.

Sarah is a 22 year old substitute teacher with big dreams. She just graduated from college last spring and now was trying desperately to get her foot in someone’s door. Everyone has been telling her teachers were needed everywhere. What she was finding out now much to her chagrin was that that was not exactly true, at least not in this town. She had already gone through 4 interviews and received 4 rejections. We are looking for someone with a little experience. How many times has she heard that?

Sarah listened to the voice, waiting for the details. Please, she continued to beg with all her energy. Then she heard it. Yes! It was a math class at Claremont High School, her dream school. She so wanted to work there. The school was perfect, very large, in a middle class neighborhood close to where she grew up. This was another chance for her to get herself seen and start to build up some sort of network. She was learning quickly that in this industry it was how many people you knew that mattered in determining how many opportunities would come your way. She could play that game.

Sarah jumped out of bed and whisked herself into the bathroom. She had plenty of time as she didn’t have to get there for another 90 minutes but she was having trouble containing her excitement. She looked at herself in the mirror. Not bad, she thought, especially for just rolling out of bed. Her face was pretty, the beauty of youth. Her skin was on the light side but flawless like a porcelain doll. Her shoulder-length hair, while unruly at the moment, had that natural curliness so many people classified as “cute”. She grabbed her toothbrush and brushed her teeth quickly.

Sarah was a unique young girl, while being very attractive and sensual, because of her strict religious upbringing her thoughts did not wander over to sex very often. She is a virgin, technically, as no penis had ever penetrated her. She had been involved in many heavy petting sessions but has stuck to her guns so far in saving that last bastion of innocence for her future husband. When sex did cross her mind, it embarrassed her and it usually involved a dark room and never anything that would be considered scandalous of any sort. This feature of her personality made her even more attractive to most guys. She came across as innocent and naïve. While she was innocent compared to most girls she was far from naïve. Sarah knew very well how guys minds worked she just wasn’t real interested in that except when she could use it to help herself.

The hot water felt good rolling over her body. She loaded up generously with soap and spread it over her tight body. She loved the way her tummy was still tight and small, the many hours in the gym still paying off. Her breasts were not large but big enough to be noticed and that was about all she thought about them. She rubbed soap across her nipples and felt them harden. They were very sensitive and it didn’t help that no one else had touched them for a while. She rubbed the soap down her slender long legs. Sarah was not very tall, around 5’5” but most of that was leg and she needed all of them to hold up her best feature, her well-formed ass. It was again not incredibly large but on Sarah’s small frame it really stood out and when she packed it in a pair of jeans most of the male eyes were glued to it as she passed by. Sarah finally soaped up between her legs. She was shaven smooth down there not because of anything sexual but she thought it felt cleaner to her. It felt good to her whenever she did touch herself but she pretended to ignore it and moved on even though her fingers would linger there sometimes a little longer than they needed to.

Sarah jumped out of the shower and dried herself off before wrapping herself in her plush robe. She wrapped her wet hair in her towel and started to make herself up. She used so little makeup most people would consider it none. She did put on a soft red lipstick today that made her lips stand out from her pale complexion. She finished and turned to her closet to select what she would wear today.

It was Friday, a typical casual day for school but Sarah wanted to dress to impress today. She needed to be noticed and she wanted to look as professional as she could. She selected her favorite black skirt. It was simple and came to a few inches above her knees and she thought it looked great on her. The skirt would have been considered short to her mom’s generation and Sarah was very conservative in her dress. However, Sarah was also young and compared to everything else in the stores this skirt was long so it fit right in with Sarah’s conservative nature. What shirt to wear? She picked out a white one and put it back. She didn’t want to look like a factory worker. She needed a little more color. She finally decided on a soft yellow shirt that buttoned up the front. It was sleeveless but she had a pretty little white sweater she could wear over it and she would look very nice.

Clothes always made Sarah feel good and today combined with her teaching opportunity made her almost giddy. She opened her underwear drawer. Sarah’s underwear collection would not be considered conservative. While it would not in any way be considered slutty Sarah did love lace so all of her stuff was lace and with her body being so small her stuff was also very tiny. Not that she owned any thongs, those things were so uncomfortable, but her panty collection was quite lovely. She picked out a pair of yellow lace panties and the matching bra. Another of Sarah’s quirks was that she detested pantyhose. It made her feel so constricted not to mention they were usually very hot when the temperature was high. She so loved colored stockings so this was her one non-conservative clothing choice that would ever be visible to anyone. She selected a pair of black stockings.

