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A teenager’s first ever orgasm (REAL)

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***N.B. This isn’t fiction, this is my real diary entry and I’m not a writer so please be kind with your comments! See bottom of post for more info*** **??**

Umm… so I just had my first ever orgasm! ?And it was every bit as amazing as they say it is. 

Basically, Daisy and I were watching TV in her room (we’re not allowed to watch it this late but Mum and Dad went to bed really early so we snuck downstairs and switched it on). Geordie Shore was on – I don’t really watch it usually but I’ve seen bits and I know who everyone is on it. Anyway, it was all the usual stuff, like drinking and arguing etc. and then these two characters on it started kissing in the house and it was a really long, passionate kiss. I often feel a bit of a stir ‘down there’ when I see kissing on TV, but this was really strong – I could feel myself almost throbbing as they kissed and moved their hands all over each other. Daisy was obviously freaking out because she’s 11 and thinks it’s all disgusting, so I was pretending not to be interested while also trying to shut her up because I obviously was actually SUPER interested ?and wanted to see what happened.

So they’re kissing and basically like groping each other, she slid her hands on his jeans and you could actually see he was hard! Then the next scene they were just in the bedroom under the covers and you could see them wriggling around and then start to move in a humping motion. I imagined how under the covers she must have spread her legs so he could slide inside her and then start moving in and out. I was going crazy at this point – Daisy was giggling but I couldn’t stop watching because it was just so hot. 

I moved a cushion between my legs and squeezed my thighs together so I could feel it press into my clit. I’ve felt nice feelings down there before, of course, but never this good. Sometimes I’ve leant against the edge of the table or sofa and let the corner dig into my clit a little and that feels nice, or sometimes I’ve pushed the shower head down and the feeling of the water all over my clit and lips is amazing. But this was different – it was totally overwhelming and I just had an urge to keep going. 

I squeezed the cushion and then let it go, then squeezed again and repeated that a few times. By this point the show had ended and Daisy was playing with Mum’s ipad, so I reached my hand under the cushion and rubbed myself through my pyjamas. It felt incredible. I could feel wetness seep through the material and onto my hands. I’ve touched myself before obviously but never had an orgasm but I just knew I needed to have one right now. I told Dais I was going to bed and basically ran to my room, feeling my clit rubbing nicely against my lips as I went up the stairs. Usually my clit is tiny and I can barely find it with my fingers, but tonight it was suddenly much bigger and really sensitive. I was so aware of it.

I jumped on my bed and instinct took over – I put one finger on my clit and just started rubbing gently. Within about a minute I could feel something different happening. It almost felt like I needed to pee. I stopped rubbing and sat up in bed, slightly panicked. My body was telling me to keep going, but my head was worried. I lay back down and slid my fingers down to my pussy, which was soaking wet. I moved my fingers round the outside of the entrance to my pussy and it felt amazing, so sensitive. Then I pushed my hand back up to my clit and used two wet fingers to start rubbing gently again. I was so turned, I could see my nipples rock hard through my pyjama top. I had the urge to push a finger into my pussy while the other two rubbed my clit, but I didn’t dare – I know I’m too tight for that because I’ve tried it before. Instead I just kept rubbing gently, then a little harder as the urge got stronger. I kept thinking about the couple on Geordie Shore, running their hands everywhere and then him entering her under the covers. 

I looked down at my little clit being rubbed and noticed my legs were tense and my toes were pointed without me even realising. Actually my whole body was rigid and tense – even my neck was straining, like it was reaching towards an orgasm, which I knew was coming soon. It felt amazing and the sensations in my pussy were getting stronger and stronger. I tried to be as quiet as possible but I know I was breathing really heavily because it felt so good. 

I felt that weird sensation again of needing to pee, but this time I pushed through it and kept rubbing, harder and harder. Suddenly I felt this wave wash over me and my vision went blank and my whole body went loose and started to shake. I could feel my pussy squeezing and then releasing, squeezing then releasing as each new wave washed over me. I let out two loud moans and then realised I had to be silent so tried to shut myself up, but by this point I’d rolled onto my side, with my hand still between my thighs, my whole body shaking and wetness covering my fingers. It was amazing. I had no doubt in my mind in that moment that I’d just had an orgasm and honestly it felt so incredible I could suddenly understand why everyone makes such a fuss about them!  

So now I’m just sitting here on my bed, telling you about it! I’m a bit less shaky but still very wet. It feels like I just did a double PE lesson – my whole body is exhausted. If I run my finger back down to my clit it’s now way too sensitive to touch. I desperately want another orgasm tbh but I guess that’ll have to wait until tomorrow… ?


***About me: I’m 18 years old from near London in the UK and I’m a real-life virgin ?I’m publishing the naughtiest bits from my actual diary on Patreon to help me make some extra money for uni next year (if that even happens now!).***

***This was my first published entry but I’m putting up about one a week from random points over the past few years of my life, so if you liked this, please hit me up and become a Patron. I only have two Patrons so far and could do with more ?***


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    This was so well written! And incredibly hot. Good job

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