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A Teacher’s Secret – Part I

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All characters are over the age of 18, and this story is purely fictional.

I should have seen the signs, the way you coaxed out all intimate details of my past relationships, pretending to research the social life after university, it is all rather clever…That’s what I have always known you as, that clever girl in the back of the class, always flashing me with those bright smiles. Edging into very personal things, before immediately back out into some other topics whenever the conversation starts to be more than I can handle. And whenever the mood seems to be safe, you would hint at the idea of a romance with someone older than you; in your own words, an age of maturity that knows how to handle a young woman properly, especially in the bedroom…That should have been the first sign, and the way you have put your hand on my right arm should have been the second.

It was all tears, joys and tediousness when graduation came. I should have expected it, although I have been through this many times during my career, it’s likely to be the only one most of these students or their families would ever see. But this one in particular, was one that I will always remember. When you shook my hand with such captivating smile on the podium, telling me how grateful you are, I can’t help be proud of how far you have come; a moment worth its weight in gold when you can see the fruition of your time and effort. I even smiled when you pulled an envelope from the pocket of graduation gown and palmed it to me. Perhaps it’s a token of your appreciation, and how little did I know it was far more than a simple letter…

Once finally home, I torn open the letter, trying to find the surprise that you had left for me. And within it, a small note and a memory stick fell out. The note merely said “Call me when you’re done watching the video!” with a small smiley face at the end, it also listed a phone number, presumably yours. When I eventually opened my laptop and plugged it in. The memory stick contained a video file, a little over 20 minutes long, and simply labelled with my name. It was probably a greeting, maybe even some heartfelt thanks and a doting off our more intimate conversations with few tears to punctuate the point. I appreciated the fact that you felt our relationship was important enough to put this effort into it. Most of my students wouldn’t. But then again, I never had a relationship with a student like the one I had with you…

The image that popped up on my screen was of you sitting on the side of a bed, undoubtedly yours, wearing a lovely silvery grown, waves of silk pooled to your side. The camera was perched somewhat above you, like on a bookshelf or the top of a dresser drawer, and looked down on you at an angle. Nothing in the image indicated that you would do more than an extended thank you. And it certainly started out innocently enough, with you talking about your time during the school, your experiences and the struggles that you have faced, how you are grateful that I was there to help you out. But then, your tone suddenly changed as you began to mention the more intimate things we have shared; my preferences when it comes to women and how you have always thought about finding someone like me to guide you, and that’s when you look dead centred at the screen, almost as if you are staring in at me in directly in the eyes. It’s like a trance when you start to rose and did a little turn, reaching behind you, and unzipped that gorgeous tight fitting dress with agonising slowness. It couldn’t have been more than a minute, and yet each second was seemly stretched to aeon as my heart was in my throat. The way you looked over your shoulder up into the camera, smiling so sweetly, eyes twinkled with mischief, and shook off the dress, before bending over as to pick it up and toss it onto a hidden chair nearby, flexing those soft, impeccable swells of your buttocks, with that tiny fabric of your panties digging into that valley between your cheeks. Is this the real you? The little vixen that has been hidden all the time under the masquerade of your goodness…

“I’m going to play for a little now. Sir, just like those girls on those Reddit posts that I know you like to look at. All the men do, but this…This is even better because we know each other so well, practically my entire life and I’m doing it just for you…I really hope you enjoy it as much as I’m going to enjoy doing it.” I can see you laid back on the bed, pulled your knees up and spread your beautiful smooth legs apart, proudly displaying the milky softness of your thighs and that mesmerising valley, hidden just behind that thin flimsy fabrics of your panties. “Should I take my bra off as well Sir? Of course, I should. I’ll bet those women on the Reddit feeds that you like don’t have anything on at all. I’m not quite there yet, but I would like for you to look at my tits…Tits, it’s such a silly word, but that’s how I heard all those men and boys from our school say it, So would you like to look at my tits Sir?”

I can’t help myself but growl at the sight before my eyes, like a starving animal, and when you placed those pretty long fingers on top of the little white bra, where lining was scattered enough to the point that it was see through, I could see the way you tweak those deliciously hard nipples between your thumb and index finger, with your eyes were rolled back and your lips opened widely, almost like a silent scream…What a wicked sight to behold.

“Fuck…That feels so good Sir. I wish these were your fingers and palms squeezing my titties like this.” You continued, taunting me with your sweet voice with your massages, tweaking those pink little buds, before reaching inside your bra to get direct access to them. Only then did you un-clipped the front of the bra and slowly and very delicately lifting it off of you. The sight took my breath away…Your breasts were exquisite, perky and firm, with those silky smooth skin dotted with dark brown areolae and perky nipples pointing proudly towards the ceiling, practically made to be suckled and kissed…

“Mmmm…Would you like to taste them Sir?” The way you taut me with your best little girl voice, triggering a guttural growl deep in my chest “Because I’d love to have you here, kissing them, licking them and biting them. Even let you spank them if you wanted to know what that’s like. Isn’t that naughty of me?” Your fingers dwelled on those delicious dark nipples, pinching them, then flattening and rubbing over the pinkish brown nubs. Sending little involuntarily shivers down your body before your hands trailed down further and travelled towards your flat sculpted belly, dipping below the elastic band on your little thong, until I can clearly those two fingers lodged between the slickness of your labia. And by then, I was stroking myself hard and growling out all the sinful, wicked things I want to do to you to the screen.

“I’m going to get off now Sir…I bet you never thought you would hear that, don’t you? But I am feeling quite playful for you now…It won’t take long to come with the way I feel. I’ve done this at least dozens of times over the last couple of years, and every time that I do….I can’t help but thinking about you, but this is the first time you get to know about it. But hopefully not the last time right?…I can almost feel you with me.” Your voice so full of sultry passion before you trailed off and mumbled sweet nothings. I can see those fingers moving over your clit and dive into that wet crevice with increasing urgency. Your breath grew more laboured and several times it looked like you were about to speak again, you couldn’t muster a single word. Another groan escaped my lips when you just tugged the soaked thin fabrics of your panties to the side, greeting me with the sight of your slick arousal glistening upon your slit.

For the last few moments, I was blessed with the most tantalising sight that I have ever seen…Your fingers circling over and over that little sensitive bud of your clit, before reach down with your finger and push them deep inside of your heat with a cry of joy. Repeating the same process again and again, quickening those movements and making them become more vicious every passing second. With those hisses and sharp breath, combined with increasingly loud cries of pleasure. When you finally reach that inevitable peak and raised your left foot up off the bed, it jerked back and forth involuntarily in response to the heated urges blooming between your legs.

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