Sarah dressed quickly and loosened the towel around her hair. It was not completely dry but dry enough to not wet her clothes so she fluffed it a little and she was ready to go. She grabbed her light white sweater and bounced into the kitchen to eat breakfast.

Mr. Jack Thompson sat at his principal’s desk in Claremont High School. He was rubbing his temples as he looked over the personnel roster for today. He had 3 teachers already called in sick. He had only one sub locked in at the moment, Sarah Johnson. She had worked here before but she was very young. He liked her and thought she was going to be a great teacher. The kids loved her too but she was young and hot so that was to be expected. Thompson had a good heart but he was also a normal male and this Johnson girl was a nice little package that put a little tingle in his crotch. He smiled and shook his head, wiping those thoughts away and got back to his problem. He had originally penciled her into the freshman math class. Johnson was math and science certified and she had worked with that grade level before so that was a no-brainer.

Now his problem was that he had two other spots to fill and the sub system was getting to the bottom of the barrel. He had senior math and junior English open. He couldn’t use Johnson for the English but she could take the senior math. He hesitated giving her seniors, especially since he had a couple of 19 yr old repeaters in that class that were trying to pass the class for the third time. He had no choice as he could fill the freshman math with a TA if he had to but the seniors really needed a certified teacher. Well, it is Friday and she should be able to handle one day without a problem. He would check on her often and this could be a good test for her. He erased her name and wrote it in the senior spot, now he had to try and round up two others. He got up and went to see if his secretary had an update.

Sarah was singing loudly to the radio as she drove down the expressway. Her favorite song was on and she was so psyched that she just had to sing. She was only 10 minutes from school when Mr. Thompson penciled in her name for senior math, the first of many small things that sealed her fate for the day. Had he known what that little change would do to Sarah’s life he might have reconsidered? Sometimes, however, our fates are determined for us so Sarah continued to sing and drove on towards what would turn out to be one of the most important days of her young life.

“Get the fuck out of bed! Can’t you try and start one day NOT like a fucking low-life?” a shrill voice ripped through Tyshawn’s brain, ripping him out of a deep sleep.

He rubbed his face and rolled over in bed. Yep, she’s still here, he thought. She was his stepmother, a bitch if there ever was one. What his dad saw in her was beyond him, but then again his dad wasn’t around much with him running between three jobs. So Tyshawn got to spend day after day with this bitch. He reached down and felt his cock, morning wood again, his huge shaft felt like steel in his hand. He had to get some pussy today or he would go insane. Maybe he could get one of the white whores to open up for him. He had no other choice as he went to Claremont High School and there weren’t any black girls there. Tyshawn and his two friends Jesse and Frank were in a special program that had them bussed to a suburban school.

Tyshawn was no dummy by any means, he was one of the best students in his old school but that wasn’t hard, most kids only went to school a couple of days a week. His dad thought it would be his ticket out of the neighborhood to get into the program and go to Claremont. Tyshawn fit in relatively well considering he was one of only three blacks among 1500 students. Most of his acceptance was due to the fact that he was an incredible athlete in pretty much any sport he tried. He played tailback for the football team and point guard for the basketball team and was the best player on both teams.

Not everyone at Claremont was so accepting, however, he saw the looks and heard the whispering from some people. He was very rarely confronted, at least ever since he pounded that senior redneck in his freshman year in the bathroom. Tyshawn smiled every time he thought of that episode. He hit the guy once in the gut and then across his jaw once and dropped him. It happened so fast his redneck buddies didn’t even have time to step in although when Tyshawn remembered the rage he felt at that moment it made him wonder sometimes how many of them he would have taken out had they tried.

Tyshawn got into the shower, his powerful body rippling as the water ran down and dripped off his impressive cock, still erect. He rubbed it a little but he refused to masturbate. His juice was meant for the girls not to run down his shower drain. Sometimes he would succumb but this wasn’t to be one of those days. He thought of the white girls that had tasted his dick over the last four years and smiled. He was especially fond of the blonde ones as he loved the way their white skin and blonde hair contrasted to his dark skin. He especially loved to look down and see his cock sliding in and out of their sweet little mouths. Yes, that was quite a lovely sight.

