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Abduction – Taking Care of Our Need Chapter 5 by Tonykrane01

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I woke before Tom at 8AM and watched him sleep and thought that he certainly is a good looking man and man does he ever know his way around my body. I got up sometime in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom when I saw that he shot another load on my tits and face. I lost track of how many times he got off but it had to have been at least a half a dozen and then he came on me again while I was sleeping. God knows what he did to me besides fuck my tits. Now I’m more confused than ever. We had so much fun last night and when I got a glimpse of his house I started imagining myself as his wife. I could do a lot worse than this and I’d never have to go back to that stinking library. But does he feel the same or does he just think of me as his personal fuck toy? Is he confused or is he just showing me his nice side before I set him off by saying or doing something he thinks is wrong? One thing I know for sure is I wasn’t going to bring any of that up and risk being punished again. Then I got an idea.

I woke up at 830 and looked into Kelsey’s beautiful eyes watching me sleep. She whispered, “Good morning handsome, did you sleep well?”

“Like a log” I replied.

Then she said, “I did too but for some reason my head is killing me.”

“That’s called a hangover Kelsey and you probably won’t feel normal until tomorrow. I’ll get you some aspirin later.”

She replied, “Thank you Tom, you take such good care of me. So I got up to pee last night and noticed you gave me another present and I wanted to thank you. I was able to wet my hand and salvage your cum to have a delicious midnight snack. Did you have fun after I went to sleep?”

“I certainly did” I replied. “You put on that nice show and then passed out cold. I thought for a minute about whether I should fuck you in your sleep because we had so much fun and I was pretty drunk but then I remembered first and foremost why I brought you here.”

Kelsey said, “Please Tom, whatever happens I want you to know that I’m here to use as you want so don’t ever think twice about violating me while I sleep. I bet that happens with married couples too.”

“That’s interesting of you to say but trust me when I say I will do with you whatever and whenever I want. Make no mistake about that.”

She said, “I’m sorry I didn’t mean anything by it. I just…”

“You will just get on your hands and knees and suck my dick right now. I’m horny and I need to cum.”

Without saying another word she slid down and sucked my cock for the next hour before I jammed all eight inches in and blasted stream after stream of cum down her throat. Toward the end she was really struggling but she kept going for fear of what might happen if she didn’t.

“Thank you for letting me blow you Tom and giving me your delicious cum. Will you lick my pussy for me now?”

“I don’t feel like it right now Kelsey, I think I’ll take a little nap” and I fell asleep.


I am so stupid. I think I said everything right and when he told me what he expected I shouldn’t have stumbled on my words like that. I have to learn that sometimes I shouldn’t say anything and this is going to take time to figure out. He’s so much wiser than me though. I want to tell him I want to be with him for real but it’s way too soon. Maybe I’ll just let it play out and wait for him to look for something in addition to sex.

I woke up after an hour and Kelsey was sitting up in bed next to me reading one of the books I stocked to give her something to do when I’m not around. She said, “Did you have a nice nap?”

“I had a wonderful nap Kelsey but I am super hungry. I’m going to get you that aspirin and make us some breakfast. Would you like to come upstairs and help me?”

“Of course I would Tom but I was hoping you would make me cum first.”

“Nah, let’s get something to eat and I can get you that aspirin and show you the house.”

“That sounds great” she replied.

I took the shackles off and we went upstairs and I gave her two aspirin and the grand tour. I’ve made a lot of improvements so she was amazed when I showed her the large four-season sunroom, the heated pool and large deck, the massive kitchen and all the renovations to the upstairs.

“My God Tom this house is amazing. I’m fantasizing about taking care of it for you, lounging in the sunroom and by the pool. Your yard is so immaculate and private it would be super fun to sun ourselves on the deck and play in that pool. Just amazing.”

“Maybe someday” was all I said. “Do you know how to cook? We can start there.”

“Of course I do. I was the oldest of three kids and my parents both worked a ton so I often had to make breakfast and dinner.”

