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A Verona Facial [MF]

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The Youth Hostel in Verona was a terrible place to stay. Anne and I were on our honeymoon, backpacking through Europe. We were dirt poor and staying at Hostels to stretch our dollars. They varied in quality, but the one in Verona was astonishing. They had no couple’s rooms, so Anne went upstairs while I was relegated to the basement.

The men’s dorms slept 25 guys to a room. The dorm itself was cavernous and walled with tiles, so it was freezing and everything echoed. No one slept. The morning shower was a pipe stuck upright in the floor of a huge room. The water erupted upwards. You were expected to clean yourself in the spray. It was cold and it was miserable.

By the time I met Anne for breakfast in the common dining area I looked and felt terrible. Anne, however, was glowing and full of life, ready for a day of sightseeing. The women’s dorms, Anne told me, had four girls in a room and each room had its own bathroom with a full, and normal, shower. She had three roommates and they were all getting along great. My response was more than a little grumpy.

By the time we headed out I had cheered up, but even after a great day of exploration I dreaded going back to the dorm. The whole day I hadn’t been able to shake off the chill from that terrible shower. I started to get a little surly as the day wore on. When we parted at the entrance of the hostel to get ready for dinner, I made same sarcastic remarks to Anne about her palatial residence.

I wasn’t in the dorm for ten minutes before I felt a tap on my shoulders. It was Anne. She had hurried into the men’s dorms to find me.

“You weren’t kidding.” She said. “This place is awful. I talked to the girls in my room and they said that, if I can get you past the chaperones, they are fine with you using the shower upstairs.”

I didn’t wait. I grabbed my towel and toiletries and almost bounded up the stairs. Anne asked the angry looking Italian woman at the desk a question and I slipped past. Anne hurried after me and let me into their room. She hadn’t been kidding either. The room was amazing. 4 huge beds, art on the walls, even a table and chairs in one corner under a reading lamp.

Anne’s three roommates were there as well. She quickly introduced me to Maesa, Maxine and Julie. I thanked them profusely for their generosity. They were all smiles. All three worked as stewardesses on the same private yacht and they were taking some downtime to explore Italy. They urged me to take my time and to warm up. I did. There could be no comparison between the two showers. I cranked the heat up, put my head against the wall and almost fell asleep. I don’t know how much time passed before there was a tapping on the door.

“Yes?” I questioned sleepily.

“Are you alright?” Anne asked. “I just wanted to see if you are still alive.”

“Very much so.” I replied. She opened the door and came in. The steam was thick, but it didn’t block the view. I could see the three women looking in curiously.

“Anne.” I was very relaxed by now, and not particularly bothered. “You are showing me off to everyone.”

“Oops.” She came into the little room and closed the door behind her.

“We don’t mind.” One of the girls called from the bedroom. The others laughed. The door was very thin and I could hear them very clearly. Anne handed me a towel and I got out of the shower to dry. That little interaction had been enough to make me extremely horny. The hostels we’d been in for the last week or so hadn’t given Anne and I much alone time. I opened the door a little and peeked my head around the corner.

“Well ladies, that got me a little work up. Do you mind if Anne and I take a few more minutes in here.” Anne playfully slapped me.

Maesa, a tiny little woman with very curly black hair, was the one who answered. She had a fake stern tone.
“Absolutely not. Nothing can go on behind closed doors in this hostel.”

“You want to watch then?” I asked.

“Definitely.” She answered. The other girls laughed. I opened the door all the way and stepped out. I was happy to be seen. A few months of backpacking had left me in the best shape of my life and it felt amazing for there to be three women staring at me. My cock was rock hard. Maesa clapped her hands in approval. Anne peered around the doorway. She was still fully dressed.

“I’m not fucking you in front of my roommates.” She told me.

“Can he do it himself?” Maesa asked.

“He does that all the time. Doesn’t need my permission.” The girls laughed. Julie went and closed the blinds while the Maxine checked that the door was locked. Anne came out and sat on a bed to watch me.

I started stroking my cock slowly. I’d never had an audience before. Even when we’d been with other people, Anne was usually the focus. It was suddenly very intimidating. I felt my cock soften a bit. That worried me, so I tried to will myself harder. That only made the situation worse. Anne let out a loud sigh, faking exasperation.

“It’s always up to the wife to fix things.” She came over and knelt in front of me. She parted her lips slightly. It was a sight that always made me hard and this time was no different. My cock sprang back to attention. I moved forward slightly, towards Anne’s mouth. She put a hand up to stop me. “Nope. I told you, I’m not fucking you in front of my roommates. That includes sucking. I’m just here for inspiration.”

I didn’t need any more encouragement. With Anne in front of me and the three women watching, I started to stoke myself. I was slow at first. It felt so good just to be jacking off after so many days without being touched. I looked at each woman in turn. Maesa was leaning forward and watching with excitement. Julie was leaning back casually. She was wearing a short skirt. When she saw my eyes on her she spread her legs just enough so that I could see her white panties. I started to stroke harder.

Maxine was watching Anne. When she noticed me watching her she blushed and looked away, then looked back. Her lips were parted, just a little, like Anne’s. My cock throbbed in my hands. The girls were gorgeous, Anne was stunning. My cock started to pulse.

Julie spread her legs wider and I started to pant. Maxine’s eyes were glazed over, like she was hypnotized. Maesa stood up and walked behind Anne. She pulled Anne’s hair back.
“Cum on her face.”

I did. My cock erupted. A shot of cum splashed across Anne’s cheek. She flinched a little. Another shot, across her nose. I kept cumming. Pent up for days and with the women watching, I felt like I would never stop. I splashed across her lips and her chin. Anne closed her eyes just in time as I coated her eyelids, sealing them shut. Anne didn’t move her head around, or moan, or put on a show. But she was smiling, even more as I coated her lips a second time.

I looked over at Maxine. She was standing now. Julie was still behind her, leaning back and softly rubbing the outside of her panties. Maxine took a step forwards, towards Anne. I erupted again and again. Anne’s face was coated with my sperm. She looked glorious. I finally finished and staggered back a little. The room was quiet. A moment passed.

Maxine touched my wife on the shoulder.

“Let me clean you up.” She helped Anne to her feet and guided her into the washroom. She started to gently wash Anne’s face.

Maesa turned towards Julie and I followed her gaze. Julie was rubbing harder on her panties. When she saw us watching her, she hiked up her skirt a little, giving us a better view. She pushed and thrust her hips. She bit her lip and thrust towards her fingers. Suddenly her whole body convulsed and fell back. She steadied her breath. She looked over at my wife in the washroom, then raised a finger to her lips in a shushing gesture.
We all took some time to clean up and then they snuck me back downstairs for dinner. I suddenly felt a whole lot better about Verona.

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