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Addicted to sucking myself

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When I found out I could suck myself I’ve been addicted to sucking it. I can’t stop , it has taken over my life. My wife has no idea I do it and I’m constantly sneaking away to suck it. She would leave me if she ever found out.

My body is changing … my mouth waters …
My balls swell. The only way to stop it is to suck myself.

It’s taking over my mind. It’s all I think about and all I want to do. Even when I’m not thinking about it my mouth starts to water. I’ve been caught sucking it numerous times.

It’s making me have urges I’ve never had before.

I’m up to sucking it at least 3 times a day and most of the time my wife is asking where I disappear too. Little does she know it’s to the bathroom where I can pull it out and suck on it.

I’m constantly sucking it for woman online too , I’m extremely obsessed and addicted. Foods don’t even taste the same anymore because all my mouth wants is my cock.

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