“OK then let’s get to the kitchen” I said.

I sat at the kitchen table and watched Kelsey walk around my kitchen naked and look through the fridge. “Is there anything special you want?”

“Surprise me” I replied.

She quickly found the necessary pans and utensils and soon had several things going at once including potatoes and bacon. When that was almost done she made toast and then two omelets with cheese, veggies and the bacon. She added various seasonings and plated everything like a professional chef and brought my plate to me.

“I hope you like it Tom” and then she turned around and started to clean up.

I was going to ask her to join me but thought better of it and started to eat. The food that hit my mouth was some of the best I ever tasted. Everything had various subtle spices and flavors that were absolutely fantastic. I was about halfway through when she finished cleanup and joined me at the table. She asked, “May I join you sir?”

“Be my guest” I replied.

She ate quietly and every now and then I’d catch her looking at me as if she was waiting for me to comment but I jut kept eating. When we were done she rinsed all the plates, loaded the dishwasher and sat back down at the table.

I said, “Well Kelsey I have to tell you that was one of the finest breakfasts I’ve ever had in my life. This kind of thing wasn’t at all expected when I took you but it is a very pleasant surprise.”

She said, “Oh Tom, that makes me so happy” and her eyes started to fill with tears.

“Now, now sweet girl, we’ll have none of that. Would you feel better if I let you suck my cock again? I’ve been playing with myself under the table as I watched you make breakfast and a nice long blowjob would be perfect for desert.”

She said, “I was hoping you’d ask” then got up from her chair, got on her knees and started sucking my cock for the second time this morning. Kelsey was learning her place more every day and I sat back with a full belly and watched her head bob up and down on my cock. In a short time she learned exactly what I like as she licked the head, slowly took my cock all the way in then slowly withdrew and sucked me hard and fast.

After blowing me for an hour this morning I knew this had to be uncomfortable but I did not want to let her think I cared so I said, “OK Kelsey, start jacking me off. I want to see how far my cum shoots.” Without saying a word she starting pumping my cock with her hot little hand and my orgasm started to build. “Slow down a bit, I want to edge so I shoot farther.” She changed to long slow strokes and then I told her to go faster. Fuck it felt so good I needed to shoot. “I’m gonna cum Kelsey. Grab my balls and jack me off as hard as you can.” She did as told and a geyser of cum started to shoot from my cock, halfway across the kitchen.

“Oh Tom what a fantastic cum shot. You are amazing” she said.

I replied, “I know and I bet you wanted me to cum in your mouth so you may now lick my kitchen floor clean.”

She got on all fours and licked every last drop of cum off the floor then rolled her tongue around her lips and said, “Delicious.”

“You did well my girl. Now let’s go downstairs, relax and watch a movie until I’m ready for more.”


It turns out Tom’s house is amazing. He has everything I ever dreamed of having and I thought about what it would be like to live there every day, enjoy the large kitchen, that sunroom and the pool. I also really enjoyed making him breakfast, cleaning up and eating with him. It gave me some normalcy and let me pretend I was the woman of the house for a while. It would certainly be better comfort than anything I ever had in my life so far. My parents were never really around and they expected me to take care of my younger brother and sister while they worked. When I wanted to go to college they never supported me and told me to find a way to pay for it and I ended up in that shit job at the library. All the guys I dated were slobs working dead end jobs who just wanted to get in my pants and didn’t give a shit about me. Am I such a loser that my only real relationship is with a man who forced me into his home? No, I’m a good person who never had any real support and however I found it perhaps I have found something. Thinking about my day so far though, after those two long blowjobs my mouth was so sore I could barely talk and I was so fucking horny I could barely stand it. All the while I sucked that cock all I could think about was how he made my cum six times in a row yesterday. I was so fucking hot that as we walked downstairs some of my pussy juice started to drip down my leg.

We got down stairs and I said, “So what would you like to watch? You were a really good girl today and you’ve earned the right to choose.”