He got out of the shower and got dressed quickly, hoping to get out of the house without seeing the bitch again. He walked into the little kitchen, it was filthy again. The bitch wasn’t exactly an award-winning housekeeper. No, her only talent as far as he could see was screaming at him.

“Well, look at that, dogshit walks.” He heard her voice from behind him. He felt his anger rising. He turned to confront her.

“If it’s not too much trouble could you try and not fuck up today, I have to go to work and your dad has to work until 7:00 so no one will be around to go pick up your sorry ass.” She said to his face, her eyes cold and hard.

Tyshawn felt himself getting madder and madder and he felt his face turn. He didn’t see it at all until he felt her hand slap the side of his face hard. He recoiled and instinctively balled his right fist and held back at the last minute.

“Go ahead and try it tough guy, it’ll be the last thing you do around here. I can finally convince your dad to put your ass in reform school where you belong instead of that pussy white school you go to.” She said, the spit flying out of her mouth.

Tyshawn knew his dad would kill him and very well could send him away if he hit her but oh it would be so sweet. He fought back his anger and turned and walked out of the house. His mood was ruined for the day, he was pissed and horny and that always was a deadly combination.

Sarah pulled up in front of the school as Tyshawn was feeling the sting of his stepmother’s hand. She could not possibly know that another event was unfolding that would have a huge influence on her as she walked into the school, her pretty skirt blowing in the wind, showing off her long legs wrapped in black nylon.

Mr. Thompson was walking back into his office when he saw Sarah come through the front door. God damn, that girl was fine, he thought. He loved her curly hair framing her porcelain face and those legs. He came to his senses and called out to her.

“Good morning, Miss Johnson, can you come into my office for a minute?” he said.

Sarah looked up to see the principal speaking to her. She got a little excited that he knew her name. She knew his but she didn’t think he knew her at all. She followed him into his office.

“Have a seat.” He said and motioned to the chair in front of his desk.

Sarah sat down and crossed her legs, smoothing down her skirt. Mr. Thompson sat on the corner of his desk, his eyes locked for just a second on her thighs as she crossed her legs. Did he see a glimpse of stocking top? No, this girl was way too conservative to wear stockings. He must have been imagining things.

“Miss Johnson, I have to ask you to do a favor for me.” He said. She looked up at him and leaned forward a little. She was obviously anxious to make a good impression, he thought.

“Anything, Mr. Thompson. What do you need?” she said. Her innocent eyes looking at him, not realizing how what she just said could be misconstrued so easily.

His mind raced for a second, well you could kneel down right her and blow me, he thought. Or bend over the desk right here. Those two images flew across his brain and he felt his cock start to harden a little. He shifted his hands to his lap.

“I have a problem today. I have three teachers out and only two certified subs. You are the only one math certified and I have two math classes. One of them is the freshman class you have worked before and the other is a senior class. I had you slated for the freshman but I need you to take the senior class for me.” He said. He formed it as a request even though he knew in her situation she pretty much had to do it.

Sarah heard him and thought quickly. Seniors? She had never taught seniors before. In fact the oldest kids she had ever taught were 9th graders even in her student teaching. Could she handle it? She was a little nervous when she realized they would only be about 5 years younger than her.

“Miss Johnson, can you do that for me?” Thompson asked again.

“Umm, yes, yes, I guess so, Mr. Thompson. I have never taught seniors before.” She stammered.

“I understand that but I feel confident you can handle it. I will be around to help and the Math department will be there to help also.” He said.

She felt her confidence grow as she heard him tell her he thought she could handle it. Maybe this was her chance to prove herself and help her land a permanent job.

“No problem, Mr. Thompson, I will do it.” She said.

“Thank you so much, Miss Johnson. You’re a lifesaver and I won’t forget this.” He said.

She smiled wide and stood up and shook his hand.

“It is room 105, last door on the right down this hall.” He said.

“Thank you sir. I’m sure it will go fine.” Sarah said and turned to leave his office, unaware that his eyes were locked onto her ass as it swayed back and forth.

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