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A Post Beach Peek with Ex Wife

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In this story, Mel and I, now ex-spouses, decided to put our differences aside for the sake of our child, embarking on a family trip to the beach.

The warm sun shone brightly overhead, promising a delightful day at the beach. Our child as well as her siblings with Mel’s new husband, full of energy and laughter, were already building sandcastles and playing near the shore. Mel and I, watching them from our picnic blanket, exchanged smiles, both glad to see them enjoying themselves.

As the day went on, the air was filled with the sounds of their innocent laughter and the comforting rhythm of the waves. Mel, looking as stunning as ever in her beach attire, had caught my eye more than once. She has such an amazing big booty and wide hips, with a slim waist and a great set of breasts. But we were here for our children, and so we kept our interactions casual, always mindful of our roles as co-parents.

When the sun started to set, painting the sky with hues of pink and orange, it was time to pack up. It was then that we found ourselves in a situation we hadn’t anticipated. We had planned for almost everything except for one detail: we’d forgotten the changing rooms.

With a shared look of understanding, we decided to take turns holding up a large beach towel, creating a makeshift changing room. As Mel went first, I held up the towel, my mind instantly flooded with memories of our past intimacy. I tried to maintain my focus, but I couldn’t help but steal a brief glance at her over the towel, her body still as enticing as I remembered with a beautifully trimmed pussy.

Next, it was my turn. As Mel held up the towel, I felt an unusual mix of nerves and anticipation and I of course popped to full mast! The tension was palpable, a reminder of our history. I sensed her sneaking a peek at my bare skin, just as I had done, adding to the heat of the moment. It was clear when she brushed against me as she turned around to check for possible onlookers.

Once we were both changed and the kids were ready, we packed up the car and headed back home. The drive was filled with chatter from the kids, recounting their favorite parts of the day. Mel and I shared a silent understanding, a spark reignited, but left unsaid.

Despite our changed relationship status, the day served as a reminder of the intense connection we once shared. It was a day filled with mixed emotions, family fun, and unexpected glimpses into our past intimacy. Despite our shared history and the raw emotions, the day had gone surprisingly well, and we both knew that for the sake of our children, we could navigate this new dynamic between us.

After a remarkable day at the beach, Mel and I found ourselves back at her house with the kids. Exhausted from their activities, they fell asleep almost as soon as their heads hit their pillows. We were left alone in the living room, the low hum of the television offering a comforting noise in the background.

There was a strange silence between us, punctuated only by fleeting glances and an unspoken tension. Gradually, our conversations began to stray from parenting and onto shared memories. With each story, we found ourselves drawing closer on the sofa.

And then, the moment happened. Our eyes met, and we both knew that we were thinking the same thing. We held each other’s gaze for a moment longer before Mel broke the silence with a soft, “Do you remember…?”

The rest of her question hung in the air, unanswered, but fully understood. I responded by gently touching her face, tracing the familiar contours I’d missed. She closed her eyes, leaning into the touch, a clear consent.

Slowly, I leaned in, our lips meeting in a soft, passionate kiss. It was familiar yet completely new, sending a surge of electricity through both of us. We broke apart, looking at each other with a mixture of surprise and longing.

Before long, we found ourselves moving towards her bedroom, leaving behind any remaining pretenses. In the soft light of her room, I saw her as I had on the beach earlier, only this time, there were no towels, no children, no boundaries. Just us.

We took our time, slowly exploring each other’s bodies with a newfound sense of desire. The soft gasps, the whispered words, the gentle guidance of hands – it was as if we were learning each other anew. Her scent was all too familiar but her taste was something between a memory and a new experience.

Mel’s touch was electrifying, each stroke igniting a fire within me. Her body fit perfectly against mine, as though no time had passed since we last held each other this way. We moved together, our rhythm steady, the intimacy of the moment creating a connection as deep as it was passionate.

Afterwards, we laid in silence, our bodies still intertwined. The room was filled with a sense of peace, both of us content in the aftermath of our unexpected reunion. In the dim light, I could see Mel’s eyes sparkling, reflecting the same emotions I was feeling – surprise, satisfaction, and an undeniable longing for more.

Despite the complexities of our relationship, this intimate encounter reminded us of the passion that once was. It was a rendezvous that neither of us had anticipated but, for that night, it was exactly what we needed.

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