She thought for a minute and said, “I really don’t care. If you want to, go ahead and pick something or we can just talk.”

Now I had another dilemma. I didn’t really feel like watching TV but was only using it as an excuse to keep her wanting my cock but I was curious about her background. I said, “OK what is it that you’d like to talk about?”

She then opened up to me and told me about her family life and while she was taken care of she never really felt supported. After basically raising her brother and sister it was like her parents couldn’t wait for her to leave and before she knew it she was all by herself, lonely, working a shit job and sleep walking through life. Sad as it sounds it wasn’t until I broke into her house and abducted her that she felt there was someone there who needed her for something.

She stopped and we sat there in silence for a long time until I told her about me. “I had a pretty good childhood and never really wanted for anything. I had siblings who I was close to and was the only one to graduate from college. I married when I was 21 and loved my wife with all my heart but we never had kids. I had a successful career and we worked our whole lives to have everything we wanted but there was always something missing for me. My brothers and sisters always seemed to resent my success and got most of everything from my parents and we eventually lost contact. My wife was my best friend and soul mate though and we always had so much fun going out, eating and drinking and when she died I felt I was left with nothing. While I loved her, there were fantasies and sexual urges that I couldn’t bring myself to ask her to do. At 52, I didn’t want to start dating even though I had a lot of women friends who tried to have relationships with me but that’s not what I wanted. So I started exploring online and even went to massage parlors and escorts because what I really wanted was totally uninhibited sex but it never satisfied me. I would compulsively masturbate to porn and have people watch me jack off on video chat, mostly men unfortunately. Then I started reading about abduction and well, here we are.”

I looked up at Kelsey. Her eyes were full of tears and she sobbed, “Well, on some level I guess we’re equally broken. You have everything but have nothing and I have nothing and no prospects so where does that leave us?”

I said, “I’m really not sure Kelsey. I never thought we’d be having a conversation like this.”

Then she said, “Can I make a suggestion?”, and I told her she could. “What I would really like is for you and I to get into this bed, lay down together and make love to each other. I am not suggesting that we won’t continue to do all the other kinky things we do because I am starting to really like it, even when you fuck my ass. But I have to tell you Tom, after sucking your dick twice today I am really fucking horny and I want you to make real passionate love to me and I really hope my asking doesn’t make you mad.”

I looked at her in silence for a long time. I was staring at a girl who is on one hand drop dead gorgeous, 30 years younger than me but obviously broken in many different ways. All at once all thoughts that I had of keeping her as my slave started to vanish and withholding sex from her all day was no longer an option.

I leaned her back on the pillows and we started to kiss. It was a long, passionate, needy kiss and I truly felt a connection and a longing need to be loved and cared for. Our hands caressed our bodies lovingly but without any inhibition. We explored all regions and erogenous zones and continued to thrust our tongues in our mouths as the passion continued to escalate.

Then Kelsey said, “Please Tom, make love to me now. I need you more than anything I’ve ever needed in my entire life.”

With that I got on top of her and slowly slid my cock into her soaking wet pussy. She cried out and dug her nails into my back and my ass and held my cock deep in her pussy and ground her clit on the base of my cock. I slowly pulled out and back in again and she gasped with pleasure and continued to dig her nails in my flesh. The pace of our lovemaking quickened until we were both screaming with pleasure that neither of us had experienced during anything we’d done during the last three days. We panted and drooled over each other and used our hands to feel every pleasure area of our bodies until we both began to feel our impending orgasms begin to build. We slowed down to prolong the pleasure but the passion soon took over and we both exploded with orgasms at the same time that shook our bodies to the core. We continued to grind our genitals against each other until we were both soaked in sweat and totally spent.

We lay on top of each other for a long time when I finally leaned up and looked into her eyes. We were both crying and I said, “Kelsey I think I love you” and she responded, Tom, “I love you more than anything I’ve ever loved in my entire life.”

To be continued…

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